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  1. How true. We were docked there in March before the water park was open, and everyone was at the beach. The fresh water pool was open, but virtually empty. We were there again last week and the water park was jammed, the freshwater pool was jammed, and the beach was virtually empty. We’re back there in July, and plan on doing an old fashioned beach day😎
  2. Absolutely. The original beach areas are still there and with the exception of an upgraded lunch facility and over-removal of some of the existing trees, you can still do a day exactly like what you've always done in the past on Coco Cay.
  3. No, the new beach chairs that they have now are quite comfortable with or without towels.
  4. Agree with you to the extent that a patent that exists but has not been implemented in the marketplace is difficult (if not impossible) to value. The patent portfolio that was auctioned off during the Kodak bankruptcy proceedings, however, consisted largely of live patents that were already in wide use in the market by existing licensees, and available for licensing to future companies (like OLED technology, and the CCD array camera in every smart phone), and were seen as capable of generating significant revenue for whomever held the rights to them. The final price for the portfolio was actually depressed somewhat because the winning bidders had to take the entire portfolio, not just cherry pick the ones that were already in the marketplace.
  5. Patents are considered tangible assets, and in kodak’s Case were the single largest store of accessible value in the proceedings. Had it not been for those assets, the outcome could very easily have been chapter 7 liquidation instead of chapter 11 reorganization.
  6. Yes, that’s what it means. Intangible assets have little to no value to a creditor in a bankruptcy auction.
  7. Had Bennigan's petitioned the bankruptcy court for Chapter 11 protection, the licensees would have remained obligated to the court appointed debtor-in-possession while a reorganization plan was developed and approved by its creditors. Bennigan's petition was for Chapter 7, and once accepted by the court, the tangible assets of the corporation's ~150 company owned locations would have been sold off and the intangibles (licenses) would have been vacated.
  8. True. Under the U.S.Uniform Franchise Agreement code, the franchisee is an independent owner of the franchise, and the holder of a license obliging them to use the processes, products, and policies of the franchisor. The largest recent test of the impact of franchisor bankruptcy was when Bennigan’s filed for bankruptcy and tried to revoke all of its licenses. The courts ruled that the individual franchise owner could continue to use the Bennigan’s name and any other components of their licensing agreements without any compensation to the franchisor.
  9. Just off of Harmony on Sunday, and they used the Jazz club - standing room only (literally) in both venues, and a shortage of wait staff on the first two nights. The Concierge didn't show his face in the club until day 4, well after the crowds had given up on using the venue.
  10. John doesn't think that will happen, but we were told by the DL concierge on Oasis in March that the DL was moving to deck 4 and Wonderland was going in its deck 11 and 12 location. The new map shows the DL on deck 4, so Wonderland on 11&12 is a good bet.
  11. Presuming everything in this image gets completed during the Amp'd refurb, the Diamond Club is now shown on deck 4 in the vicinity of the Jazz club - which opens up its old space on decks 11 and 12 for something else.
  12. Sorry, haven't cruised to Bermuda since the early 80's, and back then every night was suit and tie.
  13. No mention in the press releases, but the deck maps by the elevators show wonderland on decks 11 and 12, and that conversion was supposed to happen during Oasis last refurb, but didn't happen. DL concierge was the one who told us the DL was moving back down to Deck 4 either where the Comedy club is next to the Jazz Club (where it is on Harmony), or into Blaze across the hall (which they were using as the DL overflow lounge in March). They also don't say anything about where the BBQ joint is going, but the renderings look a lot like they've co-opted the Solarium Bistro.
  14. CL was converted into SL during their last major upgrade. Rumor onboard in March from staff is that DL is moving back to deck 4 and Wonderland will take over it’s spot on 11 and 12.
  15. When they initially re-branded the restaurant from Portofino to Giovanni, they kept ~80% of the old Portofino menu intact. They started evolving the menu towards the Jamie's menu when they first introduced Jamie's Italian. The last time we were in Giovanni's on Oasis, it was ~60% Jamie's and ~40% Giovanni's with almost none of the old Portofino menu. The old Portofino menu or the original Giovanni's menu were both very good choices.
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