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  1. the 2 big ones near me camden county college and rowan college at gloucester county were both stand in line. They did have accommodations for wheelchairs and those unable to stand for long periods. The NJ guard was helping with the one site. My sister and my mother live in TX outside of Houston and told me about the drive throughs. She said the lines were ridiculous.
  2. You are assuming half the ship will have fake vaccine cards. That was the initial discussion. I find that highly unlikely. And again, I am vaccinated so if these individuals want to risk spending thousands of dollars on a vacation that has a very negative view from the general public for covid transmission rather than just go to an AI or rent a house somewhere for their vacation, then its on them. Do you truly believe a cruise especially with all of the rumored regulations to be enforced is so desirable that one would fake a vaccine card? Id fake a vaccine card to stay in Aruba or Vanuatu
  3. In my neck of the woods in NJ we have been handwriting them in at mega centers at 2-3000 a day. It is doable.
  4. they did follow instructions until they saw the many double standards last summer (protests without masks or worn incorrectly, a newsman visiting his Hampton home when supposed to be quarantining in NY, a congresswoman getting a haircut when her state was locked down...and on and on. People were originally told 2 weeks. Many of these people have to work out of their homes. It was frustrating and angered many people to see the do as I say, not as I do attitudes of people in government, the media and scientists. I completely understand the anger at the hypocrisy. I would also say that at le
  5. That was sloppy on the part of the person doing your shot. As for people making fake vaccine passports and cards, since I am vaccinated, I really don't care. That's on them if they get covid. IF I contract it from them, chances are my symptoms would be so mild, I wouldn't notice. For my upcoming cruises, there still is nothing about what the ship plans to do for embarkation on Carnival in September if it even happens and my next RCCL cruise is February. So if there are vaccine requirements, I haven't seen anything yet.
  6. I will wait a couple of months to see what will be the final outcome. Meanwhile, will be visiting grand canyon next month for my 4th child's 21st birthday and also plan on visiting TX and FL in upcoming months to see family. 2 of my favorite places to go other than Alabama and the Ozarks.
  7. best thing to do is just wait to see what the requirements are like the rest of us. Maybe start researching non cruise vacations while you wait.
  8. And its completely understandable that you are hesitant. My 84 yr old mother who is diabetic and not exactly the healthiest person does whatever she wants in TX with her vaccine and mask. The family cautions her to be careful but she points out it is her life and her choice and she does what is required for her. You are doing the same. It isn't what I would do as I have been traveling since June but it works for you.
  9. if Florida is so terrible why is Whitmers aide vacationing there right now with a son at home with covid? Asking for a friend. btw - good point!
  10. np. It is an adventure getting an appointment. Im glad I was in 1A and done by my job in January. I have been helping a lot of people get appointments and its a PITA especially with the ones with no cell phones.
  11. if you don't mind me asking, what state are you in? There is a way you can check with your state. Some dr offices do not have the capability to print a vaccine record. But there are other places that can. A helpful link to look at is the following: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/iis/contacts-locate-records.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.go
  12. sorry. I Read post 117 which didn't look like you were. In any case, perhaps my post may help someone else in NJ.
  13. try rite aid, cvs, county sites... If over 65, call Walmart or Sams club pharmacies. They are only doing 65 and over.
  14. but at least 2 of these states had travel restrictions. And quarantine guidelines on return. Their schools including colleges were online for a good portion. NJ and NY are 25% vaccinated and have opened up their vaccine qualifications. Time will tell which was the better solution by which governor. I have my own opinion as I live in nj and have family in AL, FL and TX as well as MO and Michigan.
  15. Michigan is very strict with lockdowns. As is NY, NJ and PA as well as CA.
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