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  1. That's what I was thinking. I hope you're right.
  2. Our cruise is not until September so this new Royal policy doesn't help.
  3. Were you able to cancel and get a full refund because you had an insurance policy with Cancel For Any Reason?
  4. Does anyone have recommendations for tours in Mykonos & Santorini? We will be on a cruise and will be in those ports 11-12 hours. I would like the names of private tour companies. Thanks.
  5. Thanks so much. This information is really helpful!
  6. PK Travel has a full day Athens tour that looks like it might be very good. We are thinking of booking a small group semi private tour that has a maximum of 18. If anyone has experience with PK Travel or this Athens tour in particular, could you please tell me what your experience was like and if you'd recommend them. Thanks.
  7. Does this also work for Explorer of the Seas, with the connecting cabin on the right having the bed by the balcony?
  8. Thanks so much for the link. I just looked at it briefly and it's extremely helpful!
  9. So as long as we take the luggage ourselves, would we be guaranteed there would be space to stow it? Do you know if there are size restrictions on the luggage to be stowed? Would there be an overhead rack to put small carryon bags?
  10. We will be flying into Venice for three days and staying (as of now) at the hotel San Luca in San Marco. When we leave Venice, we want to take the train from Venice to Rome. Does anyone know how far the train station is from this hotel and what would be the best way for us to get there? Is this hotel in a good location? Also, can we check large bags on the train? They would be way too big to lift onto an overhead bin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I guess I'll leave the cabin alone then. Thank you!
  12. So it sounds like it won't matter, right? Maybe it was different for our friends because they were on a Mediterranean cruise rather than the Greek Isles. They made it sound like we would be cruising along seeing many sites along the way before we pulled into a port.
  13. We just booked a 9-night Greek Isle cruise on Explorer that leaves from Rome and returns to Rome at the end of the trip. We have cabin 7634 booked, which is on the port side. I looked at the location of this cabin online and even though it's listed as an aft cabin, it's pretty close to midship, which is what I wanted. Now our neighbors who went on a Mediterranean cruise, not a Greek Isles one, a few years ago said it makes a big difference which side of the ship your cabin is on and if we aren't on the good side, all we'll see is empty land and the scenery will all be on the other side. Does anyone know if this is true? We purposely booked a balcony cabin and paid quite a bit extra for it figuring we'd want to have a nice view of the different islands. Should I change cabins so we're on the starboard side?
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