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  1. It was that long for the cruise planner items or was that for a whole cruise refund?
  2. I did a lift & shift a week ago and got the email from RC saying that my cancelled cruise planner items were being refunded. Just curious how long y'all have typically had to wait for these types of refunds?
  3. We live in ATL and drive to PC no problem - but there's something about that extra 3 hours to get from Orlando to FLL that sucks away my soul. A terrible trip down the Turnpike with only a couple of mountains (aka landfills) to break up the monotony. No offense to anyone living in Port St. Lucie... lol If we sail out of PC we drive & if we sail out of FLL or MIA we fly...
  4. OP probably should have worded it better - something like "closer to folks in the SE (with the exception of Florida)" 😀
  5. We have a 9 night on Explorer in February that we are trying to be optimistic about but we're now thinking about what "Plan B" options we can come up with. I'm curious how long the cruise lines can stay afloat (no pun intended) without cruising. At some point they will not be able to survive...
  6. I know that St. Maarten is one of the primary eastern caribbean ports that RCI uses to refuel. One of the bridge officers on Allure told us that when we were on the all access tour...
  7. I could be wrong, but just because the cruise lines weren't specifically mentioned (as opposed to the airlines), doesn't mean that they aren't potentially included in the "$500 billion for guaranteed, subsidized loans to larger industries". Maybe the government could offer them a 60% better interest rate on a second loan if they pay full interest on the first loan. Sorry, bad joke but I couldn't resist... 😆
  8. Would be interesting to see if they only made the offer to people that booked during a "BOGO 60" promotion...
  9. If RCI's legal team is having to come to a CC thread to build their case then RCI is likely paying too much for their lawyers... 🤣
  10. With two ships porting there, I wonder how they track Cruise Planner inventory for things like cabanas, excursions, etc.? Either each ship gets allocated a percentage or there is one inventory that the ships share? I ask because with Royals website history, I can imagine things like that getting oversold and messed up...
  11. We are sailing this Sunday from PC on Harmony. I noticed that there is a rocket launch of a ULA Atlas V rocket at 11pm EST that same night. Curious if it will be visible from the ship (assuming a clear night) with Harmony being around 6 hours out of port heading south by then. My assumption is that it may be a bright light on the horizon assuming the ship is 150 miles from PC by then if cruising at around 20 knots (about the same distance as PC to Ft. Lauderdale)... https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/launches-and-events/events-calendar/2020/february/rocket-launch-ula-at
  12. I would love to know who in St. Thomas you deal with. We used Imperial Jewelers a couple of years ago for a new wedding set based on a couple of recommendations and had a great experience...
  13. Did they do anything cool on the ship for the game? I assume at the least it was shown in the AquaTheater?
  14. You may be right, but if CFA is paying as much for a 4 day charter cruise than an open market 7 day cruise, RCI could not sell a drop of alcohol and still make a ton of money just off of the 3 days less fuel usage and maybe even payroll if those ships are indeed sitting idle for those 3 days...
  15. I guess that all gets factored into the deal the company makes with RCI for the charter. I have to believe that there were some good deals made when a company pays to charter two Oasis class ships - as opposed to typical charters...
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