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  1. I have an Alaskan cruise booked with NRD for August 2021. It's probably going to be cancelled. I already did L&S from 2020. Can I use FCC to apply towards a 2022 Carribbean cruise or do I just lose my NRD? I'm okay with losing it as I feel like no one is coming out of covid without some loss.
  2. I wouldn’t’ cruise unless it’s required and I would get it even if I didn’t want to cruise.
  3. I'm in my low 60's but might be 65 before I get it. Looks like a long time. My husband ids 70, and hasn't got it yet. In fact my MIL is 91, in LTC in CA and hasn't got it yet.
  4. So my TA called and got us moved at no charge. We not only moved up a deck, we were moved from very forward to mid-ship. It likely won't sail anyways (August to Alaska), but I'm really pleased with the cabin!
  5. Can anyone make sense of the US recommendation to vaccinate all healthy 16-64 yr. olds at the same time? Certainly a 64 yr. old's risk is far more than a 16 yr. old's? UK is vaccinating by decades; in other words, over 85's, then over 75's, then over 65's and over 55's and so on down the line, with under 25's being last. That seems to make a lot more sense. As it is now, my grandchild and I are in the same group!
  6. I originally had a cruise booked for last August, used Lift and Shift and changed to 2021. In the meantime, I have become handicapped and will probably need an accessible cabin. Will X allow me to change? This was booked through a TA so I guess I need to contact them.
  7. Our Alaska cruise is in August 2021. 3 out of 4 of us are over 65 and will likely have vaccine by then, but one person is under 65 and may not. I wonder if they will let all 4 cancel or Lift & Shift?
  8. If I actually go on my Alaska cruise next year (I've never been) it sounds like it might be wise to schedule excursions now, except my money would then be tied up on on unsure trip.
  9. I will definitely take more photos. Really enjoying everyone else’s.
  10. So there was a big earthquake in Alaska, 7.8 I believe. No cruise ships this year so it’s a non-issue, but what would happen if an earthquake occurred near a cruise ship?
  11. Try different masks until you find one that is comfortable for you.
  12. Thank you. Any word on their status?
  13. I knew I should've read the "HAL for dummies" before posting! I can't wait for my key chain.
  14. Is there an update on how passengers and crew are doing after the ”rescue” efforts a couple months ago? I hope everyone who was or got sick is completely healed now.
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