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  1. davekathy

    New Miami Terminal

    How dare the cruise lines subject us to such eyesores. 😉
  2. davekathy

    Evolution of Dining Attire

    As you should. Choices are great and should never be influenced by others.
  3. davekathy

    Bringing wine on board

    Agree. Not like in the 60's drinking Ripple, Boones Farm, Annie Greenspring's and Cold Duck. We don't even bring wine onboard anymore. We get the elite drinks plus we always have the BP. The corkscrew is always in the first aid kit for just in case.
  4. You can still have a drink with your dinner. Celerity buys three (6) you buy one (2).
  5. davekathy

    Bringing wine on board

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize there was a TSA complaint corkscrew. Very similar to the one I have stashed in our travel first aid kit. Ours has the knife style foil cutter unlike the one you posted that doesn't have one. No biggie, the corkscrew can be used in place of the foil cutter.
  6. davekathy

    Military Discount

    Agree. All our future Celebrity cruises for 2019 and 2020 were booked at least 18 months out and we received the military discount for all of them when booking them.
  7. davekathy

    Military Discount

    Their opinions don't count or matter. Thank you for your service.
  8. davekathy

    New Miami Terminal

    My Magic 8 Ball say's, "Don't count on it".
  9. davekathy


    You may want to ask this question on the Roll Call for your sail date.
  10. Yes. Business as usual on RC.
  11. If you're sailing Celebrity in two weeks, your luck just ran out. It's now fleetwide.
  12. You're correct. Three drinks loaded on the Seapass card each evening and can be used in the lounge, MDR and bars from 5 to 7. Except no drinks loaded on the Seapass card the first night of the cruise and another night later in the cruise for the Senior Officers party.
  13. davekathy

    Bringing wine on board

    Good to know.