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  1. I really like Catalina, but have never been there from a cruise ship. I wouldn't do a Pacific Coast cruise unless it stopped there.
  2. So, they're basically paying you to cruise with them? Awesome deal!
  3. I've not done this myself yet (cruising next week) but I've been told that the only rental company at Honolulu airport with a location for drop off that shuttles to the port (Pier 2) is Enterprise. I did confirm with the drop off location that the have a shuttle that goes through the gate to the port. They are only open until noon and I believe the last shuttle is 11:45am, but it's also close enough to walk supposedly. The drop off location is called Kakaako Alamoana (not to be confused with the Alamona location) with address 677 Ala Moana Blvd. #100. Google Maps says it is a 5 min. drive or 8 min. walk.
  4. Are there any benefits that would come with having a suite that we wouldn't get with a balcony?
  5. My 1st cruise in a long time and I bid on balcony and 1 BR family suite even though there's just 2 of us(on POA). We don't need the extra room. What, if any, is the benefit of having a family suite vs. balcony?
  6. I've been watching since I got the email 90 days ago and now am 9 days out. The minimum bids on all categories has not changed at all during that time, but the bid strength has changed, I guess depending on how many bids they have.
  7. I finally put bids in on a balcony and an OV 1-BR Family Suite. If I happen to win the bid for the suite, what differences, if any, should I expect between my current Oceanview cabin and the suite. We didn't get any perks besides some OBC. I know there's a coffee maker and it's a larger cabin, but anything else I should be aware of?
  8. We have pre-paid our gratuities, but how does it work if we wanted to tip extra, such as a bartender or cabin steward? Can they accept a cash tip in person, left in the cabin at end of cruise, or do we need to go somewhere to add it on and specify who it is for?
  9. I had the same thing happen to me. I think someone posted that it doesn't show if you booked thru a TA. There was a number you could call to have Ceebrity confirm what they could see.
  10. I can get away. If not for the 4 day drive to get there, I would be all over this! Great deals for someone though. Thanks for pointing them out!
  11. I got the email at 90 days and put in an offer to upgrade from OV to Balcony. When I saw that only cabins on a lower level and over the nightclub were available, I withdrew my offer. That might've been a mistake because I saw here that some passengers were upgraded to nice balcony cabins. Now only suites and insides are left (balconies sold out), so I put in an offer again. I think anyone bidding on a suite probably already has a nice balcony cabin and maybe I'll get upgraded to one of those when they upgrade to a suite. Or perhaps someone will have an unfortunate cancellation. Whatever happens, I'm totally happy with what I have, but it's kind of interesting to see how it all ends up. I was surprised to still see the offer even after I know some passengers have already been upgraded.
  12. dyeadave, I asked elsewhere with no response, but you seem to know about fishing in AK, so I'll ask again here. We will be on AK cruise end of August 2020. Husband wants to go fishing (I'll do something else). We have stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. Which of these would be better for fishing, and is Halibut or Salmon fishing better at that time of year. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. We are cruising to Alaska out of Seattle next August on Celebrity with a drink package perk. I think they are still offering something similar.
  14. Do they provide real creamer or is it those nasty packets of powered milk?
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