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  1. BirdTravels

    Menus for Bliss

    You can scan through our live post from the Bliss. NCL rotates through 14 different MDR menus that are regional. There are "Classic" dishes that appear each night on the menu. That way you can always get a steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian. And there are specials of the night. The Bliss has three MDRs that all serve the same menu nightly.
  2. Thanks for the good, bad, and ugly. Noro is definitely an ugly thing to have on a cruise.
  3. BirdTravels

    Kudos to NCL!

    Great! Enjoy your next cruise.
  4. BirdTravels

    Bliss or Joy for Alaska?

    The ships will be similar. Chose based on itinerary.
  5. BirdTravels

    Is NCL doing port check in times??

    If you have an NCL transfer, they will pick you up at baggage claim and bus you to the terminal when a bus is full. You could be sitting around the airport for a while if you fly in early. Normally, once you drop your bags off at the bus, they will be deliverers to your room (you don’t have to deal with porters).
  6. BirdTravels

    Help please... Escape the Big Top on Breakaway...

    Reservations are taken at the Breakaway Boxoffice, Deck 7, Forward, Starboard theater entrance on embarkation day. Sessions sell out fast.
  7. BirdTravels

    Upgrade to Haven - Which category?

    So,,, you realize that NCL has always sailed with their suites full. And that bidding just automates the manual process that was in place a few years back. This is nothing new. The manual call center method did not scale well as NCL added a new mega ship every year. So, they went to an automated bid system.
  8. BirdTravels

    Some Thoughts on the Breakaway

    Thank you for your comments. We, in particular, like the food in the MDR. And we enjoy a leisurely dinner, so never really care if the service is fast or slow.
  9. BirdTravels

    Haven Concierge

    No calls. At 50 days you will get your welcome letter and luggage tags in the mail. Personally, we don’t use the pre-concierge (with advertised services of picking regular or decade coffee and asking for a special pillow). We much rather build a relationship with our concierge and butler on embarkation day and make sure that they know what our preferences are.
  10. You will get credit for the retail price of 250 min if you upgrade on the ship.
  11. BirdTravels

    Norwegian's Poor Customer Service

    The OP no showed on their cruise which became a cancellation. The cancellation was at a point where there was a 100% penalty. They got penalized 100%. Seems pretty simple. And the hurricane (which was a tropical storm and depression) stayed well offshore and didn’t hit Hawaii.
  12. BirdTravels

    Government Shutdown?

    If the TSA and FAA are considered essential employees, they why would they be any impact?
  13. BirdTravels

    How many ships in a port?

    Not sure what you will do with the data. Is 2 too much? How about 4? 8? Book your excursion. Have a great cruise.
  14. BirdTravels

    Bliss Miami Luggage Transfer Program

    The service in Alaska was offered by the port, not NCL. Bell Street terminal is really small. No such service in Miami.
  15. BirdTravels

    Government Shutdown?

    The government has always paid their employees. Even those non-essential employees who sit at home sipping coffee during the shutdown.