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  1. Possibly a major other obstacle is having any ports on the itineraries welcoming cruise ships yet.
  2. Nothing Princess related at this link if you click on it. Works for Princess if you copy and paste link.
  3. From a recent stock analysts conference call with RCL: "A new product is cruising from a home port in Barbados, starting in November of 2021, with a mix of seven and 14 night cruises into the Southern Caribbean and focused into the North American, American, Canadian and the UK market. It has exceeded our expectations quite significantly. We sold 25% of our load factor within a couple of weeks."
  4. Agree. It is the same with Princess. Princess said when the sale of the Pacific Princess was announced "While it’s difficult to say goodbye to our 'Love Boat,' our World Cruise and exotic itineraries continue onboard our Medallion Class-enabled Island Princess and Coral Princess". But the unique itineraries that the Pacific Princess had no longer exist for any Princess ship, even the two mentioned. And by the way, the definition of "exotic" is basically "foreign." Every cruise on Princess has an exotic itinerary as every one involves at least two countries.
  5. Right. Time to get back to the important discussion about butter. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56175784
  6. But the replacements are larger, so the total number of berths may be about the same. (I have not run the actual numbers.)
  7. That is not what the official announcement says: For guests currently booked on a cancelled voyage who had paid in full, Princess will automatically rebook them to the same cruise or cruisetour in 2022. No action is required from guests or their travel advisors. The rebooking process will have the added benefit of protecting the guests' 2021 fare on their 2022 cruise. Once Princess has completed the booking transfer, if the guest would prefer an alternative option, they can c
  8. I have seen this on one cruise. The corporate executive chef was on board and held a serious cooking class two times in the aft lounge. For the first class he had a female passenger assist. For the second class he had a male passenger assist.
  9. Right. It used to be available every day in a dining room except embarkation day. Sometime in the past couple of years it was eliminated on port days.
  10. That would not meet the CDC restriction of no cruises longer than 7 days if USA ports are involved until at least November.
  11. Finally, price protecting a cancelled cruise which is rebooked. It is a shame that they are not price protecting those who have not paid in full as I expect that relatively few people have paid in full before they reached final payment date.
  12. What is surprising to me is that in New York state up to 40% of health care workers, people who are on the front line and see people dying in front of their eyes almost every day, are refusing to be vaccinated.
  13. I would think that for most people the good possibility of avoiding death would be enough incentive. Of course for people who are entirely anti-vax and for those that believe the virus is a hoax, there is no possible incentive.
  14. To quote RCL Corp: "When we asked for volunteers for our trial sailings, we received over 250,000 volunteers. So there's plenty of people interested in cruising."
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