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    Latitudes Benefits Questions

    Yup. That was us on the inaugural voyage of the Bliss to Alaska. The hard thing is that they can’t tell you when the dinner is. You get a voicemail from the Hotel Manager’s office telling you where and when to show up. It is normally when you have a show scheduled 😞
  2. BirdTravels

    Reservation on BLISS

    You can not book the Cavern Club. First come first serve (show up really early if you want to get in). Comedy ahows can can only be booked onboard. Stop at any touch screen kiosk (next to elevator lobbies and in the atrium). Early shows are family oriented. Late shows 18+. To to get the best look at show schedules, go to the Bliss Theater Boxoffice (Deck 7 forward. Starboard entrance to theater) as soon as you board. There are full show lists. You can book Jersey Boys, Havana. You can book comedy shows. You can book go karts. You can book laser tag. You can book escape room sessions. You can book Canvas by U painting.
  3. Save the money for the next bid. BTW: you would need more than double the $500 minimum bid to win a Haven room. Lots and lots of people bidding on a very limited number of rooms.
  4. BirdTravels

    Casino at Sea cabin assignment

    As a CAS or certificate customer, you can pick your cabin the the class available for your cert. The agent probably grabbed the best room available. You can call if you don’t like it. But stay in your cabin class (BA). Any class that ends in a number (e.g., B9) are premium classes normally not available without paying an upgrade cost. BA is the best non-premium balcony (high deck, Midship). The online system will only display the 15ish “best” cabins. If when you do a mock booking for your specific cruise, you would get the offers available for class BAnas a casino customer. 3 promos is not a usual number. It may be the number without paying for gratuities. If the online booking shows all 6 for your specific cruise and your specific cabin class, you can request it. It is normally 2 or 6.
  5. BirdTravels

    TV channels/movies

    TV will be about the same. You’ll be reciting the lines from the movies after 14 days.
  6. BirdTravels

    Norwegian Joy??? Christmas 2019

    Ship is in China. Will be refirbed next month before returning coming to the US in April.
  7. BirdTravels

    Cirque & Dreams Steam - seating types?

    NEVER get the cheap seats. Those are the booths at the back of the show room. You won’t see the aerial acts (except on tiny tv monitors). A member of yoir grouo needs to get in line at least 1 hour before show time. All members of your part need to be in line 30 minutes before show time when the doors open and service begins. The hostess will seat you. Front to back in the theater. You don’t get to choose. Show up late and you will be at the back of the theater. Haven guests are seated first through a crew elevator. So even if you were really early and were first in line, you won’t get the best seats. If if you have young kids, show up even earlier so they can actually see something and not just the back of people’s heads.
  8. BirdTravels

    Epic Interrupted

    More like they are doing their best to get the ship back and to give people the maximum flexibility on getting home on schedule or close to schedule. If I were on the ship, I would want nothing less. Would you expect less than best effort?
  9. BirdTravels

    Thermal Suite Pass on the Escape

    Well worth the money. we would not sail without a thermal suite pass
  10. BirdTravels

    Smoking areas on NCL Sky reduced. :-(

    It is one of the great and welcome improvements after dry dock.
  11. BirdTravels

    Gym on the Bliss

    6:00 am - 11:00 pm
  12. BirdTravels

    Latitudes Benefits Questions

    You will not have to buy a ticket from shore ex. The platinum tours are run run by the Cruise Next department. It is totally different than the shore ex run tours. You our need to ask the Cruise Next department to allow both exceptions. Normally they don’t have any problem with someone else in your cabin joining tour (but it really depends on how many people sign up).
  13. BirdTravels

    Soda For Breakfast

    We’ll go and eat at the buffet and the buffet bar is open with sodas early in the morning. If you eat in the MDR or o’sheehans, you can get soda served.
  14. BirdTravels

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    Epic is currently unpopular because it has two holes in her hull
  15. BirdTravels

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    Not accurate at all. NCL and the French ship builder got embroiled in a dispute stopping construction of the Epic, plans for her sister, and option for the third. The resolution of the dispute was to take delivery of the Epic and cancel everything else. And switch to Germany for the -away class ships. And Italy for the Leonardo class ships.
  16. BirdTravels

    Epic Interrupted

    An adventure to blog about, a week at sea, and a full refund. Can’t ask for much more. Good job NCL!
  17. BirdTravels

    Alaska Excursions on NCL Bliss

    You request a handicap room with extra wide door and space in room.
  18. BirdTravels

    Bliss Vibe Purchase

    There is no Headliners on the Bliss. Vibe passes are are sold at The Social, Deck 6 Midship.
  19. BirdTravels

    Great Stirrup Cay

    As the OP stated, GSC is the only port call. There is no “next port” other than going back to Tampa. We’re 6 for 6 getting to GSC at all times of the year.
  20. BirdTravels

    wine package

    The OP is looking for the viva vino. Something like this, but I have misplaced the actual wine list.
  21. BirdTravels

    Escape room capacity

    The actual game time is 45 minutes with an introduction before and the solution after. You are seated in groups of 8-10. I have seen 10 groups of 10 before. Each session sells out (100 people out of 4800 on the ship per game). So, no real minimum.
  22. BirdTravels

    Escape bound tips or secrets

    Some of the best food on the ship is at Pimch’s Tapas Bar. But it is pricy,,,, But you can use your SDP and for a $7 upcharge, you can eat your fill. Go down the menu and repeat. The perfect place for sail away is all the way forward on Deck 19. But, you need to head up there as soon as muster ends,,, and use the stairs if the elevators are busy.
  23. BirdTravels

    Epic Interrupted

    Happens all the time.
  24. Platinum dinners at Q and Los Lobos (which we love and at at twice). O’Sheehan’s has been changed to The Local to remove references to the prior NCL Kevin Sheehan. Menus and all thing Bliss can be found on our live post on the link at the bottom of this post.
  25. BirdTravels

    Epic Interrupted

    Are they German engines? The Epic was built in France and her last dry dock with the engine replacement was in France.