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  1. If you are a sapphire member, not sure why you would be using land based certificates vs. booking direct with CAS. And probably getting a better comp. Just call CAS with the date and ship you want to cruise on and they will offer the best comp based on your most recent play.
  2. You would still see the service charge on your bill. It does not go away. And you should not be alarmed when you see it. You would also see at the very bottom of your bill "Entertainment at Sea Tier Benefit" with a credit equal to the sum of all services charges on your cruise. For example, if you pulled a $1000 twice, you would see a charge for $1000 with an accompanying charge for $30 twice on your bill. And at the bottom of your bill, you would see the "Entertainment at Sea Tier Benefit" credit for $60.
  3. BirdTravels

    First time with SDP - A ?

    The SDP is non-transferable. You do NOT have 10 SDP credits. Passenger 1 has 5 meals and Passenger 2 has 5 meals. Each person "pays" for their own meals at the end of the dinner. While you sometimes will find a sympathetic waiter who will charge out your kids meals, that is very obvious every time you dine from that point forward since the restaurant hosts/managers will be checking to see how many meals you have used (and will see the double charge at Cagney's). It is worth a try. Or the better solution is to buy your kids a 3-meal package and take them along for 3 of your 5 meals.
  4. BirdTravels

    sdp upcharge, yes i tried to search

    Pincho's on the Escape is a great deals with the SDP  And the Raw Bar on the Getaway/Breakaway is another great deal with an SDP (all you can eat lobster) 
  5. BirdTravels

    Jersey Boys show on Bliss - Language warning

    So, if you are warned, why is this an issue?
  6. BirdTravels

    Leaving a cruise ship

    You have to vacate your room by 8 am. All ashore is 10 am at the latest. New passengers begin to board at 11 am. They really want you off the ship as soon as possible so they can complete their turnover for the next cruise. Also, once you leave your room, you will be carrying all of your handcarry and luggage around with you in crowded halls, elevators, and restaurants.
  7. BirdTravels

    Tipping crew with dollars on Mediterranean cruise

    The currency on the ship for passengers and crew is US $.
  8. For a group of 10, it is better to make reservations. 120 days prior to your departure, reservations for shows and dining open. It is best to reserve EXACTLY 120 days prior to your cruise. You will be able to see the times of the two shows (Burn the Floor and Priscilla Queen of the Desert). Each show plays on two nights (2 shows per night). Once you are on the ship, you can book comedy shows, escape room sessions, Canvas by U (painting - extra charge), Cirque Dreams dinner show (extra charge). Each person in your party needs to book their own comedy shows using a touch screen kiosk in public elevator lobbies or at the boxoffice in front of the forward elevators on Deck 6. Early comedy shows are family oriented and late shows are 18+. Each party in your group has to book their shows on their own. One person can book a table for 10 in the Manhattan Room Main Dining Room. The Manhattan Room is the larger of the two main dining rooms and has live music and dancing each night. Taste is the smaller of the dining rooms and has fewer large tables. Most people dine on their own, so the there are mostly 2-top and 4-top tables in the dining rooms. The Manhattan Room does require long pants; all other complimentary restaurants allow shorts (and most people will be dressed very casual). The Garden Cafe Buffet, Shanghai Noodle (small tables), and O'Sheehan's Pub (small tables - open 24 hours) are the other complimentary restaurants. Just as a note,,, many groups say "everyone in our group of 10 want to eat dinner together every night". In reality, when you can show up and eat when you are hungry, eat when you are ready, and when there are other restaurants try, most group never stay together and show up every night to eat together. Most people are interested in trying something different,,, and there are not 10-tops in most restaurants. Also, on the Med cruise, there are veeeerrrry long days ashore, and more so, people often don't want to be tied to dining times.
  9. BirdTravels

    Site seems a bit wankish

    Pretty unstable.
  10. BirdTravels

    sdp upcharge, yes i tried to search

    For you, don’t know if there will be anything in the Supprr Club since they are moving Chior of Man to the main theater. Bayamo is so so. Once NCL terminated their relationship with Jose Garces and tried to merge ocean blue with Bayamo we don’t care much for the menu. For us, the best value for SDP is paying the $7 upcharge and have all-you-can-eat tapas at Pinchos. They have the best food on the ship (we usually do lunch there on the waterfront on a sea day).
  11. BirdTravels

    Platinum Concierge?

    Totally agree. We have been Platinum then Platinum Plus (when it was established) for a long time. Only had one concierge offer any assistance on the Star.
  12. BirdTravels

    Norwegian Sun now all inclusive?

    The OP is clearly asking if the 5-day Sun has the open bar included (like the Sky). From the NCL website, it appears that this is one of the inclusive voyages.
  13. BirdTravels

    Shipboard Credit Question

    So let's fix the incorrect answers. The instructions for the promotion directs that you call NCL and book your shore excursions. "Shore excursion credit can be redeemed by calling 1-866-625-1167 " If you call, they will book the excursion and NOT charge you anything for the excursion at time of booking. 1) You book on the phone without getting charged (do NOT do-it-yourself online) 2) On board, all of your excursions will be charged to your on board account on embarkation day 3) As you complete each excursion, a $50 credit is placed on your account to help "pay for" the excursion. You spend the $50 to pay for the shore excursion. 4) By booking on the phone without payment, you can also use other OBC you may have received as a promotion or gift from a TA to pay for your shore excursion.
  14. BirdTravels

    PBP question

    Water is free in glasses all over the ship. Bottled water is free if you have a casino drink card. It does make sense if you took the time to read the terms and conditions of the package you took: Does not include: Wine and Spirit Experiences, tastings or Flights, Starbucks, Ice Bars, room service, package sales, bottled water, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated super premium brands (subject to change), bottled wine, mini bar purchases, fresh squeezed juices, Lavazza coffee beverages, wine dispenser, energy drinks or vending machines.
  15. BirdTravels

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    So, if the OP has two concurrent threads, does he expect the results to be different by starting a third thread???