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  1. Book the cruises early to make sure you secure the same cabin for both legs.
  2. I do too. Past experiences on our B2B cruises we have had wine at the consecutive cruisers luncheon. 🍷
  3. Thanks for the laugh. The picture sure brings back memories of the sorbet parade on earlier Celebrity cruises in the Caribbean. It appears there are a few of us that haven't heard of Italian or flavored ice referred to just as "ices".
  4. More than "expressing an opinion" when you say, " It upsets me just writing this" . NONYA = Acronym/slang for "None Of Your Business". BTW, not a CC thing.
  5. Do what I do. I don't concern myself with why and what others do. NONYA. 😎
  6. Jewel would be a nice fit "if" the Rhapsody was no longer part of RC fleet.
  7. That sucks! Our final payment is 13 June. With all due respect I hope you're wrong. I]m holding out for a lot sooner date since Canada has now released the extended lock down and hope Celebrity will do the right thing and send out cancellation notices as soon as next week. 🤞🤞 Wearing my rose colored glasses as I type this. 😍
  8. 20 September Eclipse cruise (very short cruise). I also saw that our cruise was no longer listed on Celebrity's website or other online websites. I too hope this means Celebrity has cancelled and will be making an announcement or sending out Emails to us sometime next week.
  9. Hopefully Celebrity will act quickly and do the right thing and cancel cruises. Our final payment is due 13 June for our September cruise out of Vancouver BC.
  10. Have you tried Celebrity? We like the similarities and differences between RC and Celebrity. Also your RC C&A tier level will be reciprocal with Celebrity's Captains Club up to Elite. Tier level points don't transfer between RC and Celebrity.
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