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  1. Actually, we ended up going with an excursion, and really regretted it 😞. Next time we’ll do breezes!
  2. lol! So, last year we met a new fun, drunk friend in the suite lounge. It was his first cruise ever, and he was really enjoying the free suite lounge drinks. Apparently he put a handful of the butter packets in his pocket at dinner, because he loved them so much. Then, he reached in his oozing pocket to show the concierge the butter and to ask where he can buy more, because it was so good. She said- Sweety, let me get you a napkin so we can clean you up 🙂. I call him “the butter guy”.
  3. As a couple in our late 40’s, who like a relaxing beach view near good food and drinks, we really enjoyed our time there, and will go back if we get a decent price again 🙂
  4. Way back in the olden days of like 15 years ago, hubby and I never got travel insurance. Then, I heard the horror stories. Now we always get “cancel for any reason + medical”. True story- the night before my mom and I were to embark on her first cruise, she had horrible back pain, massive anxiety, and mentioned we might need to cancel. Since we had “cancel for any reason”, I didn’t have to stress about any money loss, and assured her that it would be ok and we could just go later. Thankfully, she felt better after some medication and rest, and we had a great trip 🙂
  5. We booked this tour because our Blue Lagoon tour was cancelled. While the beach was ok, we would never book it again. The drinks were a scam (even if you wanted just one drink, they made you buy a 3 drink package for $30, that you couldn’t share), drinks were watered down, and it was all mixed drinks that tasted the same no matter what kind you ordered. The food area looked unsanitary, so we just skipped lunch and ate on the ship later. And, someone had taken the toilet paper and paper towels out of the bathroom, so you had to pay a person standing outside for a sheet of each.
  6. Thanks for the review! Will be on the Mariner in a week 🙂
  7. We are going to take a cab. If you don’t see me post back to you be Feb 20, please post here to remind me 🙂
  8. Today in the MN metro area- we did not get as much snow as they predicted… but so cold and windy! Can’t wait to be back in the Caribbean next month!!!
  9. We contacted Breezes Nassau, to do a day pass in February. They collected NO payment info. Is that normal? Can we just pay via credit card when we arrive? We have a confirmation email.
  10. Loving your updates! My update- my mom loved her first cruise 🙂. I think Oasis spoiled her!
  11. I saw an article that there are a ton of young social media influencers on the world cruise. Is this true? Apologies if this has been discussed, but I didn’t read every post on this thread.
  12. We are going in February. I have the confirmation email, but they have not asked for payment info. Hopefully we indeed will have a spot, and can pay via credit card!
  13. On a related note- we also had Uber/lyft driver confusion in Miami this month! The one taken us there kept taking wrong turns at the port area, and I finally had to guide him in (using signs, since I haven’t been there in ages). At departure, we waited an hour for our guy, and he finally called saying he couldn’t figure out how to find our terminal (I had watched him on the app for over 30 minutes, circling around, like a mile from us), so we finally just took a shuttle to the airport.
  14. I am going to be lazy, and not google nor scroll through all of the comments 😉. Remind me- when does the first leg leave, and where from? Happy sailing!!
  15. Hi! My Oasis cruise leaves Sunday, and people reported yesterday that they received emails saying that their Blue Lagoon excursions were being cancelled (we’re at Nassau Monday). The letter someone posted said that all excursions were cancelled until at least Dec 15.
  16. I wasn’t surprised to see this, this morning… https://www.businessinsider.com/life-at-sea-never-ending-cruise-does-not-have-ship-2023-11?amp
  17. My MIL can’t swim at all. If this happened to her, she would be terrified, even if the water wasn’t that deep 😞
  18. I realize that your trip was several months ago. However, was wondering if you could give your thoughts on the ship, since there are so few reviews here about it. DH and I LOVE the big ships, but are running out of new (affordable ;)) ones to try. Thought it would be interesting to do something smaller.
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