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  1. We were in D726. The balcony was large and covered. My all time favorite location and balcony.
  2. We always stay in aft suites. Aft cabins have more vibration than midship, regardless of the ship. I did not notice more vibration on the aft suite on the Island than any other ship we've been on. Fortunately, I find the vibration relaxing; the slight movement lulls me to sleep whenever I'm in a horizontal position 🙂
  3. We were also in A729 for a Panama Canal crossing and that suite is our favorite suite of all time (I don't know how many suites we've stayed in, at least 15 on Princess). No, the balcony isn't covered, but the size is huge and the furniture is the most comfortable of any suite we've been in. The inside is well lit and brighter than other aft suites - probably because this suite is one of the newly added ones. We like the two sinks in the bathroom and didn't miss a sink in the bar area. I prefer to be closer to the water, but wouldn't hesitate booking this suite again.
  4. The credit showed up in my cruise personalizer under onboard credits about 2-3 weeks after authorization. I talked to a princess rep who said the credit will be automatically applied to a future cruise. My "next" cruise is in July on a 14 day to Alaska, so it has been cancelled, but hasn't been removed from my cruise personalizer yet. After that I have a 15 day cruise to Hawaii in December 2021 - sure hope we get to go on that cruise!!!
  5. I've rented multiple times from Avis in Skagway. I always have to call the phone number listed for the Skagway office. The call gets routed to the Anchorage airport Avis, and they are able to make the reservation.
  6. Laundry turnaround for elites varies and is dependent on the number of elites onboard. laundry for suites is same day if the bag gets to the laundry by 9:00am or next day if you miss the 9:00 cut off, regardless of how many elites are onboard. I always mark same day on the laundry slip and have never had a problem.
  7. As a suite passenger, you can also make reservations in the any time dining room. They limit reservations there to about 1/3 of the tables, unless you are a suite passenger. We always stay in a suite, and when traveling with others who are not, we reserve a table in any time dining for all of us. We get to eat with our friends at the time we want and have the same waiter every night - just aren't eating on Club Class. And as others have mentioned, you can order for as many people you want for room service.
  8. We were booked with Jayleene's in Juneau and Snorkel Alaska in Ketchikan. Immediately got back our deposits. I was really impressed and sure hope they can stay in business for next year! We also got a future credit from Travel Guard for our trip insurance. The only deposits we haven't received yet is from Princess, but then, they have so many more deposits to process.
  9. Ah, thanks - it says Carnival Cruise Lines. So guess we just have to wait to see what Princess will be doing.
  10. I may have asked my question too soon. I've been doing more searching, and it looks like Carnival Cruise Line made the announcement today for Carnival cruises. They evidently did not make the announcement for all cruise lines under the CCL umbrella, but my guess is, Princess may follow with an announcement. Ugh... I won't be surprised if San Francisco cancels cruises, given that the Bay Area counties just put into place more stringent stay at home orders. Sure hope everyone is staying safe and healthy...
  11. My cruise personalizer doesn't show any cancellation. I'm wondering if San Francisco has deemed no cruises out of that port. I can't find any information, so thought maybe here knows.
  12. Have all San Francisco/Alaska sailing been cancelled for 2020? I read under the heading Carnival Cruise Line: Alaska All Alaska sailings are canceled through and including June 30, 2020, with all cruises scheduled to depart from San Francisco canceled for the rest of 2020. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5016/ I saw nothing on the Princess web site, although I did find the same message on Carnival.com. I have reservations for August 11 round trip from San Francisco to Alaska. I do not want to call my travel agent or Princess, since I"m sure they are busy with
  13. We always get aft balconies. The view when leaving the glacier or port is beautiful. While at a glacier or coming into port, we like to be on deck and see the views from all angles, but when leaving, it's so relaxing to sit on the balcony, have a snack/drink, and enjoy the views. Plus, with an aft balcony, you get protection from the wind. Although the air might be cool to cold, there is little to no wind.
  14. Yes, that's the view!!! I love eating on the balcony with what you see in this picture as the backdrop!!!
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