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  1. Can anyone recommend a tour company that offers excursions to Dunkirk from Zeebrugge?
  2. Thank you for sharing the video- so helpful! What a great preview!
  3. We were ready to sign up for a ship tour (HAL) to Stonehenge but read in the fine print "The Stones are seen from a distance, and there is no opportunity to touch or walk within the Stone Circle." Is this typical at Stonehenge or do typical visits (on your own or with a private excursion) allow this?
  4. My son was 4 star at 5 years old. I was 4 star before 40 and am hoping for 5 by 50.
  5. My question was buried in the quoted message (user error;) Just checking in to see if your PCC was able to give you any more info. I have the same question about cost to upgrade from Have It All Surf package to Premium (for a 14 day voyage).
  6. Hello, If I recall, deck 5 VA cabins on the Oosterdam have shallow verandahs. Is that the same for all deck 5 V categories, specifically looking at VB?
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