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  1. Who isn't? Most people are. One of four subjects I refuse to talk about no matter where I'm at.
  2. I like it but my wife calls it yellow death. All the more for me.
  3. When we eat lunch (not everyday) we like the MDR as you have the option of ordering from the menu, the tutti salad bar or both.
  4. Not us and we aren't frequent buffet diners. Have you ever cruised with RC? Works great in the MDR for lunch on sea days when they do their Tutti salad bar. P.S...our opinion on this isn't only due to CV-19.
  5. Waaaay long over due. Hope the no self serve change at the OC is not temporary.
  6. We "had" a B2B (7 nights for each leg and different itinerary for each leg) cruise booked on the Rhapsody out of Tampa for March 2021. Well we all know how that turned out. 🤬
  7. Speaking of all the wildlife you saw and took pictures of, you forgot to mention Bucky. 😁
  8. Contact the CAS at 0844-493-4005 or https://www.royalcaribbean.com/mailto:customerrelationsuk@rccl.com
  9. Your first "never" would be the deal breaker for us. No matter the cruise line we choose.
  10. Nope. However your prize is all the cookies you can eat in the WJ on your next cruise.
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