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  1. Thank you for your advice! I haven’t considered staying outside Tampa downtown and Ybor city. Should be split the stay, two night on Clearwater beach and two nights in downtown?
  2. Hi! We are visiting Tampa in December and are actually arriving on New Years Eve. We need a hotel for 4 nights before we embark. I have been looking at Marriot Waterside but it is too expensive. It looks amazing though... Right now we have a booking at Hampton Inn Ybor city with free cancellation. Do you have any advice for reasonable priced hotel with good location and convinient for New Years party? We like walking so prefer a area where can walk. Do you have any advice regarding booking online? Are there any websites offering better prices on hotels in Tampa?
  3. Thank you for your comments! Have anyone stayed at Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay or can comment the location? Like I said before we prefer not to rent a car and like to walk. Marriot waterside looks great too. If we choose to stay at Clearwater beach do you think we need to rent a car? Thanks for taking time and answering the questions! 🙂
  4. Hi! We will be staying in Tampa for 3-4 nights pre-cruise in January 2021. I know we are early but I just want to start planning... 😄 Do you have suggestions which area we should stay? We prefer not to rent a car (but if it is necessary we can do that) I love beaches but if the weather is so-so it might be wiser to stay near downtown? I like swimming so I want to find a heated pool... Any suggestions regarding area and hotel?
  5. Thanks! Very kind of you! I’ll save your email and get back to you if I have some questions. We have been cruising a lot but first time in suite.
  6. I agree! When I looked at the prices in Tampa in January I said to my husband the prices are much more reasonable in Tampa than what we are used to. We booked sky suite this morning with non refundable deposit so we are trying the suite life for the first time. I am so excited!
  7. Thank you for the advice. Tarpon springs sounds interesting! Right now we are talking about booking the suite. It is so tempting! I am sure Tampa will be a nice pre-cruise destination for couple of days.
  8. Lucky you! Sweden is wonderful during summer but I could think of living in Florida during winter... 😉
  9. Thank you for your answer! It sounds very tempting! We have actually tried all other cabin types but not suites so right now it is on the top of our list... We love good food and breakfast so sea days and long breakfast at Luminae sounds great!
  10. Thank you for the comments... Weather is definitely one of the aspects when you live in Nothern Europe and want to escape the winter. Suite life is very tempting so right now we are talking about booking the cruise from Tampa... Puerto Rico is great and we’ve been there couple of times but this time I think we choose Tampa because of the possibility to experience the suite life. 5 sea days so we can eat at Luminae without rushing... I think we will be staying in Tampa for 3-4 nights before the cruise. Do you have suggestions which area we should stay.? We prefer not to rent a
  11. We live in Sweden and have cold winter. My concern is Tampa might be chilly and not warm enough for pre cruise stay...
  12. Hi! We have a very pleasant problem. We are planning our winter cruise in January 2021 and have such hard time choosing which alternative to choose. I appreciate any comments... A) Two weeks back to back on Summit from Puerto Rico. Probably one week in oceaview cabin and one week in aqua class. As you might know the itineraries are port intensive. B) 11 nights on Constellation out of Tampa in Sky suite. It would be our first time in suite. It is five seadays and 11 nights so it is a more about the ship than the ports. We have visited most of t
  13. Haha, I know! We are actually thinking of taking a land trip instead if the prices don’t go down. We have seen most of the ports on Infinity and Edge routes but Apex has couple of new ports for us. But it is not really worth the money to pay 3000 usd for one week in inside cabin for two...
  14. That sounds interesting. Which date and ship you are talking about? This year or next year?
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