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  1. I'm looking for flights after our cruise which ends in Venice. What's a safe bet on a flight out? There's a 9:35am departure I'd really like to take. Means getting to airport at 8:30, and off the ship by 7am I would imagine. Sounds like it's too early. Next flight is at 3pm I hate to lose that much of the day, but I'm assuming it's the smarter choice. I was thinking of using RCI transfers to the airport. Smart or should I just grab a taxi? (I don't want the 2 hour water taxi) looking for a fast way there, and to get out!
  2. We're looking for something more active than city tours.... obviously we're going to go see the city, but would love to mix in some time on the water, or an activity unique to the area. Is there anything you recommend?
  3. Anyone have experience adding the booze in on the frozen mocktails? How much do they charge if you want to have one with the booze included
  4. Missy, Vision was one of our favorite ships. We loved it. The ship is very well maintained. I was really worried about this and I was pleasantly surprised it was in great shape. Best crew I had in a long long time, and we're doing another vision class this year and next year because we loved our first vision class ship so much. We were in a JS, so can't comment there but dining room, chops, and solarium were all up to standard. I think you read our review in March, if not, I'll send you a link
  5. Thanks for the info --- i realize i won't find what i was looking for. we've settled on paradise and will give it a whirl.
  6. Best news I've heard in a while! I know they don't want to alarm guests by saying something is broken, but I the "quick routine checkup" is just silly. How about something like, "We must complete necessary maintenance on one of our four engines, and until that repair is complete, we will be safely sailing on our other 3 fully functioning engines, but at a slower pace. Therefore we've had to alter the itinerary" We purchased in January or February. I remember the price difference well because we we're a little heavy handed on travel this year.... and we were doubting whether we should do this. Progreso route was consistently about 800 cheaper for us for a JS or GS. My wife wanted to do it for the savings, but I heard so many negatives about Progreso I insisted on paying more for Costa Maya, the poison we knew. I'm aware its demand/dates/etc but at that time there was a clear higher price for Costa Maya. I'll be happy either way, I was more annoyed than anything that this "routine quick check" nonsense was going on so long.
  7. We're 10 days away from leaving --- will do.
  8. I guess I was most concerned about the luggage tags not saying suite, so they wouldn't be rushed where the should be --- I guess, I can just print a bunch of my wives and only use those. I did also ask about the "Choice' at first, but edited it when I realized what it was. With some saying expedited arrival and some not some saying suite and some not some saying choice and some not I didn't know what was going on. Thanks for helping me sort it out.
  9. I was looking through our docs and noticed that all 4 of us in the same cabin have different "Arrival Appointment" times. That range from 11:30am - 3pm. I know the appointments are pointless, so not worried about that so much. But it does seem odd that we would get different times. All of us are showed in the same cabin number, but my wife's passes/luggage tags say "Suite" and mine and the kids don't. Lots on inconsistencies, it just makes me nervous, any ideas on this one?
  10. I'm with all of you. The rationale for the change is just bizarre.... at least with Allure we know what's wrong and the plan to fix it and why it took so long.... Grandeur was a sudden thing and that cancelled the cruise and fixed it. But this --- weeks and weeks of "routine checkups" and technical issues 1 yr out isn't cool. I'm waiting to see what happens next week. Just be straight with us.
  11. Dan, the Labadee comment is a joke between Missy (OP) and myself. I love Labadee, she lost a cellphone there, among other mishaps, for the bad experiences she's had there, it's not her favorite place. I always tease her about it.
  12. And don't forget Labadee you avoid Labadee.... 😉 We're booked on Adventure. We've been doing old a small ships lately after years of big ones. My wife adores the small ships, I like big. We think Adventure is going to be the happy medium.
  13. Exactly --- this quick check up thing is every week.... and people in January are getting it too. Clearly there's something significant going on. I'm annoyed because the route to Progreso was about $800 cheaper than the Costa Maya route. I wanted Costa Maya so I paid extra. Not to mention nothing like tooling around the sea with half the engines during hurricane season. fun fun fun. and yes for those who say --- i knew it was hurricane season when I booked, and I know that they have the right to change, and I know that a day on the ship is better than a day at work.... and I'm still very very happy to go..... but..... I do wish they would be upfront about this routine "check up" a bit earlier and give us some time to make alternate plans.
  14. They announced over the summer that they were changing times and ports for several sailings in 2020 due to propulsion issues. It made no sense to me, since the ship was making the voyages just fine right now, but somehow wouldn't be able to in January. Now this. My guess is they're doing some kind of maintenance or engine replacement and are having to take some engines off line.... but I don't know. Been on this website a many years, and never recall hearing of RCI having so many propulsion issues impacting guests.
  15. That was my wish list --- I understanding finding all was a tall order, but it would be my wishlist. Perhaps I should have said --- good fresh non generic food. Fresh fish tacos with rice & beans instead of crinkle cut frozen fries and a frozen processed hamburger patty We're going to try Paradise this go around. They promised to put us in a section in a less busy spot. I think we're going to pass on Nachi again... my wife who liked it more than me is saying she doesn't have an interest in going back
  16. July hate that the countdown clocks are gone!
  17. Bob, there's a lot of talk about this, with folks on an upcoming cruise I'm on. We typically fly to our ships and so bringing water/soda has never been something we've done. The two times we drove, we brought 2 gallon jugs of water, sat in a duffel bag and checked in without issue. I saw people with pallets of bottled water on their carts being wheeled by the porter. I understand those are not the rules now, did they change this or did we happen to sneak under the radar both times? We're not bring drink people so it's never been something i bothered to become familiar with but trying to help some others....
  18. This week's sailing of Enchantment has been rerouted with shorter port days for a "quick engine check" This after RCI announced several sailings in January will be impacted due to a "Propulsion pod" issue. Enchantment, Grandeur, and Allure all having issues.... geez.
  19. It may be the most ships you seen in December, but this is in no way a lot of ships for Cozumel. You shouldn't cancel anything. You will be fine. Just longer lines getting through security and to the taxis. We docked downtown on Vision in March.... Indy and Brilliance had International so we were sent to Langosta. You like 90% likely be docked. Allure and Adventure are the two biggest RCI ships that day. They will likely get the international pier. Celeb and Rhapsody will either go to Langosta or tender. but your tour will be fine.
  20. When are you leaving? I'd love to get your take when you get back
  21. Thanks for the tip --- it's on the list. Right now its running almost $300 for the nights we need. There are some air bnb's that look up to our standards (we can be a little hotel snobby) for $100. I'm leaning heavily to the airbnb.... as the hotels appear to be so much more
  22. But just using your credit card for your onboard account does NOT have any surcharge. I still have the pdf of my last two bills and there's no surcharge. I think as Bob mentioned, that's only if you take cash off your credit card for the casino.
  23. 10% surcharge for a credit card account??? you mean in the casino or in general. I don't gamble, so maybe that's it. But I have never been paid a surcharge, i check my bill all the time, and never had any weird issues after i got off the ship. i dunno. but do what works for you
  24. We're looking for a new beach club to visit... we've done Chankanaab and Nachi. Family of 4.... parents late 30's and 2 low key girls 5 & 10. Here's what we want 1)upscale beach club 2) crowd free beach time 3) quiet 4) great service 5) authentic food. We loved the national park for food, and great service... but hate the rocky deep water beach We loved the beach and crowd size at Nachi but service, food and drinks were awful. Mr. Sanchos and Playa Mia look like a crowded party atmosphere. we don't want anything like that at all. have any other suggestions, something calm, quiet, relaxing, with great service and a beach where kids can safely wade into the water.
  25. Is there a schedule out there for when the ships which don't have the app might get it? Seems like it's been a while and several ships are still "app-less"
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