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  1. what do you mean find them? where? Perhaps they're not on cruise critic or facebook groups.
  2. I drank Hi-C and poweraid out of them. No different than shoreside.
  3. American doesn't do that anywhere else. I fly them all the time.... it's an American in Nassau thing. Glad I could help you relive it, my friend. It really was a great week.
  4. Where did you stay? I'm looking for a solid hotel near MIA airport right now. We're flying into MIA the night before a cruise and want to get a nice hotel near the airport for the night, before we head to the port the next morning. I haven't found many options that look nice, so I'd love to know where you were.
  5. Sorry I thought I remembered you posting about little ones.... got my user names mixed up. 🙂 I'm told you can make your reservations for the Beach Club onboard the ship.... with the suite/diamond concierge or through the head waiter in the dining room. My wife said the head waiter asked us about reservations for the beach club on the first night... but I was too busy coming down off the luggage fiasco to pay attention. So Nachi --- kidless and with a group you'll be fine. Our experience was it was not a repeat for us. The service wasn't strong, the drinks were just ok,
  6. Well... I never got a definitive answer.... but here's what I can say. Day 2 - their daughter repeatedly and proudly declared they were never sailing Carnival again. Day 5 - the wives concluded they were going on Celebrity Edge together, alone While flying home we kept getting screenshots of other cruises and prices, on Royal as they were talking next sailing on the way home. 🙂 I think if they get a good deal sailing out of Nola where they can drive to port Carnival might still happen, but they definitely saw the difference and loved the experien
  7. As for the beach club --- I enjoyed it. It was a great meal, and nice clear water, but honestly I truly feel like you're just paying for the meal. Everything else, was not much if at all different than the rest of the island, especially on Adventure sailing at reduced capacity. If you're alone there, I would truly recommend ditching one of those beach club days. The pool was amazing, I never got to chill beach or the sports beach but I heard they were more empty than the beach club. Also, do NOT do a specialty restaurant the same night as your beach club day. I was stuf
  8. Allure has always been my favorite ship, we've sailed her several times. I was thrilled when they announced she was coming to Texas. Lately we've been on a smaller ship kick.... Vision, Serenade, Enchantment and have loved them and found several reasons why we preferred them to the big lady Allure. I do think Voyager class might just be the perfect compromise for us.... I think we have some voyager class bookings in our future. Waiting to see what gets permanently placed on the 5 night routes out of Galveston.
  9. No I don't. It was hard ahead of time. Our youngest was upset, she felt like she was going to be "the odd one" or "weird one" or causing us issues. We promised her we would all bring them and wear too so she didn't feel alone. Honestly, I can't thing of a time when she felt singled out, different etc. She was free to sit maskless at dinner, and on the pool deck. There were a few times where I admit, WE FORGOT. We would leave the room and she would be maskless and it wouldn't be until later that we would look at her and be like OMG
  10. It's soooo easy to over plan. This dining thing is on sale, this excursion is cheap, this is cheap. You just keep buying stuff and you really don't need it! I've never done that before, but pandemic had be shopping just to shop.
  11. Day 8 --- All you had to do was head home.... Thanks to a schedule change at American Airlines, our only direct flight back home left at 6pm. So it was going to be a long day. We asked for the latest departure time.... last ones off. While we planned to sit it out in a lounge, new covid policy took that away you were asked to wait in your room. So we sat in there all morning waiting for that last ticket to be called..... I felt badly. Our cabin steward kept trying to get in the cabin to clean, people were coming to drop off stuff for the
  12. The staff is amazing, you'll be treated well. stick around for my takeaways
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