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  1. booked a balcony on Oasis for last September, was checking prices and a JS on the same deck popped up for ~$300 more than we had paid for the balcony so we called RCL and upgraded. The $300 upgrade price was long gone a few hours later. If we had used a TA, we would have still been in a balcony. Booked a balcony on a 4-night Mariner sailing next Monday, and a JS popped up at a lower cost that what we originally booked the balcony for. Not only upgraded to a JS, but found out that on the following 3-night, the cost for a JS was also lower than what we had originally booked the 4-night balcony for, so we're now doing a B2B. I doubt I could have even explained that combo to a TA, let alone count on them to execute it in that short of an opportunity window.
  2. Judging strictly from the OP's use of language and spelling, my best guess is that he's from the U.K. so none of the U.S. centric advice (no matter how well intentioned) may apply. AFAIK, The U.K. has completely different laws, rules, and policies regarding cancellations and credits so the OP may want to explore what remedies might be available under those policies.
  3. I don’t believe there is a requirement to dress up every night in CK.
  4. Just a thought, not that anyone at RCL could figure out how to actually execute it, but in our case we have 13 upcoming cruises booked with 11 having a day at coco cay. If i could pre-book passes on multiple cruises using my reservation numbers and get a reasonable price that was set based on the number of pre bookings i did, I would be more likely to pre book rather than wait and hope the price wasn’t gyrating all over the map when. We actually sailed.
  5. Makes sense, but only a few 4-night mariner cruises show up as double dip itineraries. Ours starts with a sea day. Maybe they should offer an annual pass - we’re there a dozen times between now and April 2021.
  6. We were on Harmony during Dorian, and between our second and third stops in Cozumel, we had ~2,800 passengers depart the ship. There were probably a lot more that wanted to do the same thing, but didn't have passports. Mexican customs officers actually set up shop onboard to process everyone that intended to leave the ship. Have no idea how Cozumel's airport handled all that inflow...
  7. On Mariner for a B2B starting on 10/14, and at Coco Cay on Thursday 10/17 and Sunday 10/20: Waterpark day pass $45.99 for both days Chill Island Cabanas - $399 on the 20th and $499 on the 17th Zipline - $70.99 on the 20th and $74.99 on the 17th Waterpark Cabana + Pass on the 20th - $299 and not available on the 17th. Talk about dynamic pricing...
  8. Headliners can change at any time, so no one can answer that question with any certainty. Show times can also vary from cruise to cruise, but they always try to have at least one slot for each show that fits with either the first or second dinner seating. We're on Mariner again in 12 days, and I expect that the shows, headliners, and rink times will be different than they were when we were last on Mariner in July.
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