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  1. The time and location will be in the Patter in your cabin the night before. Whatever time it says, go there about 20 minutes early to be near the front of the line or in case they do start earlier than announced.
  2. When the problem is a Princess one (engine problems as opposed to, for example, weather), Princess is obligated to provide some compensation.
  3. If you define formal for men as being a tux, usually less than 10%. The great majority of men will wear either a suit for have a sport jacket.
  4. Which is why one should never pay in advance for an independent excursion unless the vendor agrees to refund the money if the ship cannot make port as originally scheduled.
  5. The cruise lines usually have in the contract that if the price of oil goes above $xx, then they could add a surcharge at any time. With the Saudi Arabia refinery being offline, there is no shortage of oil and the price of oil should not increase. However, there may be a shortage of refined products which could affect pricing of those products. But the surcharge is based on the price of oil, not the price of refined products, so there should not be any surcharge due to this incident as the price of oil is likely to go down (not up) as there is a lack of refining capacity to process the crude, and thus there will be surplus crude in the world.
  6. Whether or not they will have a special price for an entire paper bag of laundry is not known in advance. It may or may not happen mid-cruise. As I remember it, it used to be $25 a bag. I would not count on it being offered.
  7. I am looking forward to your review of your September 14 cruise. If not elite already, it will get you closer to that status.
  8. We were also on that cruise. Many people cancelled (it was just before final payment time) when Egypt was replaced with Malta and an extra day in Istanbul. Although Egypt was the main reason we had booked the cruise, the new itinerary also appealed to us. When they reverted to the original itinerary, we were happy. However, there were a number of people who had booked the cruise with the changed itinerary and did not want to go to Egypt. Since it was now way past final payment time, they had to keep the cruise unless they had cancel for any reason insurance. The ship did sail with about 600 less passengers than normal. And there were zero security problems in Egypt.
  9. a) There will be a daily newsletter in your cabin listing all activities for that day. It is called the Patter. The embarkation day one will be in your cabin when you embark. Each evening the next day's Patter will be delivered to your cabin. Read it carefully so that you do not miss an activity, event or entertainment you would like to attend. The back page will list the hours for each dining venue and bars. b) If you have a question, do as you have done here and ask it. Ask before the cruise like you have done here or in your roll call. Ask on the ship if you have any questions. Staff will be very willing to answer any question you may have.
  10. Being your first cruise I suggest you do the simplest options possible to reduce stress and anxiety. A) As several others have suggested, join the Cruise Critic roll call for your cruise and see if there are any excursions available that have been set up on the roll call. Members of the roll call who have set up private excursions are likely experienced cruisers and have selected reliable and recommended tour providers. B) Use Princess excursions.
  11. Does not surprise me at all. My question is how someone outside their corporate environment learned this type information.
  12. Onboard spending also includes the daily automatic gratuities (unless paid in advance or a free perk), shore excursions booked on board in the person's name, etc.
  13. My problem has been a disappearing stockholder OBC. I had it applied six months ago, but it was not there two days ago. A call to HAL found that when the TA had made some change to the booking the stockholder OBC somehow disappeared. It was reapplied with no problem. As I am using a TA, the stockholder OBC cannot be displayed to me on the HAL web site (I know of no logical reason for this web design). I have to call HAL or the TA to make sure the stockholder OBC is still there.
  14. Whether you want a hotel for a few hours that morning or fly in the day before and need it all night, be aware this is the height of tourist system in that area and hotel prices (assuming rooms are still available) will be high. I assume with six adults you will need two and possible three rooms.
  15. Where do you find that information? Carnival Corp does not publicly publish the profit numbers by individual brands.
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