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  1. My guess is you are flying in a day or two before. We did. I took zero sundries with me for that very reason and went to either Target, Longs Drugs or CVS and bought my hair care products. There’s also the ABC stores as well. They weren’t that terribly expensive than the mainland. And I left what I didn’t use.
  2. Thank you all for your responses they were super helpful. So exchange money to Canadian before we go. And we can’t purchase anything government owned. Can anyone explain that to me. I’ll go read more as well.
  3. Thank you! This is exactly the information I need. So can you tell me what it means to place an urn? And I am fine with the line providing a floral arrangement and I'm happy to pay for that – I really do want to do it the right way to honor my dad. He was totally a rule follower and he would kick my rear end if he thought I was breaking rules or the law. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Before we book our cruise I would call I guess any line that we choose to cruise with and ask them their guidelines and policies. I mainly wanted to inquire what I was up against and if anybody had any personal experience doing this. Thank you so much! Marna
  4. I'm a little excited as we begin to research and make plans to cruise to Cuba!! This will be our fifth cruise with Norwegian Cruise line - we've done Alaska, a few times, Caribbean, and Hawaii. We are contemplating on cruising to Cuba over Thanksgiving 2020. We got the travel books, and I have research lightly on cruise critic but I'm looking for people who've been there – can you tell me firsthand what it's like, what they loved and what they hated- perhaps what not to miss and what's not important! Thanks! Marna
  5. Fishywood no apology necessary. 😊 First of all I am sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is pretty brutal. I've been on four cruises all with NCL. I am by no means an expert on anything 🙂 When I say that I have researched the legalities I mean I've read, called and emailed about the scattering ashes/cremains I've have learned the following: Spreading Ashes at Sea Is Allowed. According to the EPA, burial at sea of human remains – cremated or not – is permitted, but there are several scattering ashes laws and regulations that you need to follow: 1 Any type of remains, including ashes, can only be placed in the ocean 3 nautical miles from land or more. 2 Ashes can be scattered from a boat or airplane. 2 Only biodegradable urns may be used. Anything placed in the water must easily decompose in a marine environment. 4 You can release flowers or wreaths into the water, but they must decompose easily. 5 While a permit is not required, you must report the burial to the EPA within 30 days. 6 Pet cremains may not be spread at sea without a special permit. So my question to the forum was truly inquiring if cruise ships allowed that kind of take place. That’s all. 👍
  6. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply . I would be going with my entire family so we haven't selected a cruise line as of yet. I know my vote would be for Norwegian Cruise line but other family members have their favorites so that's our first hurdle is to all decide together which cruise line we're going to travel with 🙂 Again thank you so much – this information has all been so helpful. I know I don't need to say this but I kind of feel I must - I would never ever think about bringing ashes aboard a ship without bringing them in the container in which we receive them from which is from the funeral home. And I have a death certificate of course. And I know all about flying with ashes and what TSA's requirements are. Thankfully we would just be driving to Seattle because we live in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you all for your input, suggestions and advice I appreciate it you are all extraordinarily brilliant in your information. And again "Top of the Cube" Thank you for your kind words it's been tough. And I think my dad would love this. Marna
  7. Hi friends - My father passed away in 2016 after a lengthy illness. He was cremated. He loved Alaska and our family thought it would be a loving gesture to scatter part of his ashes in Alaska. I've researched the legalities about scattering ashes at sea. My question is - Is it allowed to scatter ashes off of a cruise ship if the captain is aware? Do cruise lines ever allow families to do this? Thanks ahead of time. ❤️ Marna
  8. Hey my cruise pals - how ya doin? I hope great! :) We are going to check out Hawaii via Pride of America. I am excited of course, we cruise NCL exclusively. I have read that the staff on this ship isn't always nice - for those of you who cruised on the ship would you find that this was your experience? My other question was when we booked our cruise we were told that the cabin we selected was one of the better cabins – I didn't know what that meant. We genuinely like concierge service so we typically always book that way anyway, so I wasn't sure what NCL meant when they said that. I am to understand that the ship got an overhaul in 2016 – did they change any of the suites ? Does anybody have any current video or photographs of our cabin 12500 Thank you so much in advance
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