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  1. Princess says they are doing this to optimize demand with appropriately sized ships.
  2. Since when has the Sanctuary (or its equivalent) been free on any Princess ship?
  3. Four adults in a regular balcony is even tighter.
  4. There is no way any vaccine on the market by the end of this year will have been proven to be safe for everyone. For example, to be sure that it is safe for a woman of childbearing age it would have to be given pre-pregnancy and the mother and child will have to have no ill effects at least nine months later. And it impossible to learn in this year's time frame if it causes organ damage that does not show up until months or even years later. This is why earlier vaccines for other diseases have taken years to test before they are released to the general public. With over 100 vaccines under development, it will be difficult to know which are the most effective and safest. The FDA has been shown to be inept numerous times this year when giving conditional approval to medical equipment that failed to meet minimum specifications and Covid-19 treatments which caused bodily harm without curing the patients of the disease. Be very careful once the FDA says they have approved a vaccine for Covid-19.
  5. Nothing mentioned about cruises for 2020. Just what is available starting September 2021.
  6. First Carnival Corp sailings will be on AIDA and will not stop at any ports. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporations-aida-cruises-restart-sailing-vacations
  7. CCL Corp has announced that AIDA will start having cruises August 5. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporations-aida-cruises-restart-sailing-vacations Starting with the booking process through individual travel preparation, embarking and disembarking in port, and medical care on board, AIDA Cruises has introduced a variety of preventive measures to complement existing health and hygiene standards. These measures range from the digital health questionnaire prior to the cruise, to temperature measurements before check-in for guests and crew, to physical distancing guidelines and routing systems on arrival and departure and on board, to closely managing capacities at venues such as restaurants, bars, theatres, sports and wellness areas. The enhanced protocols are supplemented by additional hygiene and safety measures, such as increased cleaning and disinfection measures, which take place in all cabins and public areas according to a defined protocol, as well as additional disinfection dispensers at check-in and on board. Onboard medical care for all guests and crew is available around the clock. The ships are equipped with PCR-test-kits and diagnostic devices for the immediate evaluation of suspected COVID-19 cases, and the medical team on board is trained in the relevant test procedures and treatment methods. Together with the responsible authorities, extensive processes have been developed to facilitate medical care, safe disembarkation, and a safe return home as quickly as possible for patients diagnosed with a confirmed COVID-19 case. The first cruises will take place with an adjusted passenger capacity and without calling at another port. AIDA guests can look forward to a versatile vacation program on board with the usual five-star service for guests, with the implementation of necessary hygiene standards and rules for avoiding contact and keeping distance.
  8. They did not say. If I had to guess, I would think it would be for general. The slide simply said "On sale July 22."
  9. Supposedly you can make a booking and have a delayed date for the deposit so that the FCC can be used for that purpose. Based on comments in other threads, many agents at Princess do not realize this, but there also have been comments by people who said it was no a problem to do this.
  10. Not one word said or question asked about future cancellations. Tomorrow there is a CCL Corp stock analysts conference call. I suspect the subject may come up there. Carnival Cruise lines did cancel some additional cruises two days ago (https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-sets-ship-delivery-changes-and-related).
  11. In today's webinar: a) Talked about California Coast and West Coast Mexico cruises that are now available for booking. Up to 200 OBC/stateroom if had been on similar cruise cancelled by Princess March 12 or later. Must book by August 31. b) Talked about Hiawaii cruises from SF and LA December 2021 through March 2022 c) Talked about South American and Antarctica cruises December 2021-March 2022 including on the new Discovery Princess as well as on the Sapphire and Coral. d) Talked about Tahiti/French Polynesia cruises on Pacific Princess December 2021-February 2022. $300 OBC/stateroom if booking a balcony or above and had been on similar cruise cancelled by Princess May 6 or later. e) Talked about 2022 World Cruise on Island Princess. f) New 2021 and 2022 Caribbean and Panama Canal cruises will be available for booking July 22. g) Pushed the selling of Princess Plus pricing with its inclusion for $40/day of gratuities, beverage package and Internet. h) New promotion July 14 - August 5. Get a free specialty dining for every passenger in all type cabins. Good for Princess Plus and Princess Savings pricing. Applies to new bookings only. i) Talked about new safety and health protocols with the Covid-19 pandemic. These are evolving and there are no specifics yet. They are being developed along with other CLIA members and all will follow the same basic rules. Will not be competing on "my brand is safer than your brand" basis. Will watch how protocols and procedures work as other parts of the travel industry (airlines, theme parks, etc.) open up. j) Webcast on July 28 of Global Scientific Summit on Covid-19 will be open to all to listen in. Register at covidsciencesummit.com k) Emphasized that Medallion allows delivery of anything to cabin or deck lounger. Casino gaming on personal digital device without a need to go to the casino. l) Reminded everyone about the Military OBC available. m) No real news on refund processing other than some of what has been done manually is being automated more. n) Enchanted Princess scheduled to be delivered in late September this year. o) Discovery Princess scheduled to be ready late 2021.
  12. Aparrently the guidelines have been released per a news article I read (https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5434/?et_cid=3343001&et_rid=17373002). Of note: a) They are guidelines and not requirements. Of course any EU country can make some or all of them requirements as far as that country is concerned. b) Suggest short cruises of only three to seven days. c) Suggest a cruise should stop at less ports. d) Suggest that cabin cleaning/serviceing only be by request, and the automatic two times a day it is now on most ships.
  13. What they call it makes no difference since: (a) New cases in the USA are at a record level and climbing. (b) Many other countries will not let those from the USA into their countries because of (a). Even if it was no longer a problem in most other countries and thus no longer a pandemic, that does not change how it is affecting people in the USA.
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