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  1. We are looking at a Panama Canal cruise in 2021, from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles. Both the Coral and Emerald are doing that sailing. Give me your pros and cons for each ship or how they compare. I haven't been on either of these. Thanks!
  2. Love this idea. I wouldn't need a second thing to carry. I leave Saturday and this wouldn't get here until 1/2 through our trip. Next time. 😊
  3. I totally agree for 2 it may not be worth it but when traveling with my family (4 of us) or extended (6-10) it makes sense. You might be more willing to take group and individual shots. I got some great ones of my kids last time. Some formal, some more casual. I then didn't have to worry about which ones to get and not. I don't think when we did it three years ago it was $250 but again for a lot of people traveling together and taking pictures, I feel it is worth it. As long as one of us from the cabin is in the picture. They also did care if it was a picture of our kids since it was obvious we were traveling as a family.
  4. We did the photo package 3 years ago when we cruised with our 15 and 18 year old. I don't know what the price was. We told them we get all the pictures and we should take as many as we can. They were good sports (considering that they really don't like to get their pictures taken.) I wasn't feeling well one of the days and my husband and kids took a picture together to surprise me and it is my favorite. We then took the digital photos and went to shutterfly (coupons from Princess at the time) and bought a coffee table book and a mug. We are going on a cruise in less than 2 weeks. We decided to buy the package again. No kids this time but parents, siblings and friends. Most photos range from $15 to $25. If we get more than 10-15 photos it is definitely worth it. I then don't have to agonize on the ship on which ones are best. 😀
  5. I am seeing this and thinking about bringing soda. Where on the Princess site does it say about bringing soda or water? Thanks (not trying to hijack, feels like the same type of question)
  6. Cruise is in 20 days. I have 1 formal dress and want another. I am having a problem. I am 51 and 5 feet tall (and not skinny). I am not finding things that are my age. Things I see my mil wearing or my daughter. (so to old or to young). I also don't want to spend lots of money. Not sure where else to look. In Southern California. Any suggestions on where to look?
  7. My parents-in-law are taking my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, my husband and myself on a week cruise (we are leaving the college kids home). We are all going on the cruise and have friends going too. There will be 12 of us total. My father-in-law is the travel agent. I would like to do something nice for my parents-in-law but don't know what to do. Cruise is in 2 weeks. Looking for suggestions. Thanks,
  8. One of the thing after getting the package on the last trip. We took pictures each day and multiple on the formal nights. Kids weren't really happy about taking all the pictures but we love having them. We came home and made a coffee table book from shutterfly. So easy to make a 20 page book. You could do one for you and your friends and send it to them.
  9. The last time we did this the kids were 15 and 18 but we did it when the were younger. The kids room was always near ours and we had a key to their room. We are doing the same thing again (on another cruise line) because of the Shareholder benefits and such. Kids are now 18 and 21. I think it depends on the children and there ages. Even when my kids were 8 & 11, I would trust them in a room, they really are only in the room to sleeping anyway. We would put them in the kids club or be with them the rest of the time. Most cruise lines think you need to be both over 18 to share a cabin.
  10. We usually travel with the kids. For the booking we put one of us with each kid and then during the trip we sleep parents in balcony cabin and kids inside cabin. I don't think we officially change it, since the last time they were still to young. We will continue to book it this way because we get better discounts but they are now older and can be legally in their own room. Who is moving around?
  11. I think you are talking about Challah. It is an egg bread usually braided. And usually eaten Friday night.
  12. When we went on a New Years Cruise (December 2016), my 18 year old received a note in his room about an 18-20 year old club (but it was a secret club). There were 4 or 5 events listed. He went the first night and made friends. That group hung out the rest of the cruise. There was nothing about this club or group in the Patter. I had friends that did the same cruise the next year and said her 18 and 20 year olds didn't receive anything like that.
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