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  1. Getting ready to cruise use to be throwing some shorts, t-shorts, flip flops, and a passport into a bag and driving to the port. Now, any misstep will leave you standing on the dock watching the ship leave you stranded in a foreign country.
  2. Because the cruise was just announced and the cruise line has to identify, negotiate, and sign contracts with tour providers that meet their health and safety standards. Stand by.
  3. Natural immunity is far inferior to the vaccine. That’s why people who have had COVID need to be vaccinated.
  4. I am pretty fearful of the data and the current trends. You don’t need propaganda when you have the cold, hard facts: COVID is still here and spreading as fast as it has ever spread.
  5. Cancelled. And the likelihood of US departures is still in question this year.
  6. So, your cruise contract identifies who is at fault for various cancellations. It has several pages on COVID. Depending on who is at fault dictates whether you will be reimbursed or donating money to RCCL.
  7. RCCL has not put out any guidance. They said that they would send “something” a month before departure. The Bahamas requires you to take a follow up test if you are staying more than a few days,,, which you can’t do if you are in the middle of the ocean. We’ll see what RCCL negotiates with The Bahamas over the next few weeks. 2 months to first cruise. We’ll see what those people say.
  8. If you are vaccinated, you can still catch COVID. The vaccines only prevent you from getting seriously sick. If you test positive, there is enough virus to spread.
  9. Vaccinations is a requirement for current cruises. If you test positive, even if vaccinated, you have COVID. And you will be quarantined on the ship or kicked off.
  10. No free upgrades. You bid on upgrades. Yes. You are in port every day (two overnight port calls). No sea days. Cabins are for sleeping only. To answer your question, a TA will often give you extra perks (if they don’t, find another TA). Big warehouse stores also often give you store credit/gift cards.
  11. Have a great cruise! We decided to do the Adventure out of Nassau. We’ll let you know how that goes. We found that it is not great for Nassau since we need to make sure our pre-cruise Covid test is valid at embarkation (can’t go in early) and that the ship-provided Covid test is valid when flying back to the US (can’t stay after the cruise without having to find our own testing center in Nassau).
  12. I speak for the science which constantly evolves. Today, Pfizer and Moderna are working on vaccine adaptations for new strains and are both in trials for boosters. Some like to take comments from a year ago, out of context, and claim that the science is wrong. The science changes every day. And what we say today is different than a year ago or even a month ago.
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