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  1. davekathy

    Stunt on Royal

    Of course that's what losers do. Blame it on someone or something else.
  2. davekathy

    Summit revolution update info

    Thanks for taking the time to post the updates.
  3. davekathy

    Stunt on Royal

    I love that the articles I've seen mentioned the idiots name and where he's from. But the idiot would think that was flattering.
  4. I love that fact that the idiots name has been mentioned in all the articles. But then again he's the type that would believe that to be flattering.
  5. davekathy

    Retail Shops on Celebrity

  6. davekathy

    Retail Shops on Celebrity

    Those shops aren't exclusive to just Celebrity and always seem to draw a crowd. Spend use or lose OBC why not splurge. Every ship we've been on there is always a place to buy limited personal care items.
  7. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise.
  8. davekathy

    Sailing out of San Juan

    You're welcome. Oh yea I forgot to mention the cruises will be on the Freedom Of The Seas.
  9. davekathy

    Sailing out of San Juan

    We're doing another B2B cruise out of SJ March 2019 and have no concerns. We like cruising out of SJ. due to they are port intensive itineraries.
  10. davekathy

    Sailing out of San Juan

    EKRAFT22; All of the RC production shows, quest, marriage show, pool side activities and others will be in English. As far as a guest entertainers (comedians, singers those types) will primarily be spoken/sung in English with possibility a little Spanish if the entertainer is bi-lingual. No matter the cruise lines we've sailed out of SJ they have never been exclusively in Spanish. Yours was the first I've ever heard of that being the case.
  11. davekathy

    How do I get a response from Celebrity?

    Here's the number for the Frankfurt office; 069-9200710. Fax number is; 069-92007192. Here is their Email address; infode@rccl.com. Possibly they can help or get directly in contact with the Captains Club in the US. The Stateside number for the Captains Club is 1-800-760-0654.
  12. davekathy

    Dreaded sunbed reserving

    Welcome to CC. Ask the pool attendant to remove the chair hogs belongings if it's obvious they have been away for more than 30 minutes. Not worth the confrontation. I prefer the deck above the pool deck. Less crowded and better views.
  13. davekathy

    Evolution of Dining Attire

    And that's all that matters.
  14. davekathy

    ELVIS theme cruise Feb 1, 2020

    Try here; https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/117-theme-cruises/