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  1. On Harmony, this door to this area next to the elevator bank on deck nine is not a sliding door like the ones on a cabin balcony.
  2. You can book it now and then re-shop it while you are on board if the price hasn't gone up. The OBC changes based on whether you book with a non refundable or refundable deposit.
  3. The discount can be applied retroactively, however if the change in status is within six months of the next cruise, the discount is reduced by $25? and if they reprice it could actually cost you more to request it.
  4. They could. The media has no clue how to pronounce it anyway. It is pronounced mYou.
  5. That's a relief. The future keeps looking better and better...
  6. Whatever, I guess that means we won't see you on board.
  7. We have seventeen cruises booked through April 2023, and we thoroughly expect to do them all.
  8. The swabs are the same, but with the self administered test, you control how far the swab gets inserted. The instructions say “mid-nose” and define that as at least an inch. My nose sort of makes a left turn at about an Inch and a half. So when i practiced it didn’t get uncomfortable unless i went past the turn.
  9. Which is why we chose CVS. No one knows your nose like you knows your nose.
  10. For the CVS drive through test, it is self-administered, so unless you are a masochist, you control the discomfort level.
  11. The instructions for the self-administered drive through RT antigen test says to insert the swab at least an inch into the nostril, twirl it around and then repeat in the other nostril Anyone who is concerned can “practice” with a q-tip. Just measure an inch from the end and hold the q-tip just below that and then gently insert into your nose and twirl it a bit. It is not as unpleasant as the media makes it out to be.
  12. The ones with the bed by the balcony typically only hold two passengers.
  13. Make sure the door doesn't lock behind you on RCL's newer oasis class ships. Saw that happen on Harmony to a couple who went out there to take a few pictures. Good thing someone saw them locked on that balcony and opened the door to let them back out.
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