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  1. For anyone who has stayed in this cabin, I'm just wondering if you liked it and what were the pros and cons. Thanks.
  2. If anyone has stayed in this cabin, could you please tell me what you thought of it and any pros and cons. Thanks.
  3. We have cabin 8618 booked on Voyager and I want to find out what the bed placement is in this particular cabin. I know years ago someone posted a way to tell but I can't remember what it is and if it applies to all ships. Thanks.
  4. That makes absolute sense, which is why I canceled another cruise I had. I'm hoping by 2022 a vaccine will be in place and things will be somewhat "normal."
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is really helpful. I think I'd rather book the standard stateroom and save the extra money for other things. Thanks again.
  6. We are in the process of planning a Viking Rhine river cruise for 2022 on the Eir longship. We have been on several ocean cruises with Royal Caribbean but never a river cruise. We've had cabins a couple times on the lower deck with Royal Caribbean but mostly we've had balcony cabins. It is nice to have the balcony but, frankly, we don't spend much time there. The difference in cost between a standard stateroom and a veranda stateroom with Viking is $1,000 per person, which to me seems like a lot. I don't think we'd be in the room all that much and from what I've read, the river ships trav
  7. That's what I was thinking. I hope you're right.
  8. Our cruise is not until September so this new Royal policy doesn't help.
  9. Were you able to cancel and get a full refund because you had an insurance policy with Cancel For Any Reason?
  10. Does anyone have recommendations for tours in Mykonos & Santorini? We will be on a cruise and will be in those ports 11-12 hours. I would like the names of private tour companies. Thanks.
  11. Thanks so much. This information is really helpful!
  12. PK Travel has a full day Athens tour that looks like it might be very good. We are thinking of booking a small group semi private tour that has a maximum of 18. If anyone has experience with PK Travel or this Athens tour in particular, could you please tell me what your experience was like and if you'd recommend them. Thanks.
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