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  1. The pooldeck was empty in the evenings but the lounges were still big enough. I don't know how crowded the lounges are when I'm not on the ship so I only said that they were big enough on my cruise.
  2. The lounges were big enough when we cruised on the Meraviglia in July 2017.
  3. I have never got a drink package either but it was a few years since we cruised on NCL so that might have changed.
  4. Yes, they do. I have sent them some e-mails and they always respond.
  5. I often have wondered how people get the OBC. It's never happened to us!
  6. I don't know this but maybe the spaaccess cost much more for a TA cruise than for a Caribbean cruise? (More days at sea?)
  7. I'm looking forward to that! Have a great cruise!
  8. I have been on Meraviglia and Divina and liked both but prefer a long cruise on Meraviglia.
  9. Yes, two cruises can be combined to one 14 days but the ports will still be the usual one week cruise ports so still not as good as a longer cruise. Divina is an older ship.
  10. I wish they could do some longer itineraries with the newer ships. One week is too short for a Caribbean cruise!
  11. SRF said that it "can be different", not that it's always different.
  12. I like long cruises and our last cruise was over 500 days long! From booking it until we disembarked. For me the cruise starts when it's booked, other may disagree with that and that's okay.
  13. This doesn't work if everyone does it but the easy solution is to wait somewhere else instead of in the queue! (The problem might then be worse after leaving the ship when you are the last in line!)
  14. I hope that you are correct that the tourguides are allowed to change the itinerary. I have always thought that it's easier to get a "tour visa", compared to an "individual visa" , because the Russian government then know where people go and what they might see. You say that the guides are allowed to change the itinerary and as I said, I hope that is correct.
  15. The way you told the story they were rude. You may not have given us all the facts and you may not know all the facts but if they told her that she could forget the tips if they didn't stopped somewhere for souveniers they were rude. Can't we assume that the tour guides in Russia has a itinerary they shall follow? You say that the payees had not been given a tour itinerary, right? Then they were not promised a "souvenier stop" and it was rude of them to demand that the guide should change the itinerary she probably had to follow. I hope the guide wasn't fired, or since we are talking about Russia that something worse happened to her...
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