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  1. I always request “smaller portion size”. Never get it! 🙂. Also, twice now head waiter has stopped by concerned, because I don’t finish my plate… (note, I had tummy surgery, so I don’t eat much)
  2. If you are still onboard feb 6, and need something, let me know 🙂
  3. we love the new voucher thing! Since we are suites only, going forward, we will be fine with vouchers and suite lounge 🙂. No more drink package
  4. Any recommendations for a great Santa Monica hotel near the hop-on/hop-off bus route?
  5. My husband is SO glad he bought his new SUV right at the beginning of the shortage up here last October. He ordered it in early August, they said they would get it in early Sept, and he got it in October. His old Jeep needed new tires, so he was glad to get something new before snow started falling…
  6. From here on out, we’re going to be suite people. Not sure if we’ll use the suite lounge for much this next cruise, since we have the drink package and UDP. However, since we’ll be Diamond after that, and get the vouchers for drinks, I definitely see us ditching the drink package, and using the suite lounge more 🙂. Does it have free bottled water?
  7. Thanks for all of the info! We are on a 6 night, so I don’t think we’ll get sick of it. Loved it on Symphony- I honestly could have done Hooked every day 🙂
  8. Does the suite sun deck have a bar, on Odyssey? If so, what are the hours?
  9. I will be eating at Izumi on Odyssey. Will they let you customize your sushi? Specifically, can I request to not have avocado? So many of the awesome rolls have avocado in them. While I LOVE avocado, it does not love me- I have developed a sensitivity to it, and even a small amount gives me horrible stomach cramps.
  10. Thanks so much for the food pics! I know have NO regrets about getting the UDP for our trip on odyssey 🙂. I have a few questions- at Giovanni’s, with UDP, can you get 2 apps? Was playmakers included in UDP? Was the firecracker shrimp at Izumi’s spicy, or is it just the sauce that is spicy?
  11. We’ve had a cabin up north for over 10 years, and last night on our way up, I finally saw black bears! 3 cute little ones following their mom across the road 🙂
  12. Our table mates who were Diamond did- they brought them to the MDR
  13. Same with my DH. Personally, I wear some sort of dress each night, but not out of pressure to “fit in”- I just like to dress up each night, and like the ease of just throwing 6-7 dresses into the suitcase, instead of mix and match outfits for dinner 🙂
  14. My cruise is in Feb, but I still panicked a little about testing. I did a google search for covid testing near me, and found several places (like cvs) that did rapid testing. I see that they book several weeks in advance, so I am going to set up two appointments, a day apart, to ensure we don’t get a false positive.
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