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  1. Can anyone chime in if this is available on the Koningsdam and Veendam?
  2. Thanks so much! We will be in port on a Monday and it looks like the off airport locations are closed on a Monday:(. My parents will be traveling with us and my dad is on a mission to find the best bakeries in every port. Any recommendations?!?
  3. We are interested in renting a car and exploring Newfoundland on our own. Are there any car rental agencies close to the port? If not, approximately how much would a taxi cost from the port to the airport?
  4. There is also something called a Future Cruise Request that you can purchase onboard to get on a waitlist of those first notified for a cruise that is not yet published. Regardless of the length, it is $100. I'm not sure how it works from there. Perhaps, when they call you an additional deposit is needed to secure your cabin? Cruises 22-50 days require a $300 deposit when booked onboard. Hopefully others will chime in...
  5. I have been noticing this, too. It is a nice surprise as usually after clicking on something the price is higher not lower!
  6. You bring up some good points. I have spoken with a few Future Cruise Consultants about the 2021 World Cruise. When I bring up Amsterdam deck plans, they have included a vague disclaimer about any given itinerary could be on any ship.....
  7. I think the 2020 World Cruise is completely sold out.
  8. I'm surprised about this. That is a lot of kids and not enough counselors. Your recent experience, and the OP's, makes me wonder if Club HAL is one of the newest victims of cutbacks? Fingers crossed this is not the case! We were on the NS in December for the crossing. Seventeen kids were on board (including teens) and there were three counselors. The kids & tween programs were combine, which is not unusual for sailings with few children, but they tailored activities to all ages.
  9. I'm sorry you are running into this on your trip. Club HAL is a usually fantastic program- your kids are missing out on a lot of fun! We primarily only cruise when school is in session and on long cruises. There have been some sailings in which our kids are the only ones onboard. We have never been on a sailing where there is only one Club HAL counselor. I'm guessing something came up last minute with the other Club HAL counselor- broken contract or illness, perhaps. On sea days they should be open 9-11:30am, 1-4pm & 7-11pm. On one cruise, the counselors crossed off the closing time of 11pm and changed it to 10pm. We called them on it and they made up a bogus reason for the change. At the next port we contacted our TA, who contacted Seattle (HAL HQ). The next day we received an apology from the staff and the the normal hours resumed. Club HAL staff are part of the entertainment department. I wouldn't bother talking to the front desk, but reaching out to the entertainment director to share your concerns. If you get nowhere, perhaps you could try contacting your TA/Seattle. p.s. Our kids are 4 star mariners and absolutely love HAL above all other lines. The comment that HAL is not really for kids is an urban myth that gets brought up on nearly every kid related thread on this board- but rarely (perhaps, never?) by someone who has actually brought kids on HAL!
  10. I'm curious to know what you found out! Please report back:)
  11. Thanks to all for the tips and advice! I will check out the other properties that you suggested. Happy Travels:)
  12. A few years ago we stayed at what was the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 and really enjoyed it. I see it has been sold/rebranded and is no longer a Hyatt property. If you have stayed since the change, can you please tell me if they still have the yard games (giant chess, cornhole, etc)? Or can someone recommend another resort style property? We will be staying for a few days post cruise and do not necessarily need to be so close the the port. Thanks
  13. Every day they place two large (1 liter, I think) bottles of water in your ice bucket. You can use them in the cabana or take them back to your room. The cabana attendant will also get you any other drink you might want (ice water, lemonade, tea, bar drinks, etc).
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