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  1. It's great you're doing this! I'm booked on the Majestic for its first post-Alaska sailing in early October and I'll be eager to hear all about the ship. One thing I'd particularly like to know is whether the noise level inside the Bistro Sur La Mer (I think that's the name---one of the specialty restaurants) is high. Early reviews said that because this restaurant is located close to the atrium, all of the sounds from musicians, singers, DJs, and everything else permeates the dining area. Hopefully, they've fixed the problem. Actually, I'm also interested in the Canton
  2. That's the best way: pay Cunard to do it. However, you can save a few bucks on port days if you don't mind waiting a bit before getting off the ship. The laundry rooms are often empty after most passengers have gone ashore, especially on the first port day after a string of sea days. Another money-saving idea is, if you wear wick-dry t-shirts or other wick-dry clothing, just wash them in the sink and hang them up on the clothesline ("Stendofilo," I think it's called) above the bathtub. They're usually dry in a matter of hours. But I would never try that with cotton clothes; you'll
  3. Well. thanks for the compliment.
  4. Along with getting free laundry, the 50% discount on wine-by-the-bottle packages was a major benefit of reaching four-star status. I normally don't need sommelier-type advice, but I do need someone who can bring the requested bottle to the table quickly, know how to open it, put it in a nearby ice bucket if it's a white or sparkling wine, keep an eye on our glasses to see if they need refilling, and---if we don't finish the whole bottle at that meal---re-cork it and put it away for us to finish the following night. I've always gotten that on HAL, but I'm beginning to have my doubts if we'll e
  5. I hope it works that easily for me, too. I dread the whole app thing. (I'm booked on the Majestic for their first California Coastal cruise in early October). Thanks for posting this information.
  6. I've got a transatlantic (Miami to Lisbon) booked on the Oceania Riviera in March of 2022. I support Del Rio's 100% vaccination policy, but I sure hope he wins his battle against DeSantis fairly soon. I assume Del Rio's Plan B is to move all the Miami cruises to St. Maarten or somewhere else in the Caribbean. That would be a hardship for people in the Western U.S. To get to many Caribbean islands from out here, you have to leave early in the morning, take two flights to Miami, then a third flight that might arrive as late as midnight. Not a fun way to start a vacation.
  7. PhD-iva: It sounds like you've hit what I call the Cruiser's Trifecta: an itinerary you like, on a cruise line you like, for a price that seems reasonable. Too often, cruisers focus only on the price or on the percentage of the single supplement. A cruise is not a bargain if the itinerary bores you or the cruise line isn't the right one for you. Have a great time! You'll soon be making your packing list. Jim
  8. I won't comment on the "trailer trash" aspect of rbtan's post, but I agree that a "true" 14 night cruise is likely to be a more interesting one than two B2B's. Not only are you not repeating any of the ports, but you're not forced to get off the ship on the seventh day. Those who say that it's just like any other port day are forgetting that on a "real" port day you can, if you choose, stay onboard and enjoy a nearly-empty ship. I've done that plenty of times when the port is overly familiar or doesn't do much for me.
  9. Cindy: One way to start is by stressing that a "solo" cruise is not the same thing as a "singles" cruise. Jim
  10. But only those 35 people, right? Not the "good" passengers? If so, they got what they deserved.
  11. Julie: First of all, congratulations on choosing a transatlantic for your first "return" sailing. I've taken six of them---three in each direction---and have a seventh booked for March of 2022 (Miami to Lisbon on the Oceania Riviera). They're so relaxing. Although I normally cruise with my wife, I've taken four solo cruises, all on large ships (Princess and NCL) that don't appeal to my wife. Virtually every night on those solo cruises I dined alone---and enjoyed it. I got great service from the maître d' and waitstaff, I enjoyed all the people-watching, and I often had
  12. I don't own a smart phone. I do everything internet-related on a desktop computer, and I'm happy with that. Until now, I've always been able to use that computer, along with my scanner and printer, to print out every single cruise-related document that's ever been required on any of the eight or nine lines I've cruised on. I have a very short (4 night) California Coastal cruise booked on the Majestic Princess for this October. If I understand what people on this thread are saying, in order to go on this cruise I'll have to buy a smart phone or some similar device, at a cost of hund
  13. I wouldn't worry about that "sharing" business. On a four-night California Coastal on the Ruby a few years ago I had dinner at Share three times (and Crown Grill the other night; on Princess I prefer the specialty restaurants to the main dining rooms). I dined by myself each time. I found the food and the service at Share to be excellent, well worth the surcharge. The experience was similar to that of what might be called a New California restaurant on land, i.e., "modern" dishes but not over-the-top trendy.
  14. It's always been San Pedro.
  15. I'm booked on the Majestic for its first post-Alaska sailing in early October (fingers crossed!). I plan to read the cruise critic member reviews of the July-through-September Alaska sailings, which should answer some, and maybe all, of the questions we have about the ship. The early 2020 videos sure do make the ship look beautiful, but who knows what changes may have been made in the past year and a half?
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