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  1. DH and I sailed the Breeze Feb 29 thru March 7 this year, first time on the Breeze, really enjoyed the cruise, so thankful we were able to make it to all the ports and no one was sick on the cruise, thanks for the pics, brings back great memories.
  2. We booked Mardi Gras for Dec. 2021 a while ago, hope it's sailing by then😊
  3. I'm going on my Dec. cruise if I have to swim out to the ship🤿
  4. We got off the Breeze Sat. Mar 7, we were looking forward to trying pig and anchor, someone in line said it was the best he ever had, we did not care for it, but thought most everything we ordered in the dining room was delicious, we were pleasantly surprised.
  5. We stopped at Grand Turk thurs., we were on the Breeze, did an amazing snorkel tour with just four people to "the wall", I feel bad for the folks that might have had that booked and are going to miss it.
  6. I have always requested twin beds on reservation, I didn't know they stopped doing that. The last few cruises they haven't been separated even though I could see it clearly requested on my booking, I just separate the beds my self the first night and the cabin steward gets the hint, sometimes DH has to move a night stand but it's no big deal.
  7. We have an aft wrap on 7 booked on the breeze for feb 29, I think I found a video on youtube but can't remember. We had an aft wrap on sunshine and it was much bigger than a regular cabin and of course balcony was huge. Not sure about the space you mentioned but there was a door and then like a little hall with a door to our cabin and a door to the cabin next to us on the side of the ship, the one with the long narrow balcony, so it was sort of like a private entrance😃 We usually book aft facing cabins no matter what line or ship, you will enjoy it.
  8. Looks like there are actually 2 roll calls started for that date, one of them you need to scroll down and click "view more" than scroll down to where it says "reply to this topic" and just type whatever you want, the other looks like you just have to scroll down to where it says" reply to this topic", maybe eventually whoever heads up the M & G will combine them. Hope this helps.
  9. The moon rises about 1/2 later each night give or take, we live on the atlantic in FL so when the moon is full we check when moon rise is and if it isn't dark yet we wait til the next night, we watch it rise over the ocean and it looks huge and orangy (not a word) red coming out of the water. I have seen the sun rise on the atlantic in the morning, and then drove over to the gulf coast of FL the same day and watched the sunset and the moonset at the same time, only caught that once but it was so awesome. You really have to be aware of the times and phases.
  10. I loved it, I think knowing the background of Henrys wives helps, I've watched the six wives of Henry VIII on Masterpiece many times. My DH said he thought if someone didn't know the history it might be a bit hard to "get it" he enjoyed the history aspect and thought the performers were very good.
  11. I just did this week of Dec. 7, on the Breakaway, I think around day 4 when desk wasn't crowded. The guest service person couldn't find my cabin stewards rm # in the system, he kept looking because they have to write it on the form, finally he said he would find it later, that made me nervous so I actually told my cabin steward and I gave him my receipt so he would be sure and get his money. Edit: It was non refundable obc that I used
  12. I must have told 1000 people on our last cruise "don't touch the hand rails" when we were using the stairs, if you need to use them for balance then maybe you can carry a tissue or something to slip between your hand and the rail. We use our knuckles to press the elevator buttons, and I use disinfectant wipes where ever I think necessary, some might think being overly cautious spoils a cruise but we have never found it to be a problem and so far we have not gotten sick on over 20 cruises.
  13. Were you on a cruise that gave you some kind of credit for a future cruise because something went wrong and it was some kind of compensation, just a guess, it has never happened to me. edit: just realized the heading is "casino reward" so my guess is wrong
  14. We always tip 10. to 20. on excursions. And about "avoiding decadence" If a crew member is in the ladies room cleaning when I am in there I always give her a 1.00 or 2.00 it seems to make their day. We tip bartenders, room steward, waiters, we are not wealthy people but we feel blessed to be cruising and know that we will be returning to our home, our family and friends after the cruise is over, the crew spend many months away from home, it gives us joy to let them know we appreciate them. So I guess I won't be avoiding decadence any time soon.
  15. Its not a cash advance its just a regular charge but because its charged in the casino they charge whatever percent they are charging at the time. I have a cc that if I keep a certain status with the bank I get extra bonus points on top of the points the card is paying. Does anyone know what percent they are charging now in casino.
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