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  1. Here's a service/price list off of the Joy a couple of weeks ago.
  2. We were on the Joy a couple of weeks ago and the Teppanyaki was great (had steak and it was soft and tender). Our cook needed a bit more practice though.
  3. So that is the consumers problem? Why in the world should the consumer have to deal with "sub-minimum wage call center personnel." Why is that my problem? There should be NO defense for inadequate Customer Service. Period. Maybe if FDR sacrificed perhaps .00025% of his salary to training, maybe the Reps could get proper training to guide their Reps and flow down knowledgeable information to their customers as we all deserve. Hmmm... Condoning bad behavior is never a good thing. JMO 🙂 Again, it has nothing to do with training. The agent can only do what the system allows them to do. If the restaurant is showing that it is sold out, the agent isn't able to go in and reprogram the database with the number of available tables or override the "sold out" state. Sitting there yelling at someone to "fix it" doesn't magically create additional tables available to book. What "knowledge" do you need flown down other than "sold out"? Seems like a hard concept, "sold out". The "fix" is very easy. Stop by restaurant reservations (likely to be in The Social or Teppanyaki) on embarkation day and get the date and time of reservation you want. Additional tables are opened up for shipboard bookings.
  4. Whales and Wildlife Icy Strait This was a mother and calf
  5. The Escape will board from Deck 7 forward and aft.
  6. Just resubmit your request. When we email our requests in, they normally come back in 2-3 days.
  7. Pay the daily service charge and ensure that ALL of the hard working crew members work work 7-days a week 10+ hours a day understand how much you appreciate their efforts.
  8. Only went up to a bar a few times and I think that they swiped. Dealt mostly with waiters who had hand held swipers. And the stores all swiped cards.
  9. A chunk of the expense was to cut out and remove the Forward cabins and Put in the Observation Lounge that takes up 1/3 of Deck 15. Remove two casinos (one became The Social). Turn tea rooms into bars (cuz Americans drink too much). They took out the seafood buffet (which they could have kept). Remove the high end retail and replaced with $10 t-short and watch shops.
  10. No cigarette smoking in the Cigar Lounge. The smoking casino allows active players to smoke in the smoking section when the casino is open. If you are not gambling, they move you along. When the casino is not open (which includes any time you are in port and the last full day and night) the room is closed with a sign on the door that smoking is not allowed. The only place to smoke is in outside the Spice H20, starboard side. Joy Smoking Policy: Smoking in public areas is only permitted in designated space of Spice H2O, in the Humidor Lounge (cigar smoking only) or in the Casino only when playing. Pies, Cigar smoking and tobacco chewing is strictly not permitted in the casino area. Smoking of any kind is prohibited in staterooms and balconies. A cleaning fee of $250 will be added to your onboard account if you smoke in your stateroom. Electronic cigarettes are governed by the same standards as regular cigarettes.
  11. Norwegian Joy - Teppanyaki Norwegian Joy - Alligator Bites
  12. The Local - Norwegian Joy Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pretzel Bites
  13. Food Pics from Norwegian Joy August 3, 2019 Ahi Tuna Tartare - Cagney's Oysters Rockefeller - Cagney's Beefsteak Tomato - Cagney's Filet and Eggs - La Cucina Breakfast (Suites Restaurant) Avocado Toast w/ Egg - La Cucina Breakfast (Suites Restaurant) Sauteed Calamari - Ocean Blue Hamachi (yellow tail) Ceviche - Ocean Blue Surf and Turf - Ocean Blue Salmon Belly - Food Republic Pork Belly - Food Republic Pan Seared Scallops w/ Pork Belly - Ocean Blue Moules Marinieres (mussels) - Le Bistro Escargots Bourguignonne (snails) - Le Bistro Carre D'Agneau Roti (roasted rack of lamb) - Le Bistro Dragon Roll - Food Republic Kim Chee Fried Rice - Food Republic Elote Mexicano - Food Republic Salmon Chetinad Skewer - Food Republic Osobuco - La Cucina Smoked Salmon - La Cucina Breakfast (Suites Restaurant) Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tower - Ocean Blue Risotto Ai Funchi Di Bosco (mushroom risotto) - La Cucnia Menus (including MDR menus) from the Joy and other food pics can be found on my live post from the Joy
  14. We are long [, long] past our Party Ship days,,, but still really enjoy the short cruises on the Sky and Sun. With the free unlimited adult beverage package that has been offered for a couple of years, anyone who wants to drink has the opportunity. Don't need a Sky cruise to do that. Other than a few weeks during spring break, the average age of passengers is in the 50's (who are fully capable of drinking too much and making fools of themselves). We have even sailed during spring break and it is a perfectly "normal" cruise experience,,, if you step over a few passed out kids here and there. Dinner. Shows. Time in the sun.
  15. yes. 48 hours before your cruise Unfortunately, we were not able to accept your offer to upgrade to The Haven Forward-Facing Penthouse with Balcony (H7) for your cruise below. Sail Date Ship Offer per guest Aug 03, 2019 Norwegian Joy $9001 USD per person (only the first and second guest will be charged) (Note: Prices shown are in US Dollars.) What happens now? Your original stateroom is unchanged and you need to do nothing. Your credit card will not be charged. We look forward to welcoming you aboard. Norwegian Cruise Line
  16. No free lanyards on any NCL ship. On the Joy, the key cards are proximity/RFID cards to open your stateroom door, so you can not hole punch them. You will need a lanyard with a plastic pouch. The key also has a bar code which is used by gangway security and a magnetic strip which is used at all points of sale.
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