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  1. Maybe "Bdever" hands her room attendant a very generous extra tip the night before and asks that he stops by her cabin the very latest that he can on the last day 🕙
  2. Her commission is probably based on what you are paying for the cruise so she might be losing a few dollars but she should be happy you are saving some.
  3. Thanks for your review, we have Breeze scheduled for Feb 29, 2020, I am a little concerned this might be a spring break week for some areas, did you find many spring breakers on your cruise?
  4. If you registered I think they send an email (can't remember) with date and time and place, also was listed in daily (or whatever it is called) a certain number must register or they don't have it, we had enough registered for our dec sunshine cruise and only 4 of us showed up, DH and I and another couple, nothing like on NCL which in our experience has always been well attended and the officers come and introduce themselves. On the Sunshine they took a picture of the 4 of us and said a copy would be sent to our cabin but we never got it. I think there is a place on the carnival forum page to click on to the right to register and then it should tell you date and time and place. EDIT: second topic down at top tells you about meet and mingle registration
  5. Are the aft facing balconies on the Escape much bigger than a regular balcony, we always book aft facing for the view, quiet and large balcony but on the Escape they are a little pricey, not worth it if it is a regular size balcony.
  6. The butterfly place at the far end of Duval St. is wonderful, we would go again if Key West was on the itinerary.
  7. The smoke from the casino spills into the sports bar because it opens into it and many smokers stand just outside the large opening into the sports bar and smoke, they are watching the tvs, not gambling because there are no machines right there, so if you plan on using the sports bar it might bother you, other than that and the casino and the hallway outside the other end of the casino where the elevators are we did not notice any smoke smell. We found the ship extremely cold to the point of uncomfortable near the Alchemy bar and in the Red Frog Pub which is also the area where trivia etc is played so we avoided that area except when getting our any time dining table assigned, would have liked to participate in a few games but even with a sweatshirt I was still uncomfortable. We really enjoyed the ship other those few complaints.
  8. I have to choose between deck 6 and 7 aft wrap on the Breeze, any opinions on the cabin set up, furniture, etc. we stayed in an aft wrap on 6 on the Sunshine and the cabin was perfect but I realize that is a different class so Breeze won't be the same.
  9. I remember many years ago waiting to board an NCL ship and there was a woman in a wheelchair and she said they were working on finding her a handicap cabin so I guess you could be reassigned right up until sail away.
  10. Hope you are having a fantastic time and that you cleaned up on the slot pull, I am holding onto your name label incase we are on the same sailing in the future
  11. Thanks, that makes sense, I guess they have to kind of go out there in no mans land so they aren't in the way of all the other ships that already scheduled to be around the Bahamas today😱🚢 Thought maybe they were heading out on a transatlantic and nobody told them.
  12. Probably a stupid question but does anybody know why Epic looks to be heading East of GSC and Nassau, is it to kill timehttps://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9410569
  13. I thought there might be some nice upgrades for people that had insides and windows booked, we canceled an aft facing balcony on 11, I was thinking upgrades would be a nice thing for those on board, maybe there weren't that many cancels.
  14. Just want to thank you for starting this thread and keeping us informed, sorry you have been through so much, we canceled, we are only an hour and a half from the port so no big deal for us but feel so bad for everyone else that has been inconvenienced, I hope everyone was kind to one another and the crew, you seemed to have had a great attitude, safe travels home tomorrow.
  15. Nice shot of our aft corner cabin that we should be in right about now, we canceled because of port changes.
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