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  1. I always found that the ocean side beaches - Ballston and Coast Guard, for example, had somewhat warmer water than the bay side - Corn Hill and Great Hollow. I may be wrong, but I think it might be a bit of the Gulf Stream brushing the ocean side while a tad of the Labrador current (which makes Maine unswimmable, except by little children whose nervous systems are not fully on line) dips into the Bay. I do remember always digging up surf clams with my children before leaving the beach to bring back to the cottage for chowder — and picking blueberries on the old railroad embankment
  2. It always make sense to only buy something you really want — and not settle for what might be offered at one time: things change.
  3. Once you decide on an itinerary you like, you should look at as many lines as possible which offer it, and as many comparable itineraries which would similarly interest you. If you think the enjoyment you would get is worth the price, you should book it - with flexibility to cancel if something better — either price-wise or itinerary-wise - should appear. But, you should always keep in mind that the “best price” means a price that gets you something you really want - and not just the lowest price for a week or so at sea. Shop around, and buy what you want - rather tha
  4. My superior for many years was an Irishman who suggested a sort of kinship with me because of ancient geographic connection. In pointing out the underlying difference based upon his pure Celtic lineage and my Anglo-Norman roots, I mentioned two appropriate collective terms. You know, like a "pride of lions" or a "gaggle of geese" -- anyway, my terms: a "glory of Normans" and a "density of Celts" helped him to understand. We remained good friends, agreeing to disagree -- but swapping many micro-ethnic slurs.
  5. There are varying degrees of density: ranging from the lazy who prefer one shot over two even at the cost of decreased efficacy, all the way to those who rationalize not getting a shot because if everyone else does, they won’t need to.
  6. Agreed — let them contribute to the “atmosphere” on lines like Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean. But, do warn them about falling overboard; a risk less likely at an AI.
  7. Agreed - but there remains the fact that not needing to have super-refrigeration as well as second shots does give J&J some value in immunizing (admittedly not as well) some people who might not otherwise get immunized at all.
  8. But the hospitals still have to occupy spaces which might be needed by vaccinated (read: INTELLIGENT AND RESPONSIBLE) people —- whose taxes are being spent to cure the irresponsible.
  9. What is absurd is not being able to realize that “…one (or a dozen, or twenty) vax-lying…”. persons on a cruise ship could generate enough cases which would cause scheduled ports to refuse the ship to enter or cause the line to decide to terminate the itinerary. Think about it — even if COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers might not cause personal harm to their betters who have accepted reality —- their irresponsibility in letting themselves get infected can have negative impact.
  10. This makes sense on a mixed activity trip. We spent a few days in Paris before a walking trip in Provence - when we left a couple of bags at the hotel, picking them up before catching the train to London. It takes a bit of planning, but certainly is preferable to hauling a lot around with you.
  11. How do you “reasonably” resolve making exceptions to a policy calling for 100% vaccinated passengers? Put bluntly: 100% means NO exceptions.
  12. Yes - an interesting first interaction: those thieving Pilgrims looted the winter food stores of the locals. And their descendants were oblivious enough to raise a monument commemorating the event.
  13. And, it seems that a number of posters are displaying that syndrome: disturbing evidence of the the possibility of previously-unsuspected transmission of symptoms by reading infected CC posts
  14. Where on the Cape?— I spent a number of August weeks at Corn Hill in Truro.
  15. This is the practical approach - rely on family or trusted friend who will hold, and advise you periodically of anything which seems pressing, or else have a full time staff to do that sort of thing.
  16. Are you really paying The OP was clearly trying to justify his anti-vaxxer stance with a lot of claimed “advice” from many “medical professionals” — I am afraid he has infected Mr. H, who has started coming out with some truly amazing rants.
  17. Did it once: after a week in Rome then a week in England staying with my sister before we took a Celebrity repositioning from Harwich to Miami. Our last day on board we repacked into one large and one small bag each. After debarking, we picked up rental car and dropped the large bags at UPS before driving to the Keys for a few days before coming back to catch Amtrak Silver Meteor to NY - living out of the small, easy to handle, bags. Finally picked up large bags when we got home. I suppose it was not what most people think of luggage forwarding, but it streamlined things.
  18. Can he prove he has COVID? It is probably a whole lot easier to get the shot than to find, and get, some test to prove that he has that "natural immunity'.
  19. I am inclined to think that Q4 (and probably Q2) 2022 was a safe bet.
  20. “Good food” is obviously important, but in an extremely high-traffic area like Times Square the “reasonable price” factor is essential to maintain the very high turnover necessary,
  21. Yes —- which I see as a strong disincentive, along with many others.
  22. Calling something a “fact” is claiming that it is true. Unless you can explain what a false fact is, you probably should not talk about “true facts”.
  23. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m pretty sure margins are so thin that at 33% they will be operating at a deep loss.
  24. Makes me think of the old bit: while you row straighten your hair and pose that “nice lady” sprints off with your camera. My favorite memory of St. Marks square was seeing a young boy, 10 or so, pestering his parents - his father finally relented and gave the boy some coins - which he gave to an old man selling bags of bird food. The boy then threw all the seed on the ground around his mother’s feet and ran off - a cloud of pigeons swarmed her - she ran after him swatting at him with her hand bag, while the stunned father finally broke down laughing.
  25. Not too hard to grasp: the unvaccinated can cause the cancellation of ports - or entire itineraries. With the current lowering of vaccination age to 12, it is reasonable to assume that further testing/fine-tuning will make infants eligible in the near term --- as they already are for a number of immunizations.
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