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  1. If so, did you feel I'll during or with 14 days of the end of that cruise? I did I'm scheduled for an antibody test.
  2. Maybe it's old news around here. This extension appears to be beyond the date other cruise lines have announced. (And shows that MSC management has a more sensible idea of what is reasonable given this infection.) https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22739-when-the-major-cruise-lines-plan-to-restart-service.html
  3. We've sailed out of miami several times and NEVER experienced lines like we did on feb 16. It's not the POM - it's MSC doing the checkin and it MAYBE the port TSA not being set up to deal with 4000+ passenger ship. I would not hesitate to sail out of POM again, but we'll NEVER sail on a mega ship again regardless of port or cruiseline.
  4. Good on you. BUT it's still a damn site more expensive than the "cheap seats". Regardless, it's a matter of personal choice.
  5. The "cheap seats" = inside and OV cabins. And of course you found nothing "cheap" in the YC experience - nor was it as cheap as an inside or OV cabin. I'm betting that on MSC, it's kinda dumb to compare the rest of the ship with the YC; hence, my subject line.
  6. The Very Good and the Very Bad of MSC We are seniors who have sailed 25+ times on 7 different mass market cruise lines. We always sail in inside or OV cabins as we don't see value in spending our money on where we sleep. We had sailed on the MSC Divina 4-5 years ago and enjoyed the cruise enough to book another. This time, we selected the Meraviglia. It was our first experience on a super-sized ship. Embarkation was very slow. Not enough personnel to handle the number of people. The inside cabin is roomy, but the lack of storage is simply ridiculous. We travel li
  7. That's entirely true. And it's the reason we drink Two Buck Chuck sometimes. But here's the thing: if one sails in the cheap seats (inside or OV gty, bella, and the like), MSC is NOT appreciably cheaper. Especially when one compares the small print. One example = the Easy package compared to basic alcohol packages on every other cruise line.
  8. We scheduled with Rony for a tour in Roatan. We paid in full prior to the tour (our choice - he offered to only take a deposit by PayPal, and remainder in cash on the day of the tour.) I confirmed with him the day prior to our arrival. We arranged for a pick up between 9:30 and 10am. For those of you who have never been to this port, you meet private guides at a gate just outside the port. Getting to that gate is like going to a maze of vendors - unpleasant to say the least. At the gate, it's even worse. Noisy, dirty and vendors who were aggressive, but polite. We were the
  9. This was one of the most disappointing and irritating things on our Mera feb 16 cruise. In the morning before the Captain finished announcing that we would not be stopping at Ocean Cay, we could hear people slamming their cabin doors and running down the hallway to get their lounger. On this cruise, We did not get off the ship. We were convinced that people kidnapped loungers before they left for shore excursions. The crew was unwilling to deal with it, even when we spoke with them. And it is one of the few reasons we are very unlikely to sail MSC again. (Yes,
  10. With some (all?) cruise lines, the casino workers are NOT employees of the cruise company. The same is true of those who work in the shops. NOT cruise line employees. So what his vlog or paycheck shows is irrelevant to this issue. (and if one believes everything that people say/show/document on the internet, I've got this program to sell you that will teach you how to make $100,000 a week. . . I'll show you my ebay account history to prove it!) This entire issue of what happens to the DSC is factually unknown to ALL of us. It's like saying there's no God - how do y
  11. Depends on what you want/expect/will put up with. The $6 list is very short. Two reds - cabernet and merlot. Both La Terre. Two whites - a chardonnay and pinot grigio (or sauvignon blanc - there was no consistency between venues). And prosecco. We are NOT wine snobs. The cab, pinot grigio and sav blanc were okay, but after a week of same, same, same, we were really bored. One brand of draft beer - I think it was Heineken. Bottled Miller Lite. AFAIK, that's it. Basic cocktails - rum and coke, scotch and water, vodka and sprite, gin and
  12. Yes. Up by one of the pools. Vanilla, chocolate and swirl. It was actually pretty good!
  13. About 5-6 minutes to arrive, 8-10 minutes in the car. On our return, the lyft arrived more quickly. Smooth and pleasant experience.
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