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  1. caribill

    Breakfast in a dining room

    I hope you are right. As I said, I posted what a passenger on the current cruise told me.
  2. caribill

    Pool question

    The covered pool should be warm enough.
  3. caribill

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    A 25 day segment will count as one credit (unless solo or in a full suite), so you are correct about getting four credits for your four cruise segments.
  4. caribill

    Infinity lines may be caught in Bow Thruster.

    Staying in port an extra 5.5 hours without any explanation to passengers? Very poor communication by ship management.
  5. Right, that is PrincessCONNECT (social, surf and premium packages) which is not the faster Internet that MedallionNET offers. When first signing on to the Internet on the cruise, the option is given to Platinum/Elite passengers to purchase one of these packages at the following pricing: Social package $95.99 – $4 less than pre-cruise pricing for anyone Surf package $135.99 – $4 less than pre-cruise pricing for anyone Premium package $187.99 – $12 less than pre-cruise pricing for anyone Of course if one of these options is selected, the original 250 free-minutes is meaningless since these packages are with no limit on minutes used. So basically the 250 free-minutes benefit which had a value of about $99 is reduced to a $4 benefit if one gives up the minutes to purchase a Social or Surf package or a $12 benefit if purchasing the Premium package on board. In other words, anyone who is not Platinum or Elite ends up paying about the same as a Platinum/Elite member for one of these packages. This about eliminates what many considered to be the best Platinum/Elite benefit. To still make this benefit a worthwhile one, the cost of these packages should be reduced by the value of the free minutes normally offered.
  6. caribill

    Card room

    Although I assume that is a typo, many times it is the best description.
  7. caribill

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    It is not listed (at least not obviously) anywhere on the Princess web site. It starts with your 21st cruise at $25/cabin.
  8. caribill

    Iguazu Falls with Princess or independent?

    When we did it on our own, a Florida travel agent (no longer in business) arranged a several day tour that included : - Booked our hotel in Rio for before and after the tour - Flight from Rio to the Brazil side - Staying at the park at the above mentioned hotel (this is a must!!!) - A guide who picked us up at the airport, toured the Brazil side with us the first day, the Argentine side the next day, and returned us - to the airport the afternoon of the third day. - Flight back to Rio (where our ship voyage started) To really experience the falls you must see it from both the Brazil and Argentina sides, so you will need a visa from both countries.
  9. caribill

    How quick to get off ship via tender?

    As others say above, 12:30 is doable, but you cannot wait until the last minute to get a tender to go to shore. You will need an early lunch before the buffet has lunch set up in order to get your tender tickets and wait for your tender to be called. Probably 80% or more of the people will be going ashore, so you do not want to try to get a tender around noon. Better to be too early on shore for your tour than too late for a tender.
  10. caribill

    Sanctuary Book whole cruise just for half day?

    Some ships allow you on embarkation day to select which days (and half-days) you wish to book, so maybe the first day you can pick the afternoons you want and be able to reserve them all that day and get the same location.
  11. caribill

    Caribbean Princess - a pleasant surprise

    I suspect on the Medallion ships that the public screens for interacting with Medallion features will be some of the germiest places on the ship. At an airport, the check-in kiosk screens have been found to be the germiest places at the airport.
  12. caribill

    Will UBP be available for April 2020?

    Nobody on the forum has any accurate information on what promotions Princess will be offering in the future. The last couple of years it was offered about that time, but that is not a sure prediction of the future.
  13. caribill

    FCC's not showing up

    Call the regular 800 number. The rep should be able to help you or pass you on to someone who can help.
  14. caribill

    Card room

    I do not see a card room on deck 8 on the Emerald deck plans. The Island used to have one, but it is now the shore excursion desk. The Pacific has one on deck 9. On the ships that do have one, it is open to everyone and is not reserved by a passenger.
  15. caribill

    Disappointing service

    By the time a snail-mail offer is set-up, printed, mailed and received it is very possible that the offer was for a limited number of bookings and was filled before the offer ever made it to your mailbox. I am not sure when you call it "disappointing service" if you mean that the offer was no longer available or that the rep you spoke with did not treat you with respect.