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  1. One additional suggestion We were on Ruby last January on a Mexican Riviera cruise including Cabo. For our cruise, between the many (hundreds) people who were scheduled for ship sponsored shore excursions and the many (hundreds more) who were "elite", we knew we were likely to be among the last to depart the ship on a tender. We stayed on the ship and booked the day in the Sanctuary. Between the view of the city and the view of Pelican rocks, we had one the best days ever on a cruise.
  2. Just off the Ruby last Saturday. I thought Michael was interesting ................. but sometimes WWWWAAAAAYYYYYYY overly dramatic.
  3. We have booked a "guarantee balcony" many times. Sometimes a very good balcony room, sometimes a room which is just fine considering what we paid, and other times we have had a room which I would have NEVER chosen ourselves but been ok with. As long as you are ok with the potential of being assigned one of the "least desirable" balcony cabins you should be fine. Anything above that is a bonus. With the current Princess push to upsell rooms, your chance at a suite is small, but possible. In my opinion, you are most likely going to get a balcony room ....... but one nobody else wanted to choose. Maybe a room with a slight obstruction (like above), or a balcony near an outdoor public smoking section, or maybe a balcony room with something directly above your room like the fitness center (treadmills) or the children's "club" or with the pizza or burger station with tables and chairs above. In general, if it is a good price, we have always been ok with the room we were assigned. And as others have said, you may get an assignment early, you may get a room assigned right before you depart.
  4. Personally, we like Ruby, it has recently been refurbished and has Share by Curtis Stone which is a favorite of mine.
  5. We also sail regularly on Celebrity and always in Aqua Class. Here are my own suggestions: 1. Without knowing exactly which ship and itinerary you are looking at ........ I have found the lines to be very similar. 2. We love Aqua Class and Blu, yet we can not always take a Celebrity cruise 3. We have found it can be good for us to book a basic balcony stateroom on Princess a. Then book a Specialty Restaurant most or every night of the cruise. The price of Specialty Restaurants are quite a bit lower on Princess b. Then once you are on the ship, book the Sanctuary for the entire cruise/and or the Thermal Suite 4. We have found this experience to be close to the Aqua Class at about the same total price
  6. For us, it would definitely be worth it. I would suggest though that there can be some AQ rooms I would not want on Equinox, for instance, any deck 11 AQ room below the treadmills (fitness center), 1141-1153 odd which are below the Aqua Spa Cafe and kitchen.
  7. I suggest each of you bring a good pair of Binoculars
  8. We completed the Mexican Riviera the last week in January 2019. – I would add to those above: 1. Cabo – can be a wonderful day to stay on the ship and not tender into the port. On our cruise between those who had booked excursions through the ship and the “elites”, there was going to be a lot of time waiting for a tender. We spent the day in the Sanctuary – very relaxing. 2. Just past the “blue line” in Mazatlan, is the Cathedral and the “city market”, the blue line is an easy walk throughout the town, and in my opinion both the Cathedral and Market are not to be missed. You could easily walk the blue line area in a couple of hours. 3. The Port (San Pedro) in LA was super easy on our trip. We arrived about 11:30, were on the ship by 11:45. 4. I would say in general, the Mexican Riviera cruises are not as warm as a Caribbean cruise. On our cruise, it was sunny and about 78 degrees (25c) most days in port, cooler in LA and the ocean. If very warm weather is a priority, I would do a search for average temps in those ports in late January.
  9. For us on Ruby last month, wind was never an issue. The first pic below shows how most (not all) of the open areas are covered by glass. Even when the ship was moving "top speed", I would never have called it more than a breeze. The only other "issue" and an area I would stay away from personally, is the area near the entrance, under the large solid overhang (pic 2). It provides wonderful shade most of the time, yet the noise from the pool and hot tubs below tends to "funnel" directly through that area. Without exaggeration, you could hear the conversation of the people below sitting around the pool, even if those people where speaking in a normal voice. We enjoyed every day of our cruise in the Sanctuary.
  10. It depends how you are booking. If you are booking for the whole cruise, you will likely be booking the same lounges for the entire cruise. The attendant who helps with the booking would help with the shaddy spots on a certain cruise. If you are booking for a couple of the days, you will get to reserve from what is left. At the same time, besides beds being reserved there are also chair areas which are not reserved and he could go there and find a shaddy spot. In the pic below (Ruby) there are about 6 lounges under the large covered ceiling (area to the far left of pic 1 below). Admittedly you cant see the lounges in the first pic. Pic 2 has the lounges under that ceiling - it was shaded about 95 % of the time on our cruise. You can also see the individual sets of chairs throughout the Sanctuary.
  11. We are in our late 40’,s have cruised 8 times, and enjoy time to relax with good food and wine. We generally prefer Celebrity Cruises for: · Aqua Class staterooms: (PIC 1) o Blu specialty dining room every night included in the fare (Pic 2) o Persian Garden and Relaxation Room (PIC 3 and 4) · Slightly younger demographic · Overall nicer and more upscale experience for us. · Very nice balcony staterooms – balcony with foot stools and large table · Daily lectures – last cruise had a former US Ambassador on Mexico and Caribbean politics, history, and culture as well as a retired NFL Referee · The indoor “solarium” adults only pool (PIC 5) We like Princess Cruises for: · Specialty Restaurants like Share and sometimes Crown Grill at a much lower price (Pic 6) · The Sanctuary (pic 7) · The Thermal Suite (pic 8 · Base cost is lower for us for a balcony cabin · Sail out of California regularly So, in general an Aqua Class balcony cabin on Celebrity with dedicated dining in Blu, and the other perks included in the fare is about the same cost as a standard balcony cabin on Princess, then paying for nightly Specialty Dining (about $200 pp) and the Sanctuary every day (about $120 pp) and Thermal Suite (about $75 pp). If it was the exact same itinerary, same dates, same price, etc, we would choose Celebrity. At the same time, we have always enjoyed our cruises on Princess.
  12. Nice Champagne, I believe we had them on a couple of cruises. One to Alaska and a California Coastal, both times we were on the deck with the oversized balcony cabins. They tucked under the chairs. On this last cruise, a footstool would not have fit on the tiny balcony. You can see them tucked under the chairs in the pic below - kind of - as well as the larger table on the larger balcony floor.
  13. In our cabin R504, there was no "sitting chair" only a desk chair, and no foot stools on the balcony. Personally, it did not bother us.
  14. Day 6/7 Sea Days We spent our remaining days traveling back to Los Angeles in the Sanctuary during the day and Share in the evening. We traveled the along side of the Carnival Splendor for most of the week. We were also in Puerto Vallarta with a NCL and Holland Ship. Overall we had a very nice vacation and while we still prefer Celebrity Cruises, this Princess cruise as well as those in the past have been very good experiences for us.
  15. Day 5 – Pueto Vallarta After the previous evening of heavy eating and drinking, we slept in. I assume we arrived at Puerta Vallarta on time. After working out and a stop in the Thermal Suite, we spent most of the day in the Sanctuary reading and relaxing. We did not get off the ship. We met a nice group of new friends in the Sanctuary that day. I am glad we had a lounge chair in the shade as the day was sunny and HOT. Dinner was a Crown Grill. I had the beef chop, Cindy had one of the fish options. They were good, but not great. We did spend time in Vine’s Wine Bar both before and after dinner. I thought the wine menu in there was not as good as our cruise about a year and a half ago (also Ruby). I also think it is odd that they have multiple “Silverado” wine tastings, the place is decorated with Magnum Silverado bottles, all wine is served in Silverado crystal glasses …………….. yet they do not serve Silverado wine in the bar ???? Day 4 update – Chef’s dinner, we are not “elite” or special in any way. I don’t think we were asked to join the table randomly though. I think it is most likely we showed some interest in good food, combined with a little personality, and most of all, either very little interest in the table and/or multiple cancellations where they were looking to fill a couple of seats.
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