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  1. I've never seen it when it wasn't pricey.
  2. Since you're assuming. Possibly they left right after you and returned right before you. Did you also count their drinks. Or those sitting at the same table all night in the schooner bar having a good time. So what!
  3. Exactly! I always think that when some posts those kind of remarks no matter the subject.
  4. I was just posting that as a snarky remark to another post on this thread. Not directed at you.
  5. And it's a nice perk. Especially for our September New England/Canada cruise on the Summit. We've got three tender ports on that itinerary.
  6. Not a new rumor. It's been floating around for awhile. Possibly RC will make good on it one of these blue moons. Until then...On most RC ships we cruise on we prefer the DL over the CL. We wouldn't mind it if Celebrity decided to give the elite and elite plus a dedicated lounge for a few different reasons. Whether it's Celebrity or RC we enjoy all the upper tier level perks/benefits.
  7. Agree. There is a lot more to the upper tier level program than just a few drinks in the evening. Even though that is also a nice perk.
  8. Don't forget you still get the C&A HH in the DL to enjoy drinks and snacks. You can also use your C&A drinks that are loaded on your Sea Pass card in the dining venues during the C&A HH.
  9. Well said. I just hope you're not one of those sitting in the DL during the entire C&A HH drinking as many drinks as you can handle so you don't need to purchase the BP. Or leave shortly before the end of the C&A HH and go to dinner and immediately order 3 drinks before the cut off. 🙄
  10. Depends on the RC class of ships. The Freedom class is removing the Concierge Lounge (deck 10) and replacing it with inside cabins. The Cloud Nine and Seven hearts (deck 14 port side) is being converted into the Suite Lounge. The Diamond Lounge stays where it is (deck 14 starboard side). No Concierge Lounge. Which is a bummer because non suite diamond plus members had access to both the CL and DL. Now it will only be the DL.
  11. Our experiences have been different than yours. None of our tender ports were we ever given priority tender tickets for being elite to board the tenders. We've always received a notice from the CCH where and what time to meet to be escorted directly to the tenders to by pass those waiting with tender tickets.
  12. Nope, just my wife an me. We both share the same passion for cruising.
  13. Just during the CC HH (5-7). No matter if your are in the Sky Lounge or at a bar during the CC HH.
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