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  1. We've had five cruises cancelled - two by us and three by RCL, and in each case the FCC amounts were split equally between the two of us despite the fact that every one of those cruises was booked during the never-ending BOGO "sale".
  2. We actually received the full cost of the cruise (including 100% of the Non Refundable deposit amount) as a refund. There was no FCC.
  3. Your third question actually happened to us. We had paid in full (early) for a May 2020 cruise, and since we were well past the final payment date (mid-February) we decided to hold off cancelling in case RCL cancelled it. When the suspension of cruising order from the CDC went into effect in mid-March, RCL cancelled it along with everything through the end of June. We received a full refund of all monies paid, including the NRD amount.
  4. CWC didn’t start until March 9th or 10th, so if you cancelled before then, you’re out of luck on getting anything back.
  5. If you redeem the FCCs using their online portal, it only asks you to key in the individual FCC certificate number, so I would presume that you could use individual FCCs from different cancelled cruises as long as you don't put in more certificate numbers than the number of passengers on the booking, and the passenger listed on the booking matches the passenger for whom the certificate was issued.
  6. From my understanding, any time you make this type of change they can re-price based on today's rate. I don't think that booking a separate interior cabin for her would be cost effective, because you'd be paying 200% of the single person price for that cabin. In the end, the potential re-pricing by adding a fourth to your existing GS may be less expensive. The other alternative is to book an interior for both your son and his girlfriend and dropping him from your GS. That may also be less costly. I don't believe they will re-price if you drop the third person from the reservation.
  7. Most likely treasury (shelf) stock that has never been publicly offered in the open market, considering that only the registration (par) value was quoted in the release.
  8. Worked as a sous chef a long time ago, and learned that the reality is that the wine one cooks with may be very drinkable, but rarely what the chef actually drinks. It's not that it's drinkable, because it is, it's just that it's make up works well with sauces.
  9. Yes, based on a CC recommendation, I put it on my perks list for one cruise. I took it off of the list as soon as I got home.
  10. Price is not the arbiter of quality. It's just not a wine that tickles my palate. The only use for two buck chuck is flavoring sauces when cooking.
  11. Our tastes are obviously different. I'll drink it if I get it for free, but I wouldn't go out and buy it.
  12. True, but the 340 points choices are marginal at best, and the 525+ ones aren't much better. There's not a wine on the list that I would go out of my way to find at my Total Wine store, which is why I suggested upgrading the 525+ choices.
  13. What brands? The D+ merlot - Tisdale - is MEH at best, their Cabs are marginal, and we didn’t like the Chiraz (Ravenswood?) at all.
  14. Not a big fan of Zins. Prefer something drier. Would love to see a Chianti or Valpolicella on the list, or even a decent Merlot.
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