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  1. I know the Crown does not have an Enclave (really enjoyed it on the Royal Princess). Is there a Thermal Suite? Does anyone know the per day price?
  2. We are about the same age and are currently booked on the 2022 trip. Over 500 days out. I hope we can do it. This is giving me something to look forward to. 🙂
  3. Not on the Crown but on the Royal, they had a $6 Blackjack table paying 6 to 5 and a $6 Fun 21 (Spanish 21 - no kings) paying 3 to 2 but the some of the normal odds are different. We made a Spanish 21 card to take to know when to stand/split/double.
  4. We put our 18 and 15 year old in the cabin across from us but for booking it was 1 adult and 1 kid in each room. We did this when they were younger too. (11 and 8 ) and then just changed who was sleeping where. You are still responsible for them but this worked for us each time.
  5. I believe you need a boarding pass. Either from Ocean Ready or I think you can print it at Princess.com. The same place you get your luggage tags.
  6. I also brought my own water bottle and most ships have a station by the buffet where you can get water and ice. Put in new glass and pour into your own bottle. Easier to carry around and tastes fine. I was able to get tomato juice at the buffet, it took a little bit longer than OJ as they aren't walking around with a pitcher but it shows up.
  7. You use both. The app has your boarding pass (under Ocean Ready) and they have you scan the Medallion 2 or 3 times to get on the ship.
  8. I do know that the price before is less than the prices onboard. Realized that on the last one when I didn't book the enclave preboarding and then saw the prices on the ship and didn't do it. Still deciding about this short cruise as a test.
  9. I am on the cruise on the Royal the cruise after you and still have the Enclave option online.
  10. So I know food is subjective. We ate at both the pizza place on the Lido deck and at Alfredos. We actually like the lido deck pizza better.
  11. Just got off of the Royal Princess, and in the buffet by the cereal was boxed lactose-free milk.
  12. We are looking at a Panama Canal cruise in 2021, from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles. Both the Coral and Emerald are doing that sailing. Give me your pros and cons for each ship or how they compare. I haven't been on either of these. Thanks!
  13. Love this idea. I wouldn't need a second thing to carry. I leave Saturday and this wouldn't get here until 1/2 through our trip. Next time. 😊
  14. I totally agree for 2 it may not be worth it but when traveling with my family (4 of us) or extended (6-10) it makes sense. You might be more willing to take group and individual shots. I got some great ones of my kids last time. Some formal, some more casual. I then didn't have to worry about which ones to get and not. I don't think when we did it three years ago it was $250 but again for a lot of people traveling together and taking pictures, I feel it is worth it. As long as one of us from the cabin is in the picture. They also did care if it was a picture of our kids since it was obvious we were traveling as a family.
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