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  1. That's the CC number I always call. The only one I use.
  2. Agee. Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf. Way too many to post. Santana did a pretty good job covering Fleetwood Mac, Black Magic Women.
  3. Better you than me. Maybe some caution tape.😂
  4. Never mind, I just called Jetblue again and now I was given the option to request a call back as my estimated wait time is 120 minutes. Wasn't given the call back option a couple days ago. Thanks.
  5. I've never been given the prompt to request a call back. What key pad number do you use to request it?
  6. 60's and 70's I can't remember too much, but I "do (you) believe in magic". Lovin' Spoonful, 1965. ✌️
  7. That's what happens sometimes when you're enjoying your BP. 🍻
  8. Jetblue doesn't even give you a call back option!!!
  9. Trust me, I've never bumped my head on the cabin ceiling yet or felt cramped with just the two of us in the cabin, no matter the cabin type. My wife is 5'6".🤣
  10. Agree. We'd rather be out and about. We spend very little time in our cabin or on the balcony. I'll sit on the balcony waiting for my wife before heading out for the day or evening. Three in an inside, oceanview and balcony cabins is one too many people. Not enough room, bathrooms or space. Not sure what height has to do with being crowded in the cabin. I'm 6'2'' and have no problems.
  11. How about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8lf7RLYIww
  12. PBP is PALL and will appear that way on your Sea Pass card. I'd call the Captains Club and ask why your Express Pass says CALL.
  13. Like music, oldies but goodies. Another song would be "Come Sail Away", Styx.
  14. You might also consider doing the self assist disembarkation.
  15. I watch AXS a lot. I watched the Rush: The Raise of the Kings 1968 - 1981 last night.
  16. Burn a copy of your DD214, black out the SSN and put it with your passport. As @Keys Kathy said better to have it and not need it. I've never had to show mine at the time of booking or at the embarkation center, but...
  17. Jetblue is the worst right now for unreasonably long wait times. At least my recent experience. I just gave up and based on this experience and my current aggravation, no more booking with jetblue! 🤬 Monday I called the Captains Club approximately 1:30 PM MST and was on hold less than eight minutes.
  18. We've received specialty dining vouchers before from a TA. Ours was only good for a specialty dining restaurant of our choice, not as a refundable OBC. But, it may be different from your TA. Call and ask your TA.
  19. Agree. I always keep a copy of my DD214 (SSN number blocked out) with my passport.
  20. Thank you for your service.🤝 You are a veteran, no matter the war or conflict, no matter the country, branch of service or the length of time you served your country. You walked the walk and any discount no matter the business, you have the choice to take or leave the benefit. Even my drivers license has Veteran printed on it and a lot of business that offer the military/veteran discount request proof before applying the discount to the purchase. Those that lie or hide behind some other reason and try to get a military discount, no matter the business is insulting everyone that has ever served in the military. Like I've said before, it's more about the thank you than the few dollars. But there are obviously those that will never understand that and especially if they never stood on the line.
  21. Agree. And I for one have an issue with those that are not currently serving or aren't a veteran or are an ex that are claiming they deserve the recognition because they use to be married to a service member. That's why I say an ex does should not qualify or deserve the military/veteran discount. A widow/widower of a service member/veteran, yes without a doubt they should get the military/veteran discount. I can't speak for all cruises, but the cruises we've done, Caribbean, West Coast, East Coast, Mexico and Alaska cruises all have qualified for the military/veteran discount.
  22. Celebrity does give the military discount to the spouse (at least if cruising with the military member or veteran). But an ex wife/husband that has a dependent ID (with military benefits) should not qualify for a military discount. That's why Celebrity needs to request proof if still in the military or an honorable discharge for veterans. IMO, it's all about recognizing the military member/veteran far more than the few dollar discount.
  23. In my pocket. No fanny pack or lanyard for me.
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