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  1. We cancelled a April 25 cruise on March 25 - Full Refund arrived today on our credit card for all charges, taxes, etc
  2. I took the refund today - should be on my cc within 30 days. I may have taken the FCC if it was more or just re-booked if the price for a similar cruise in 2021 was not SOOOO high - more than double the price I paid this year. I hope Celebrity comes out of this ok
  3. We are booked on the April 25, Millennium, 5 night out of Seattle. I know X would rather I cancel the cruise for their FCC but it seems odd to me that they continue to sell cabins on the cruise. Since it almost impossible for the cruise to happen since all three ports we are to visit (Astoria, OR and 2 in Canada) are closed to cruise ships among others, I would still ask...... What would be the advantage to X to continue to sell the cabins?
  4. Actually I have just purchased the "classic butter package" but I am confused. Do I get as much butter as I want? It appears to cover only basic margarine and salted butter? How is the basic stuff they put on the table? I am a bit of a "butter snob" I regularly ask for butter from organic cows, which are happy, grass fed, and from Switzerland. Should I upgrade? Is it worth it?
  5. Do you receive more butter if you are dressed properly for dinner? Will my spouse still receive butter if they are wearing "nice shorts" ??
  6. I agree with other, and would add ….. The key phrase in the original letter is, "This will include your salary and any average gratuities you may normally receive". I am glad they are providing the anticipated gratuities since I believe for most of the staff it is the majority of their income.
  7. There are multiple 5 day Mexican cruises in February out of LA. We have never had a problem with delays at the Port. On the other hand, while traffic in the Los Angeles area is unpredictable, if you are on the one which disembarks on a Thursday morning you certainly will have much more of a delay getting to LAX from San Pedro during the week as opposed to a typical Sat/Sun disembark. Good Luck
  8. One additional suggestion We were on Ruby last January on a Mexican Riviera cruise including Cabo. For our cruise, between the many (hundreds) people who were scheduled for ship sponsored shore excursions and the many (hundreds more) who were "elite", we knew we were likely to be among the last to depart the ship on a tender. We stayed on the ship and booked the day in the Sanctuary. Between the view of the city and the view of Pelican rocks, we had one the best days ever on a cruise.
  9. Just off the Ruby last Saturday. I thought Michael was interesting ................. but sometimes WWWWAAAAAYYYYYYY overly dramatic.
  10. We have booked a "guarantee balcony" many times. Sometimes a very good balcony room, sometimes a room which is just fine considering what we paid, and other times we have had a room which I would have NEVER chosen ourselves but been ok with. As long as you are ok with the potential of being assigned one of the "least desirable" balcony cabins you should be fine. Anything above that is a bonus. With the current Princess push to upsell rooms, your chance at a suite is small, but possible. In my opinion, you are most likely going to get a balcony room ....... but one nobody else wanted to choose. Maybe a room with a slight obstruction (like above), or a balcony near an outdoor public smoking section, or maybe a balcony room with something directly above your room like the fitness center (treadmills) or the children's "club" or with the pizza or burger station with tables and chairs above. In general, if it is a good price, we have always been ok with the room we were assigned. And as others have said, you may get an assignment early, you may get a room assigned right before you depart.
  11. Personally, we like Ruby, it has recently been refurbished and has Share by Curtis Stone which is a favorite of mine.
  12. We also sail regularly on Celebrity and always in Aqua Class. Here are my own suggestions: 1. Without knowing exactly which ship and itinerary you are looking at ........ I have found the lines to be very similar. 2. We love Aqua Class and Blu, yet we can not always take a Celebrity cruise 3. We have found it can be good for us to book a basic balcony stateroom on Princess a. Then book a Specialty Restaurant most or every night of the cruise. The price of Specialty Restaurants are quite a bit lower on Princess b. Then once you are on the ship, book the Sanctuary for the entire cruise/and or the Thermal Suite 4. We have found this experience to be close to the Aqua Class at about the same total price
  13. For us, it would definitely be worth it. I would suggest though that there can be some AQ rooms I would not want on Equinox, for instance, any deck 11 AQ room below the treadmills (fitness center), 1141-1153 odd which are below the Aqua Spa Cafe and kitchen.
  14. I suggest each of you bring a good pair of Binoculars
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