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  1. Great photos! How is the entertainment in the show room? Are the entertainers stuck on board or is it just the ship singers and dancers?
  2. If you book a certain number of cabins with the same booking number, you are eligible for a free inside which can be upgraded. Sorry I don't remember the number you need to book, but it might be worth looking into.
  3. I agree with all the others. It has been my experience that no one is checking the suggested boarding time on your paperwork. Boarding at 3:30 would mean you're rushed getting to your cabin and you won't have time to unpack before muster drill. If you're at early dinner you're rushed more to get ready without having unpacked. Even if you're not at early dinner, you don't want to miss sail-away. Not a good way to start a cruise.
  4. Not good news. I love the alcohol-laced coffee drinks. Just made 4* and was looking forward to the 50%-off perk!
  5. That is true. It's a recent thing to give a time. Before that you were told when boarding begins and ends. We like to get there by about 10:30-11 like an OP posted. While waiting we have met some nice people that we connected with for the whole cruise. And we're always anxious to get the cruise started. Would rather wait at the port than at the hotel. It won't matter for this trip since HAL is your transportation, but might matter for your future cruises.
  6. If you're waiting for a HAL transport to the port you wouldn't want to get a hotel day room and go back to the airport for your ride to the cruise port. Live and learn, I guess, like we all have. Maybe there will be others on your flight in the same situation and you'll make friends before you even board. One suggestion, bring a small stapler in your carry-on to attach the HAL luggage tags.
  7. That's good to know. We're in the early process of booking another cruise that stops at Honolulu and need new Hawaiian shirts. (My DH was ill and we had to cancel the cruise you're on. We had splurged and booked a verandah. I guess we wouldn't have used it much.) Please know that even though your vacation isn't what you planned for, your posts have value. I look forward to each one. Wishing sunny skies for you today in Kona. Also hoping there will be some compensation for passengers. Once we had open bar for an hour when something went wrong. Was very hard to weed through the crowd to order. We have got taxes/fees back when a port was cancelled. I'm sure passengers are spending more on board and that's extra profit for HAL. Maybe they will share some of that. Would be good PR.
  8. Packing on plastic bags seems to keep wrinkles to a minimum. I use the largest zipper closure bags and squeeze out all the air before zipping. Also helps to put a dryer sheet in each bag.
  9. Hope the weather clears for your Kona trip and that you find something fun to do in Honolulu. Are ship officers doing anything to ease passenger frustration over the weather?
  10. OK, got it! I looked under MyAccount before, I guess I didn't scroll down far enough. Thanks cat1331 and copper 10-8.
  11. Really enjoying your posts. I'm wondering, is trivia on the daily program? Where do they have it?
  12. I have previously seen on the HAL website details of my Mariner status. It listed each cruise and the number of days I earned for each. When I look on "My Account" now, I can see the number of cruise days, number of bonus days, total days, and Mariner status. But I can't find where all my cruises are listed and the number of days attributed to each cruise. Is that information will available? I emailed HAL a few days ago and haven't received a reply yet.
  13. Seems the blue bag shows up the night before the first shore day.
  14. Krazy Kruisers - I agree. The canvas bags are nice. I still have a few. If you're a married couple cruising, you get one bag per cabin. If you're friends cruising together you each get a bag. That doesn't make sense. Everyone pays the same fare.
  15. Happy Birthday! I am enjoying your posts. My DH and I were booked on this cruise and had to cancel the week before sailing when he got sick.
  16. It's definitely flakey. I have found better luck navigating the website if I sign in with my DH's Mariner number.
  17. I'm thinking of booking a cruise where HAL is still selling ocean-view partially obstructed but the website shows there are none available. There are only two Full Ocean View left (the next step up) but lots of verandas still vacant for lots more money. We (DH & I) are 4-star. If we book a guarantee partially obstructed, what are our chances of a free or small-additional-fee upgrade to a veranda? Has it happened to you?
  18. We went to Coconut Cove last October on a HAL excursion. We were in an open air vehicle, it was a truck with seats built into the back. There was an awning. Beware, the ride is very long and most of it is on dirt roads. I don't remember how long the ride was, but at least an hour, possibly more. It was dusty. My DH and I were seated in the very back. The dust didn't bother me, but my husband had a very hard time of it because he has asthma and COPD. It was a very bumpy ride also. Don't even think of going on this excursion if you have breathing problems, or if you have back problems that a bumpy ride would aggravate. We were able to ride in the cab with the driver on the way back after we told the excursion hosts what happened. It's not bumpy in the cab, by the way! It was interesting trying to have a conversation with the driver. He only spoke Spanish and my high-school Spanish isn't so great. The beach is an average beach, windier than some, water not as clear because of the waves from the wind. When we walked along the beach, once we got past a certain point, we were whistled back as we had gone too far. The included lunch was really good, there were lots of choices and you could get seconds. Unlimited drinks were included - either beer, rum & coke, or rum punch, and I suppose non-alcoholic choices.
  19. During Happy Hour, you can buy bottled water. Same as for bar drinks, the second drink or bottle of water is $2. If you have the drink card, bottled water is free at the bars.
  20. We're looking forward to it. There are lots of rules with Americans visiting Cuba, but we'll figure it all out. I will hopefully post a review after we return, so check in the Veendam reviews of Cuba within a month or two after our return at the end of October. We're leaving in about 2-1/2 weeks!
  21. We had plenty of room in the drawers, but in case everything won't fit, we have used one of our smaller suitcases kept within easy access under the bed. We put stuff in there that we didn't need to get to everyday, like the souvenirs purchased along the way.
  22. Maybe it's not for everyone, but I love that "silly splash pond" on the Rotterdam!:):) And looking forward to boarding the Veendam in October bound for Cuba and beyond.
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