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  1. No. There is zero business case for holding back spots for onboard booking. The cruise line maximizes revenue by selling every seat on an excursion. That being said, there may be last minute cancellations, but don't count on any.
  2. There is no dress code. You will see people in shorts in CK.
  3. With a beverage package can you order the drinks from servers by the pool? Yes. You can order drinks from any waiter or bartender anywhere on the ship. Can you get Starbucks refreshers if that is your package from same servers? Starbucks is its own store normally located in the Atrium of the ship. You would have to order any Starbucks-specific drinks there. How about at specialty restaurants and mdr? Yes. You can order drinks from any waiter or bartender anywhere on the ship. If we have the Starbucks package can we order those drinks in the restaurants? Package rules does say can be used in restaurants - but want to confirm it’s more than just simple coffee… we want the package for the ice/cold frappes ect. And want to drink at meals - hopfully without having to stand in line at the “coffee shop”. Most restaurants "proudly serve Starbuck products". So, they will have a coffee machine to make espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. Your package would cover the cost of those coffees. It is a coffee machine. No frappes, etc You would have to go and stand in line at the Starbucks store to get that.
  4. I agree with Complawyer. Regardless of how you interpret the law and the very unique circumstances of your travels, it will all come down to the minimum wage port agent checking you in. If you don't have the documentation that is on their checklist (or even in their automated workflow to collect), you will have issues. And if those issues are not resolved by the time that check-in closes, you will be denied boarding. The cruise line will be risk adverse and will not risk the ship being denied entry to any port because their passengers do not have the requisite documentation to make that entry. Be safe. Get the Visa.
  5. USD are accepted in all of your ports of call. Not sure how easy it would be to use GBP. A credit card that does not incur foreign transaction fees would be a good way to pay for a lot of things. In Belize, you are on a NCL private island unless you are taking a tour to the mainland. All of the food and beverage on the island are not included and you will need USD or a credit card to buy things there. Enjoy the Joy, she should be fresh and new after her dry dock last week. If you want a peek at the Joy, I have attached a link to my live post (pre-dry dock)
  6. I have no specific experience on the Escape tendering in Cannes. However, 4500 of your fellow passenger have an idea that they will want to get ashore as quickly as possible once the ship arrives. Platinum "priority" tendering only means that you can join the back of the tendering line without pulling a tender number. The only people that go to the front of a tender line are Haven guests and some NCL ShoreEx passengers (if they are being escorted by the ShoreEx staff - otherwise they are Priority Tender passengers). Our worst experience with Platinum Priority Tendering was waiting over an hour from the time we joined the tender line to the time we were on a tender (on the Epic, not in Cannes). The tour company is highly incentivized to maximize the number of people on their tours and will wait for those who wander down to the tendering area at 10:45 am and expect to be on short in 5 minutes.
  7. NCL does not post its MDR menus online or in their app. Specialty dining reservations open 120 days prior to departure (125 if you are in a club balcony or 130 days if you are in the Haven). You really won't miss anything in the MDR. Make your specialty dinner on the night which works best for you. As pointed out, NCL has a collection of 21 MDR menus which the ship's Executive Chef can select from for any specific cruise. For a provisioning perspective, it is easier for them to use the same menus weekly (maybe not in the same order), but supply chain and other factors often factor into the menu selection. If you want to peek at some of the MDR menus, skim through my live post from the Joy last year (this was a 5 day cruise, so it does not represent a full 7-day menu selection). The post also has specialty dining menus and photos from around the ship (pre-dry dock... hopefully everything is new and fresh this week).
  8. Daily Compass for the cruise Day 1 Cruise Compass.pdf Day 2 Cruise Compass.pdf Day 3 Cruise Compass.pdf
  9. No. It is why you spend as much time outside your cabin enjoying the cruise as possible.
  10. 2025 is a long time away. The best advice is to check the prohibited item list prior to departure. And also note that there are no outlets next to beds in standard cabins. See current Prohibited Item List #32 https://www.ncl.com/prohibited-items
  11. And a bribe is a very effective way of getting what you want. Personally, we tip after service. Find a good bartender and tip them $2-$5 per service on the first night and you will get priority service or even have your drinks ready when you get to the bar for the rest of the cruise.
  12. Yes, I always want to make it perfectly clear to everyone is reading the thread that the current course of action is incorrect and will result in denial of boarding. Then I want to make perfectly clear what the correct course of action should be.
  13. You are sooooo smart. If you follow me as much as it seems, I include a picture of the shaver plug in my live posts. And I use that plug to charge my tooth brush on every cruise. BUT, NCL never puts a hair dryer or anything else electrical in the bathroom near water, which is the comment that I was referring to. And I think that you knew very well that is what I was trying to say in my post.
  14. Sailed on the Prima twice and Viva once. The hair dryer is always out under the desk. I have never seen anything electrical in an NCL bathroom.
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