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  1. Can you use the Book Now option as a place holder? IAW can we book a (refundable) cruise say in April 2023 and then later change it to an itinerary we would rather cruise on and keep the OBC perks? That's what we used to do before this new program went into effect.
  2. I guess I related your handle to NY for some reason. Sorry about that. Since you're from SD, Princess also has a NYE cruise leaving on Dec 30 out of LA for 5 days which may work for you if you're not able to reach a satisfactory conclusion on your Summit cruise. In any event I hope it all works out and you and your GF have a great cruise! 😎
  3. I'm glad I asked then as I haven't seen that cruise listed since I started following this thread.
  4. I've been following along on this thread and I was just curious about a couple of things if the below Dec 26th cruise on the Summit is the one in question. First, you've been calling this a New Years Eve cruise. But even if it was for the original 5 days, wouldn't you still have been disembarking in Miami on Dec 31st? But more importantly if you live in the New York area, why would you even consider going through all the preliminary effort, to include getting the antigen tests, booking a hotel near the port and then flying roundtrip from New York to Miami for a 5 day cruise? Why not, for example, sail out of New York on the Norwegian Gem for 7 days leaving the same day, Dec 26, and getting back Jan 2? I realize you of course have your reasons, but I was just curious. Seems the NCL cruise would have been a lot less stressful all around.
  5. Thanks Rich! I take it this will all be spelled out in the instructions we’ll get that comes along with the tests?
  6. Thanks for your insights on your home testing experience! My DW just ordered the 3-pack kit for our upcoming Apex cruise through Celebrity’s Optum link where she, of course, had to create an account. I’ve read on other threads that we will need to have separate accounts established when we actually take the test for the results to be recorded. My question is do I need to also create an Optum account or will the “accounts” need to be created with some third party that’s actually going to monitor our tests?
  7. What's interesting is that we recently had an April 2022 cruise cancelled which had a large FCC applied to it from a previous April 2021 cancellation. Instead of reissuing the FCC X simply stripped off the extra 25% and issued a full refund, even though we requested the FCC back so we could put it on another cruise. Our assumption is X is getting tired of dealing with the FCCs. But that's just a guess ...
  8. We've had that happen a couple of times where the 125% FCCs, one for each of us, was greater than the cost of the new cruise we wanted to book with a totally different itinerary.
  9. From what I understand just another cruise. That's how it worked for us. Just make sure you get the "new" FCC coupons identifying the excess. Sometimes that takes awhile, 1-3 months as been our experience.
  10. When we choose the location of our cabin, one major factor we consider, as I like sitting on the balcony, is where will we get the most shade? So the location of the sun plays an important role on sea days in our decision. For example, the SV or starboard side would be ideal if we were on a TA from Europe back to the US. But if that’s not an issue, the SV is our first choice as we love the aft views and are protected from headwinds when at sea.
  11. That's definitely good to hear. We've had 3 replacements so far. But just got assigned the 3rd one yesterday and haven't heard from her yet. But as with most things, time will tell if she is worth foregoing the potential TA perks when we decide to book our next =X= cruise.
  12. I just checked the dates and it looks like we had the same original CVP as you. We were always very impressed with his commitment to providing exceptional service. He will be missed.
  13. Haven’t heard from our new CVP yet, but decided to use the web site to post the “returned” FCCs from a recently cancelled cruise and was able to have them posted within 24 hours to an existing cruise. Before this new function was added to the website or I just finally found it, we would ask our CVP to post the FCCs. Also, it used to be when there was a price drop, we would call our CVP to refare the applicable booking, and as I mentioned we usually have quite a few in the queue. But once we discovered the Best Price Offer guarantee form on the website, that also eliminated the need to call our CVP. I guess what I’m saying is with these new automated tools, we still periodically require to talk with our CVP, but not as often as we used to a couple of months ago. 😎
  14. What we did when we were on a B3B for 3 weeks on the Edge in August was to make riding the elevators a game. We would only get on the elevator if no one was on it. Then if someone decided to get on the elevator before we reached our floor, we would get off at that floor, then walk the rest of the way using the stairs. I know, we shouldn’t have to do that, but we wanted to keep having a great time and that was just one way we avoided the stress of riding the elevator. 😎
  15. That's what I'm figuring as well. I can just imagine the variety of calls they're running into. I'm sure they have definitely been a little more stressful than before the pandemic.
  16. Good news! Today we were assigned another Vacation Planner. Hopefully, she'll hang around for awhile longer than the others. 🤞🤞
  17. LOL!! No, we're just retired cruise-a-holics! But we do book a couple of years out to try and get the best deals, or at least be in position to refare in a fare goes down. 😎
  18. Thanks! I’ll ask her how flexible that 60 day window is? We have 2 that are PIF, so I know those won’t be going over. But the other 6 have been booked for at last 6-10 months at least.
  19. About a little over a month ago, our long time CVP left a voicemail on his extension saying he'll be back in the office on Friday and then never returned. When we eventually contacted one of his designated backups the following week, she said he's moved on (with no details) and she would be happy to help. Then about a week later, we received an =X= email saying she was now our official Vacation Planner. Great! Then about 2 weeks later, we got another =X= email saying this new person was now going to be our new VP. Then, this past Friday we called and his VM said "I've left the office for the day and will be back in the office on Friday, Oct 15th." You guessed it, today is Tuesday, Oct 19, and the same VM notice as of last Thursday is still being played when we call his extension. Anyone know what's going on in the Celebrity Vacation Planner department? It wouldn't be such a big deal, but we have 8 future cruise bookings with =X= that are all past the cut-off date for transferring to a TA. And, yes, all of our "to be booked" cruises will be going through our existing TA which will make her very happy.
  20. I could be wrong and I’m not onboard now either, but I believe it more depends on the length of the cruise based on what Princess has noted in their FAQ section on their website. Mask policy varies depending on voyage length. Voyages less than 10 days: First, we strongly encourage guests wear face masks when in public spaces indoors. ALL guests will be required to wear a face mask – with no exceptions – in elevators, retails shops, in the casino, and other designated areas except while eating and drinking. Guests will also be required to wear face masks prior to being seated in our main dining rooms and in the buffet area, and occasionally in other designated areas where larger number of guests may congregate. As a reminder, masks are required during embark and debark in the terminal, and masks should also be worn during the debarkation process on board. Voyages 10 days or longer: All guests must wear face masks covering their nose and mouth while indoors at all times. Exceptions are made while they are eating or drinking, receiving spa treatments relating to the face, during high-intensity exercise, in pools, whirlpools or sauna, as well as in their stateroom.
  21. I know Medicare (Part B) covered our antigen tests when we went to Urgent Care in central Alabama to get ours back in August.
  22. Anyone have an idea what this icon means on the Disney Wish deck plan? I can't seem to find a Legend anywhere.
  23. Me too. What I have found is if I go to my web browser’s “history” and clear the cache for just “today and yesterday”, it seems to clear out any issue I’ve been having; although I’ll need to log back in to CC.
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