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  1. And once a collection action is on the books, there goes your credit rating.
  2. We have sailed on the Dawn twice and the Epic 6 or 7 times. For a TA, it is no question that we would pick the bigger ship. We have no problem at all with the Epic. And despite any complaints, 4500 passengers a week chose her for their cruise every week. Chose Epic.
  3. So,,, it is an official NCL email. And addresses if you need a VISA for any ports of call. A copy of a recent email is below. Thank you for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line. We are thrilled you've chosen to sail with us and can't wait to welcome you aboard. As your ship will be calling to a Canadian port, we have important visa and passport requirements for your sailing. US citizens may sail with either a valid passport or original proof of US citizenship. Non-US citizens must present their passport and applicable visas. Due to strict Canadian entry requirements, citizens from certain countries require a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in order to sail. For your convenience, we are pleased to offer the service of VisaCentral, the fast and easy way to obtain a visa, passport and other documents for travel anywhere in the world. As a reminder it is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain the necessary visas for this itinerary. Please visit http://www.visacentral.com/ncl for information or http://www.cic.gc.ca to check if your nationality requires a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Failure to have the required visas may result in denial of boarding for your cruise, and we will be unable to extend any refund of your cruise fare. For more information on Norwegian's documentation requirements, please visit www.ncl.com/traveldocs. Again, thank you for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line. Sincerely, Vivian Ewart Senior Vice President, Passenger Services
  4. The OP specifically stated that they would be disappointed if it was "slow and intermittent". NCL WiFi is "slow and intermittent". In response to that comment, I said to save their money and not to pay for shipboard wifi. We always sail with an unlimited premium internet package so that we can do wifi calls home. If you looked at my live post from the Joy, it was taking 1-5 minutes per photo to post to that thread. The worst wifi bandwidth that I have seen in a while. I would queue up a few photos to post, then go off and do something else and come back in 15 minutes. And yes, I understand physical blockages from the terrain and the [very] low look angle to satellite putting a lot of atmosphere between me and the satellite (along with more opportunities for shipboard blockages, even using dual dishes).
  5. We just had the avocado toast in the suites restaurant on the Joy and it was scrumptious. That and the smoked salmon,,,, yum!
  6. Hmmmm,,, I usually order one of the appetizers and a soup or salad. And one of the potato options and and one of the veg on the side of our entree. I suppose that NCL is killing me. And I never argue with a waiter that pitches the 1-1-1 thing. I just ignore them. And have never been charged (and we sail NCL 3-4 times a year, and usually have the 3-meal SDP and 2-meal Platinum specialty dining)
  7. I call NCL later in the evening and hardly ever wait more than 5 minutes. The OP was clearly aware of the upcoming Final Payment and chose not to resolve the issue prior to Final Payment. And only attempted to get the refund 3 months later????
  8. I live in the real world and know that the people's so called individual tips will not come close to the total DSC.
  9. Yup. Pretty sad. At least bring back the NCL branded cups which held more than a sip. Not really interested in non-disposable cups that pile up and have to be washed.
  10. I can't help you specifically for the Bliss,,,, but as an example, the attached schedule was from the Joy a couple of weeks ago
  11. They have 3 US and 1 European outlets on the desktop. NCL intentionally does not put electric outlets next to the beds (Haven suites as an exception). We carry a 12 foot and 6 foot extension cord since the desk and bed configuration can put the outlets far from where you need it. Bliss
  12. The Daily Service Charge supports a large number of crew members that you directly interact with and those behind the scenes workers who work 7-days a week, 10-12 hours a day to ensure that you have wonderful cruise. By not paying your DSC, you directly impact those crew members. When that waiter service you a plate of food, there are assistant waiters, bus boys, kitchen staff, cleaning staff who all worked equally hard to make sure you enjoyed your meal. Don't cheat them out of being compensated to save a buck. In the past, you had to wait until your cruise was completed, then file a claim with post-cruise customer service to remove the charges due to substandard performance. I thought that they did away with the forms at guest services. Pay your daily service charges. Stop trying to save a buck.
  13. A lot of the price difference is in the ability to select a cabin. For us, cabin placement is important. And we're not going to get "stuck" in a "bad cabin" for 7 or more days to save a few bucks. The vast majority of cruisers pay to select their own cabin. There are [a few] others where cabin placement does not matter. And that's great for them.
  14. Put your bags out the door with an early disembarkation color. Wheelchair passengers are typically staged in the Skyline bar (get specific direction on the ship). The halls on Deck 7 will get very, very crowded and it will be hard to get to the skyline bar, but get there. The escorts will take you around the very, long line of passengers trying to get off, directly to security, down the gangway and into the baggage hall without standing in any lines. If you can push bags from there, fine. If you need help, call a porter. Between the escort and porter, you can get through the disembarkation process very quickly. Don't let your escort go until you are where you want to be. If you are catching a cab, the normal pickup is across the street. DO NOT GO THERE. Take the elevator from the baggage hall up one level to the departure level where people are being dropped off. There is a taxi stand up there. Make the escort and porter come with you. Tip both well.
  15. It is catering to those who want to spend money. Like those who would spend $500 on a cabana when Beach loungers and umbrellas are free. They bring the same experience onboard with the spa and vibe. We we started cursing when you had to rent a lounger on deck and tip the deck attendants to set it up for you. They were uncomfortable wooden chairs. But people would pay for the loungers daily. Cruise lines have been selling premium deck experiences since the start of cruising.
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