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  1. I called again today to check on some gift card refunds due on cruise, shore excursions, transfers, and fun shop purchases for our June 19 Norway cruise cancelled on March 13. We had received our credit card refunds about a month ago. We were told our gift card refunds could take up to 2 more months😡
  2. We are DVC members and so we have decided we needed some new walls to look at instead of staying home most of the time ( we are both 67). We plan to stay in a two bedroom villa at Old Key West in WDW in September. We will NOT be doing the parks. Mainly, just enjoying our accommodations and using the pool if not too crowded.
  3. Has anyone recently received gift card refunds?
  4. We cancelled our cruise on March 11. Got our first credit card refund for shore excursions about a month ago and from Fun Shops about 2 weeks ago. We are still waiting on the gift card refund portions for cruise, shore excursions, and Fun shops. Delta cancelled our flight and it has been now about 3 weeks. We were told it could take up to two billing cycles for our flights to show up on cc. I have been patient but may soon be making phone calls to ***ch.
  5. I have a cruise booked for June 2021 but will wait and see how things go next winter before I make a definite decision before final payment.
  6. I purchased the majority of my Legend June 4 cruise ( now cancelled) with Carnival gift cards. We cancelled just prior to final payment date in March and transferred everything over to a new cruise in June, 2021. If we deem it still unsafe to travel out of the country by next June then we may cancel this cruise too.. Will I still be able to transfer the monies ( mostly gift cards) again to a new cruise again at a later date? Also.....could anyone else use my refunded gift cards?
  7. If the pace of coronavirus cases increases in the coming weeks as a result of states opening back up then government officials may extend the no sail order. Potential hotspots according to this prediction model are Florida’s southeast coast, Dallas, Houston, all of Alabama and other places in the South. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/coronavirus-hot-spots-erupt-across-the-country-experts-warn-of-possible-outbreaks-in-south/2020/05/20/49bc6d10-9ab4-11ea-a282-386f56d579e6_story.html
  8. I saw a segment on the news today that showed dogs being trained to sniff out the coronavirus. Maybe we will see more sailing dogs on the cruise ships in the future😀
  9. I agree with everything you said and I am also concerned about possible restrictions for older travelers. I took notice of the following since it appears the CDC may be the one determining who can cruise. “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may require even stricter limits on who can cruise. The above limits on older travelers and those with preexisting conditions were part of an early cruise industry plan to contain coronavirus on ships presented to the CDC. But in a nine-page “no-sail” order issued last week for cruise ships sailing out of U.S. ports, the agency suggested the industry needed to develop a far more robust plan before resuming operations.” I followed the link and read this: ”The CDC’s new order, which was nine pages long, hinted at U.S. government frustration with cruise lines. In a section titled “critical need for further cooperation and response planning,” the agency suggested an initial response plan drafted by the cruise industry for the CDC in March and a new response plan submitted on April 3 had significant shortcomings. The new response plan that the CDC has ordered the cruise industry to produce in the next seven days “must go further to reduce industry reliance on government and shoreside hospital resources,” the CDC said. The CDC said the new plan must have further details of how the industry will provide for the acute care needs of critically ill passengers and crew on ships. It also must address laboratory sampling and testing of sick people on ships, onboard mitigation and prevention strategies, disinfection protocols, personal protective equipment, repatriation of foreign nationals and onshore transportation, including through contract medevac helicopters. The agency also said the industry needs to spell out how it proposes “to acquire, staff and operationalize this plan with minimal burden on federal, state or local government entities or the healthcare system.” From the sound of this, ships may have to devote more space to medical facilities and medical professionals.
  10. Here is an interesting article which lists 9 ways cruises will change according to the writer: https://thepointsguy.com/guide/cruising-changes-caused-by-coronavirus/
  11. Thanks! We rebooked our cruise the night of March 13 with our PVP and transferred everything over and will be getting a gift card on the difference. We received our shore excursions credit on our cc last Friday. Hopefully, we will be getting our other gift card refunds soon too on Fun shop purchases.
  12. If you don’t mind saying, on what date did you rebook?
  13. Carnival can make billing errors. We had paid in full for our June 19 Legend cruise and called on March 13 to our PVP to cancel the cruise and rebook to a new cruise in June, 2021. We got an email saying we owed $794.95. So may husband called our PVP and he saw it was wrong and so was going to call his supervisor about it for a correction. He called us back the next day and said we would receive a $597.00 credit and a $254.95 gift card in the mail. I wrecked my brains trying to figure how they got the $254.97. After a couple more calls to Carnival and finally the resolutions office, we finally figured out that they had taken the amount their original email said we had paid for the new cruise($4065, 78)and subtracted it from what the cost of the cancelled cruise ($4320.73) to get $254.95. Since my account still shows I owe $197.95, I have to wait till I get the gift card refund to pay my cruise off which will leave me with $57 left on gift card ( which is the difference between the two cruises). So my advice is to keep calling Carnival if you think they got something wrong or you can’t make sense of the figures.
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