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  1. I had to do this for my dad when he had leukemia. He would actually wear a mask when we would come over. We never visited if we were sick. I do home health visits on the weekends and Ive noted a majority of the families are careful with their loved ones. I think it can be done of course not 100% which nothing ever is.
  2. From what I have been reading re Sweden, the cases increased to a total of 90000 with almost 6000 deaths in a population of 10000000. This is from the beginning. I didn't see anything with preexisting conditions. I like these odds as well as South Dakotas with 37000 plus cases and 356 deaths out of 884000. Again, no indication of preexisting conditions. I wish the US had done this from day one but protected the weak and elderly. I wear masks because I have to for work and my state requires for inside activities. I think its a useless rule if you arent changing your mask each time or washing the cloth ones.
  3. That's ridiculous. I guess you cant get it elsewhere. I live in nj and would drive to another state to get it.
  4. Wow, great video! Im going on my first Alaska hopefully in May 2021. Alaska has everything I like. Animals, hiking and seafood.
  5. We did end up booking but an inside. We plan on revisiting again as we love what we are researching about the ports and the area. If the inside does not work this time, there is always a next time!! Thank you for all of your info. It has been helpful.
  6. I sleep better in insides. I just prefer them. Ive had balconies and suites before. They are nice. Id rather use extra money for other things. Its a southern from seward to Vancouver. Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, icy point and a couple of glaciers. Ill be up on deck 12 with my binoculars.
  7. Total. I haven't decided yet. I've never been to Alaska. We would actually have FCC remaining if we book. They tried talking me into a balcony and I said not for a port intensive cruise. We wont use it. They will hold it for us until the FCC comes in next month. But I will have to pay the $473. The prices are not that bad now. I've been looking at Alaska since I started suspecting my Nov cruise would not sail.
  8. Thx everyone. I was able to look again on a previous FCC and noted the port fees not included. This was way back in April so I forgot. Those are some hefty fees out of Alaska!!
  9. I was looking at Alaska cruises and called RCCL with a question about FCC. The rep told me that FCC cannot be used for port taxes, only cruise fare. Is this true?
  10. RCCL: 1 cancelled and rebooked for February 2021 in June. Just had November cancelled but looking at options. CARNIVAL: 7 cancelled (2 ships sold). 2 were b2b. Currently have September 2021 b2b on the vista. We are probably going with lift and shift to freedom next December or Alaska as we have never been there. We have a couple of land trips planned to Montana and grand canyon in 2021.
  11. Just got my cancelation email for my 11/28 cruise. They are offering lift and shift now plus the previous offers. Not a surprise. Im actually not that upset as I knew it would be a nightmare trying to get a covid test during Thanksgiving week for a flight to san juan. We are undecided at this point as to what we are doing. We were on the Enchantment cruise out of san juan. We planned this in August of 2019.
  12. Absolutely. People have flights, hotels possibly...etc... I like to read people's opinions on here re restart but it would be really nice to get it from the actual cruiseline.
  13. Fly into PHL. Rent a car and drive to nearest car rental at port. Drop off car and uber to port.
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