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  1. Just as a boost.... why don't we post positive experiences we've all had while planning & being onboard. Whether sailing solo, with friends or w a partner(s) it will be fun to hear who we met and what ensued.🍸🍷🥂 BON VOYAGE🚢
  2. I agree with you... A couple of years ago only 6% of the population had taken a cruise. W the opening up of the Asian markets these monster ships will be booked solid. Along w price points that make cruising affordable to all. I / we do prefer qualty over quantity. But one thing we do believe is, even if you put lipstick on a pig...its still a pig.
  3. I live in NYC & we always have drinks before dinner. When I'm on a cruise I'll have drink before dinner in a lounge or on the MERAVIGLIA cruise, since it was mostly in warm weather I'd go to the buffet order a drink & pick hordoerves from the buffet selection. Sometimes fruit, cheese, guacamole & chips...just something to hold me til dinner. Delish🍢🍤🍤🍷🍷🍸🍸
  4. There are different categories of staterooms..BELLA, FANTASTICA, AURORA, YACHT CLUB. I was in a FANTASTICA CABIN. LOOK AT YOUR BOOKING INFO. it will list all perks associated w your booked cabin.
  5. Hi Speedbird, I can answer to #'s 4&5. I sailed MERAVIGLIA in October 2019 o a 13 day cruise. I was in a BALCONY CABIN w included room service. In certain categories room service is included. The breakfast menu covers everything from tea, coffee, fruit, croissant, toast, eggs & bacon. I put the order card on the door each nite w desired delivery time. EVERY DAY my order was delivered on time, hot & correct. There was no charge but I did too the waiter each day. As far as th he food in the buffet I thought it was very good for any meal for anyone's taste.
  6. Iancal, I understand your point. I have been fortunate enough to have sailed on ships since the 1970's. Yes back then it was more of a luxury vacation. But even today the cruise lines operate on a class system w different levels of perks based on cabin category. Previously it didnt matter if you sailed in an inside cabin or the top suites..it was all first class. As far as the airlines are concerned, when jet blue started it had a great product w reasonable fares & good service. Now it's just another cattle car and I fly w other carriers now. I'm not an elitist but I beli
  7. MICKB...QM2 was actually built as a dual purpose ship...the hull is stronger than most modern cruise ships to handle the ATLANTIC OCEAN & yet the draft is less to enable her into smaller ports that older ships cannot enter...this was the downfall of the NORWAY, ex FRANCE and QE2 ( along w sky rocketing fuel costs). I would pick a trip on QE2 OR FRANCE over QM2. I enjoyed my 3 cruises on QM2 but certainly couldn't compare w her predecessors.🚢
  8. Someone mentioned a benchmark for the shops attractiveness. I appreciate the old liners from the early 1900's to the early 1970's. They were innovative, some ships of state, spectacular design, service & food. ROTTERDAM V, FRANCE, QE2, ITALIAN LINE were my favorite examples. The officers were the best & very real. Now the ships are built for cruises not as OCEAN LINERS. The shallow draft & large build out of upper decks do not provide the beat of sailing. Inside the new ships are just floating malls /amusement parks. Staff & quality have been cut. Thousands of passeng
  9. Considering that in the USA 79% of covid deaths occur in the over 65 age group( the majority of CRYSTAL passenger) & the ships being old(25+ years old) and it wont be for at least another 12 months before most business recover if ever....not good for CRYSTAL. The cheerleaders on the crystal board sound like the builders of the TITANIC.
  10. It's funny but after doing the Panama Canal both East to West (QE2) and West to East (Azamara) and both cruises taken in January & February. They are longer cruises which were quite relaxing and the weather being quite hot( it's a good substitute for a Carib or Mexican Riviera cruise) and going all the way through the canal is always exciting(my Great Uncle was an Engineer on the original Canal Build). Theres so much else to see in the world so it'll be awhile b4 I return. But if you have the 2 weeks or so it's a better trip instead of the 7 day partial transit.
  11. Having sailed both lines I find the Azamara a better quality product. I would take the lowest level cabin on Azamara over the top suite on HAL. AZAMARA is smaller ships, fewer passengers, professional service & more of a casual experience( no I'm not talking board shorts & tank tops). The food was very nicely presented w all options from buffet to specialty restaurants. We always book a midship balcony cabin & were perfectly happy. FOR years I sailed on HAL but for the last 10 years or so we gave it up as the shops got larger it was just like a floating mall w fewe
  12. Thanks for this picture...I knew one of the ships had additional cabins added...I never saw the design change. I believe the Rotterdam is the one w additional cabins & the aft pool was replaced w a small shallow splash pool. I dont like ships w/o aft pools.🏊‍♂️
  13. Thanks...I didnt know the designer was the same. I dont understand that the cruise lines dont produce ships of state or distinctive ships anymore. I find it hard to believe they even used a competitor's designer to create one of the most important rooms on a ship. I picked ROTTERDAM as my online name here as ROTTERDAM V is one of my all time favorite ships. For the last 10-15 years the ships are basically a blur of non descriptive Las Vegas razzle dazzle.
  14. Same ship, different day.. Tho just another Carnivore ship..it looks like a Celebrity ship..especially the MDR🙄😝🤪
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