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  1. Thanks so much for your first hand advice, but so sorry your FCC has traveled so much without you!
  2. A little history: HAL gifted us a substantial amount of FCC for a 48 night cruise which they cancelled while we were flying to the embarkation port March 13, 2020. We have "spent" this on a January 2021 South America sailing that is sadly likely to also be cancelled. Final payment is due October 31, 2020. Does anyone know what happens to FCC that is spent on another cruise that also gets cancelled by HAL? One HAL rep I spoke to "guessed" that if we move it to another cruise before the original FCC expiration date (December 31, 2020), it will still be valid. Her lacking confidence concerns me. I'm not sure if it is better to move this original FCC to a 2022 cruise before making our final payment this week, or to make the final payment and hope that the 2021 cruise still sails. Other notes of consideration: -We paid a deposit out of pocket when we booked this 2021 cruise. The remaining cruise fare was covered by FCC and only taxes and fees are due for our final payment. -If we make final payment, HAL cancels the sailing, will we then have to wait for the new FCC to be credited to our account? If so, it makes me think we should just move it to a future cruise before making final payment. Fellow travlers on our March 2020 cancelled cruise just this week finally received their FCC from that cruise! -I looked at similar itineraries for 2022 to shift it to, and they are pricing our much higher than the fares we booked for the 2021 cruise. -We are young-ish and healthy and have no qualms with sailing with masks, social distancing etc. And like everyone else here, are SO ready for a vacation! Trusted CC friend and fellow travelers, share your wisdom and educated guesses with me! What should we do?!?
  3. We have a couple of final payments due soon and I really wish 2020 hadn't shattered my crystal ball;) It has been nearly 2 months since HAL announced the cancellation of cruises through December 15, 2020. I'm grabbing at straws, but looking for any gossip, educated guesses and/or predictions for which destinations may or may not open January/February 2021. For example, Argentina has maintained very strict borders/travel bans since March 2020, so I would assume South America cruises are less likely to be the first to open up to cruises. We obviously all know that when cruising restarts it will not look the same as pre pandemic. So predictions on if masks and social distancing will make cruising less desirable are not what I'm looking for. 😷😜☺️
  4. We are also booked on a BA to Lima cruise that departs late January 2021 with final payment coming up soon. I'm anxious to hear any thoughts/considerations on recent developments (not so much mask wearing/social distancing onboard common sense stuff) that may hinder or help the cause for making final payment.
  5. Thanks for the updates! Fingers crossed it stays on schedule.
  6. **Edited to add....I found the other thread discussing this very thing. Sorry to create redundant topics!** We are considering booking a cruise on Discovery Princess late next year. Even in pre-covid times it seems these inaugural seasons have been subject to shipyard delays. I haven't been following the Discovery timeline, have delays already been announced (due to covid or otherwise)? Or are they still attempting to stick to the original delivery date?
  7. First of all, how incredibly kind of you! These stories of goodwill should have more threads on this forum! Secondly, would you mind sharing the name of your tour company in Greece? We have tentatively scheduled a cruise out of Greece in 2021 and I would love to support this company!
  8. Wonderful news, Peter! I was on the same sailing and have already received my FCC and spent it. Just waiting for the credit card refund now.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips!
  10. Our cruise ends in San Antonio, Chile and we are hoping to spend an extra week exploring Chile. Ideally, we would like to find once place to use as a home base to explore, but we would be open to splitting the week between two destinations. We enjoy nature, wine and history. Safety, although hard to predict with current events, is also a top priority.
  11. Thanks! I noticed you were one of the few (only?) people on the boards who at stayed at Las Cataratas previously. Excellent point about the former visa issue. Thanks for chiming in!
  12. I see a lot of people on this board book the Gran Melia for their stay at Iguazu Falls. The Belmond Hotel das Cataratas seems quite appealing to me. Is there a reason why the majority chose the Melia over the other? I realize the Gran Melia is on the Brazilian side, but am I missing some other major factor? Also, once at the Falls, are there any tour companies you could recommend for boating excursions?
  13. Good point. I was just hoping that if they could fly, the company might offer a plan B and go by land. What you suggest makes more sense, thanks!
  14. How long was the drive to Volunteer Point? The "experience" you eluded to.....should I read between the lines that it is not for the faint of heart and/or those prone to motion sickness?
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