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  1. Did ya find yourself in the video?
  2. BirdTravels

    Royal Suite class vs. NCL Haven

    The following link has a peek at our NCL Escape cruise in the Haven earlier this year.
  3. One final bit of swag from the Symphony
  4. BirdTravels

    Power Strips on NCL

    Power strips are allowed on NCL ships.
  5. Hmmm,,,, Just off the Symphony of the Seas, and like other large RCCL ships, there are only elevators forward and aft. Do you know of Royal Caribbean?
  6. BirdTravels

    Black Friday deal?

    Probably won't be better than Take All 5 (Veteran's Day special).
  7. BirdTravels

    Drones in Ports

    The ship will not wait for you if you l, if you are detailed by a foreign law enforcement/military for (1) operating your drone; (2) broadcasting in prohibited/licensed radio frequencies; (3) for being a dumb tourist that they want to hassle. Drones are an invasion of privacy and you can easily get in trouble for peeping in the wrong window in a foreign country.
  8. BirdTravels

    classic 'bait and switch'

    Then sail on another line. Every cruise line has similar ads. “As low as €xxx”. And you need to find the one cruise that offers that price.
  9. BirdTravels

    Platinum disembarkation

    There is no priority disembarkation for Platinum. Only yellow luggage tags. If you got escorted off, you were not suppose to be there.
  10. BirdTravels

    Breakaway vs Getaway

    When did Chior of Man install on the Getaway? It was being done in the small Supper Club on the Escape. The Getaway had the Million Dollar Quartet and Burn the Floor.
  11. BirdTravels

    Taste and Savor on Epic - 2 Questions

    No way to see menus in advance. Yes. The executive chef does not wake up in the morning and decides what he wants to cook for 4500 for dinner that night. Then go grocery store. NCL uses 14 different main dining room menus (regional). The executive chef selects the menus for a specific cruise a couple of months in advance. And sends a provisioning request to NCL corporate who approves and order many semi-trailers of food.
  12. BirdTravels

    Bliss in the Canal Today

    Very cool. Thank you.
  13. BirdTravels

    Vroom question

    We buy one account and share it between multiple devices. With a group of not-closely related people, buy multiple packages.
  14. BirdTravels

    Need information about customs

    You do exit customs when you leave CPH And do US customs (longer) when you arrive at your first US airport
  15. BirdTravels

    Carry On Luggage Question

    You CAN keep your hand carry with you. Most people don’t want to be dragging bags through dining rooms, in elevators and halls with hundreds of people.