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  1. Oh no, this is the one I booked, they both sounded so much alike I couldn't tell the difference, same price and duration. http://cozumelcruiseexcursions.net/snorkel-in-cozumel.html I wonder if I should email and change it.
  2. Kim, I booked the excursion you recommended in Cozumel, there were two that sounded like what you did on their website so I just picked one. We have snorkeled quite a bit in Cozumel but this sounds different. The Breakaway doesn't get in until 10:00 and my email says to meet at Hooters at 10:30, I sure hope we make it. I read in a review that the boat speeds along and folks with back problems might have a problem, my DH has just had an MRI for lower back pain, should get results next week, I hope we don't have to cancel😱
  3. Glad someone is thinking clearly😁 This is exactly why I cringe every time I read a post that mentions adding the DSC into the cruise fare. We always buy insurance and also pay DSC in advance but if we had to cancel and the reason was not covered by insurance at least we would get the DSC back.
  4. Kim, I always read your reviews but rarely comment but I feel compelled to tell you how sorry I am that you fell and are injured, I will be praying for you to heal completely and that your injury doesn't impede your future cruises in any way. I am sure Sakari is very concerned and will help you in your recovery. We are sailing on the Breakaway for the first time in December and I am looking forward to your review, thanks again for all the effort you put into helping your CC family.
  5. We always tip the bartenders, and if I happen to use the "public restroom" (which I try to avoid but once or twice it usually happens on a cruise) if there is a crew member in there cleaning I tip her, they are the behind the scenes crew that rarely get recognition.
  6. Is there a difference between NCL app and NCL iconcierge app, I can only download the regular NCL app that shows my cruises etc., I am wondering if that is the same one that shows things on the ship once you are on board.
  7. OP- why not try to find some folks on your roll call that like to share a table, or attend the m&g and if you find others that seem friendly ask what their preference is when it comes to dining, you might just end up with a table full of like minded people, at least about sharing a table that is.😉 My DH and I have always requested a table for two, I do remember sharing years ago on HAL, some table mates were great and some not so great. On MSC we requested a table for two and were given the same table for two every night so that worked out for us.
  8. There is a cat rescue place in San Juan so if you are a cat lover walk along the walkway to the left of the dock for about 10 to 15 minutes and you will come across it, many friendly cats roaming around the area, we visit every time we are there, something to do for those of you who might not be able to visit the forts. (only if you like cats of course😁)
  9. I have received an actual card in the mail but I believe I paid extra for that, maybe the cost of postage was added, not quite sure. I think you can get an "e-card" and not pay extra but not sure how that works.
  10. Have one available, read my above post if interested. My email address is there.
  11. I only have one, I used 2 on my Dec. 2019 cruise, I realize I didn't make that clear in my post, I should have said won't be sailing NCL before March 2020 after our Dec. 2019 cruise.😱 If you can use one, email me at kimimitzi@gmail.com. I guess I can call NCL with your latitude #and ask if I can transfer to you even though it has been extended from original expiration date, I have never done this before.
  12. Has anyone been able to transfer a certificate that has been extended past it's expiration date? We were booked on the Epic that had itinerary shortened from 7 to 5 days, we took the 100% refund, we had a certificate applied to that cruise that expired shortly after that, I was able to get it extended to Feb. 2020. We already had the Breakaway booked for Dec. 2019 with 2 certificates applied and will not be sailing NCL until Dec. 2020. I want to sell the certificate that expires Feb 2020 for 100.00 but I am not sure that the buyer could use it because of the extension, I would be willing to not accept the money until after they applied it but would like to know if anyone has experience with this.
  13. short walk to speedys ferry, 20. round trip for seniors 65 and children 5-11 30. round trip for others, we always use them and grab a cab at the ferry stop on virgin gorda to the baths, ncl excursion is probably more and you can navigate the caves yourself and less crowded if you beat the crowds on excursions
  14. We had an angled balcony on the Epic, there was a pipe in the corner of the balcony and all night long you could hear "drip drip drip" we couldn't sleep even with the door open and the sounds of the ocean, it was that loud. We usually book aft facing but thought there was more vibration than we were used to in the aft facing on the Epic when we first sailed in an aft facing on her so when we sailed the Epic again, we booked the angled, wish I had stuck with the aft. The ones with the pipes should have a discounted price not an increased price. We have an aft facing balcony booked on the breakaway for Dec. 2019, but booked an angled on the Escape for 2020, aft facing was a bit pricey, I hope there isn't a drain pipe this time, I watched youtube videos until I found one that looked like it didn't have a pipe.😀
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