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  1. I suspect the changed coming Nov. 1 is that cruisers who are not vaccinated, will be able to sail on ships going to places other than the Bahamas. Currently all ships are stopping in the Bahamas, and the Bahamas requires vaccines. Next month they have ships going to Mexico which don't stop in the Bahamas, so if you're not vaccinated you should be able to get on board. That's a big change for them, and likely the only big one they'll want to take on at once.
  2. totally understand the appeal. That's thanksgiving for many people. For us, its one of the only time of the year we use our formal dining room, eat on the good china passed through generations, order fresh flowers for the table, and light the candles on the table. So the big fancy meal is "like home" in our family. It's our tradition. Only happens thanksgiving, christmas and easter so we want to make sure if it's there's a big fancy meal onboard, we find it. Looks like it's going to be MDR typical serving (banquet style food in a warmer as you stated) but since we're eating in specialty restaurants most of the week, we'll make it special in its own right. 🙂 Appreciate the insight!
  3. so when you ate elsewhere did they have any thanksgiving entrees as well or the usual menu?
  4. The last time I spent Thanksgiving on a Royal Caribbean ship, it was "Nordic Empress" and pretty sure it was the mid 90's. We had two choices for dinner... main dining or windjammer. A lot has changed since then... so tell me where's the place to be on Turkey day for dinner? I'm assuming the main dining room will do something special but perhaps it should be a Coastal Kitchen night? We want traditional thanksgiving dinner rather than sushi or steak. What are your experiences? How did the ship handle Thanksgiving dinner? Where did you eat and What did you think?
  5. I'm not a gambler at all but this is interesting to me. I'm assuming it's only free for one person? You have to pay for the others? and I'm guessing it's like an inside room or something
  6. Someone posted that all the shows were cancelled for technical reasons, mama mia, ice show, aquatheater. Haven't seen it elsewhere. Any ideas?
  7. I have been told by more than one person at Royal they have absolutely NOTHING to do with royal up. It's basically a computer program run by an outside firm. The computer looks at all the bids works out an upgrade plan that yields the maximum amount of money. The outside company gets a percentage of what the computer generates and Royal gets the rest. It's easier to illustrate on a smaller ship. Like the Vision class. Lets say the Royal suite is empty. and there are 4 owners suites on board, all 4 are full. Mike is in one of them, and he bid $600 for the Royal. Then, there are 8 grand suites and Ruth is in one of them. She bid $400 for the Royal suite but didn't bid anything on the owners. Lastly, Mary is in a Junior suite and she bid $300 on a grand suite. The computer will ignore Mike, give Ruth the Royal and Mary will get Ruth's old room netting $700 Even though Mike bid more for it, they would have made only $600 because no one else bid on Mike's owners suite. So all your scenarios don't really matter, it's honestly what shell game the computer adds us to make the absolute most possible amount of money and it's done.
  8. It's a bear isn't it?? We fell victim to all the documentaries on how horrible the dolphin places are and we don't do them anymore. BUT... we did them before all that. I've done the one at Chankanaab, and I will give you some advice. The platform we were led on was out in the ocean, it's just kinda fenced off. As a result, if the waves are high, as they often are, you are constantly being pushed and knocked off your feet by the waves. As adults we had a very hard time standing on the platform, and couldn't imagine doing it with kids. They have life vests on so I guess you're just floating and that's ok. Just something to be mindful of. My wife wanted to do Gumbalimba, and I protested, Mexico's beaches have the bad seaweed, in Roatan I want to be in crystal clear water on the beach all day, not in the forest. So, she agreed. But maybe i'll circle back around. The other family we're traveling with has a dad who wants to do the ruins. I don't care that much, and the kids will be bored, so we're splitting up that day. I'm hoping it all washes out in the end! I'll definitely report back on how mine goes
  9. Yes, this thread has turned into lets discuss Roatan, and that wasn't what I intended it to be.... Otherwise I would have gone there. Instead, I was looking to create a thread for families of unvaccinated kids to discuss favorite rci options/tours which didn't have a high age limit on the various different islands. I simply used Roatan as one example and then everyone started talking about Roatan.... wasn't my intention.
  10. Yes Big French Key is what's offered. I would love to hear your thoughts on the other two. No, not looking for cabanas.... never done one. and I wish they had cheaper options for us.... but as I mentioned, creating a safe place for us with young kids who don't have any options other than what's listed on the RCI website.
  11. This thread isn't just for Roatan, I mentioned it as an example. We need help in Costa Maya and Cozumel too.... but i think it should be any island. Just looking to give parents of vaccine less kids idea of tours that might work for us... no matter where they are.
  12. Thanks for the advice.... Turquoise Bay and Mayan Princess are not sensible for us. We have 5 children traveling with us. $179 each for lobster and open bar for them is silly. They eat fries and chicken nuggets. It's just not sensible for our group to pay $900 for them alone. So it's French Key, Maya Key, or Sol Y Mar for us. Yes it's a crowded day --- 4 ships in port the day we're in Roatan, I'd be fine knowing our options are limited if their attempt is not to mix ships.
  13. I would LOVE to go there. We love west bay beach. Last time we had Bodden Tours take us around the island for a lay of the land then drop us at west bay beach for most of the day. That's what I WANT to do. But Tabyana isn't an excursion option for us on our upcoming sailing. I don't know why. 😞
  14. that was one of our options.... good to hear!
  15. That's the plan.... but still have to find something.... lol
  16. yeah, i know some couples do that, but that's not us. We come as a family, we do the vacation as a family.
  17. November -- we've waited and waited to see for the latest covid developments unfold...... but are seeing the few tours we had some vague interest in, start to sell out, so we figure we need to buy before offerings get even more slim.
  18. When you get to be an old fart like me, cruising for as long as I have, you fall into a routine.... eat at one of the same few restaurants, stay at one of the same few pre cruise hotels etc.... One of ours has been we always book private tours. Back in the day when I was in my 20's it was because it was cheaper but as time has gone on and we've been to the same islands over and over again we've made friends with local tour operators, restaurant owners, etc. However since we have a 7 year old, who is too young to be vaccinated, current rules require us to take an RCI excursion rather than venture off on our own. At first, I was like, no biggie, I'm just so happy to sail again. But as I've tried to plan our cruise stops.... wow... this is tough. We LOVE Roatan for example, the beaches/reef of West End are some of the most beautiful in the world. I sail there just to stand in that water and soak up the nature beauty of it all. We can't go there this trip though, and all the offerings RCI has for us.... are "man made tourist trap kinda places" as one of my locals put it. I'm so frustrated in being in one of the places I love so much, but not being able to go and enjoy it the way I typically do. This isn't a post just to complain.... but instead find a silver lining. I'm sure there are others like myself with kids, staring at the excursion list like hoping one of your usual haunts gets magically added to the list. Since that won't likely happen, i'm hoping maybe we can share some of our favorite RCI excursions, if you've done a ship tour you've loved, especially at one of the islands frequented right now (Cozumel, Costa Maya, Nassau, Roatan) I'd love to hear about it.
  19. We're doing the same thing --- staying at the Marriott near MIA, (they have free shuttle pickup) and ordered a limo to pick us up first thing in the morning to drive us to FLL.
  20. Prices are low, i would be on it with you, but we'll be on Allure already lol Adventure is a great ship. We were on her at the end of June.... Lots of photos there.
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