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  1. vacationlover_mn

    Blue Lagoon, Rose Island or Pearl Island????

    We looked at YouTube videos, and picked Pearl Island. We will be there first week in Feb, and I will try to remember to do a review 🙂
  2. vacationlover_mn

    So, talk to me about Alaska...

    We enjoyed our trip to Alaska on Radiance last year, and have no regrets. However, since we only do one cruise a year, we did miss escaping from the cold and doing a winter Caribbean trip 😞
  3. vacationlover_mn

    Dining room dress code

    We’ve seen lots of shorts in the MDR on Caribbean cruises. Though I did recently see a post here where a gentleman was told he had to change his shoes (he forgot he had left his flip flops on).
  4. vacationlover_mn

    Royal Caribbean Greek Isles tours

    We did a ship tour of the vineyard in Santorini, and it was neat 🙂
  5. Following along! Can’t wait for our trip next month 🙂
  6. My advice- do not view his video and increase his “hits”. We don’t want to support him!
  7. Have they been removing chair hog towels in the Solarium?
  8. vacationlover_mn


    Some sanitizers do work... supposedly one is Purell Advanced
  9. vacationlover_mn

    Just got off Symphony today - any questions?

    Did they have sugar free red bull in the theater?
  10. vacationlover_mn

    Royal Caribbean to open 5 private islands.

    I was super excited to rent one of the over the water cabanas at cococay someday, but then saw the planned prices online... way out of our budget for just the two of us!!!
  11. vacationlover_mn

    Just got off Symphony today - any questions?

    I think my DH was at the top of the comfortable height- 6’1.5”
  12. vacationlover_mn

    Royal Gifts

    Also- if the gifts aren’t there right away, check with the room steward or the customer service desk. We did this double check when we bought gifts for our sailing mates, and got a confirmation they would be delivered (and they were, when we were at dinner :)).
  13. vacationlover_mn

    Norovirus spread and sea pass cards

    Lol- well, DH has gotten it twice while on vacation, and I’ve gotten it once. I’m ok with being paranoid 🙂
  14. vacationlover_mn

    Norovirus spread and sea pass cards

    I never thought of that... I will make sure to try to wash my hands after touching my card/wristband... thx for mentioning this!
  15. vacationlover_mn

    Price of Photo Packages...Really?!?!?!

    And, we normally buy the binder thing and a ship photo along with the 8 by 10.... and I feel like we pay around $40-$50. It’s a little expensive, but it’s something we enjoy. I’m sure someday when have 20 of these, we might stop 🙂