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  1. And the rest of the story? Did you share the gospel with the nudist or go to the next door? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. Exactly the same in my area of CO.
  3. Yeah, Highlands Ranch doesn't fit as a destination spot! We lived just over the county line in Centennial for over 30 years. The area was nice before the city of Highlands Ranch was developed; it just wide open ranch land. A huge historic ranch house there was the setting for the Venneford Ranch home in the movie "Centennial." (I never imagined I would be posting about Highlands Ranch on cruise critic!)
  4. Please let me know how to find the reviews that I wrote for cruise critic.
  5. Yes, I miss cruising. Now that DH and I have the time and our finances can support it, our plans were to cruise more and take longer cruises. Now we stay home and dream of traveling. I am grateful that we aren't suffering like some and have been healthy. And at least there's my garden. That 1/3 acre is looking so much better this year!
  6. Same with us. So we price it with both our numbers to see which is lower. Last time, though, our TA got an even lower rate for us.
  7. Yes. It's happened a few times for us when the sea was too rough to tender in. A disappointment for sure.
  8. As soon as a vaccination is known, DH and I will start planning. Hopefully we will both be as healthy as we are today. We want to be cruising again within a few months of a successful vaccine. We're not getting any younger. Time's a wasting!
  9. Really, really hope your cruise sails and is not Covid restricted. That's because, next week, we're going to book the cruise following yours to Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas also on the Rotterdam!
  10. Details are here. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/giftcard.html
  11. The offer dates have been extended. Buy the cards by June 30 and use by Dec. 31, 2021. Good to know you can buy multiple cards.
  12. You are probably right, and I've probably asked it before, too. It doesn't make any sense how it's figured. And doesn't seem right that some have never received a discount. For those who don't know how to see discounts, when you look for fares online, sign into your account and start a booking. After you put in# of passengers, click "continue," and you'll see the fare for your Mariner number. (You don't have to complete the booking to see the price.)
  13. Haven't booked yet, but plan to within the next month. The "Have It All" special is way too tempting with free drinks and free gratuities. We're looking at the 32-day Hawaii-Tahiti-Marquesas, Feb. 21-March 25, on the Rotterdam. Just hope there is a vaccine before then; we won't go without it. Our thoughts are that, the day after the vaccine is developed, people will be booking a lot of cruises. We want to make sure we get onboard for all those South Pacific beach days.
  14. They have called it a Casino Credit/Discount. DH used to gamble a lot, but not for a few years. I play the slots more than he does, but it doesn't seem to matter. You are right, it's not consistent. Or there is a secret formula. . .
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