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  1. In most parts of Europe it's very expensive to travel by train, flying is cheaper.
  2. See post #45. My point is that the cruiselines have the most important card.
  3. See post #45. My point is that the cruiselines have the most important card.
  4. When I say Carnival i mean Carnival the cruise line but I understand that Carnival Corporation is different.
  5. The cruiselines hold the most important card, they can just skip the US and sail in other places. Maybe not possible for Carnival because they are very American, right? (I don't know that for sure because I have never cruised with them but I know that they are extremely small in Europe.) I know that MSC can survive without US cruises and I think that NCL and RCI can do it too because they sell many cruises to Europeans.
  6. The reason why I didn't just assumed that you meant that ship excursions were mandatory in all ports only for thoose wishing to leave the ship was that you wrote ALL ports and this is not a new thing. Ship excursions have been mandatory when leaving the ship for some months so that information is really not surprising for me. I just couldn't assume that you hadn't heared that before.
  7. It should have been more obvious if you had said it. One reason to mandate ship excursions in every port could be to make everyone leave the ship. Extra cleaning?
  8. That's how it has been done so far during Covid. It's a big difference between mandatory shore excursions or mandatory excursions if you leave the ship!
  9. I don't think that they mean that all ports will be mandatory paid excursions. Most likely it will be mandatory paid excursions if you want to leave the ship. So not mandatory to pay for excursions if you stay on the ship.
  10. I THINK that the change would be significant enough for you to have cancellation rights. I know that the fineprints mention when it's possible to cancel but don't remember the exact words.
  11. We didn't mind that it was formal except for that the rest of the ship/evening was informal.
  12. On our first MSC cruise on Meraviglia it was not a nice event. No officers and it was over it probably 10 minutes. We got one "free" drink and something to eat. We still decided to give it another try on Divina but then the event was "formal" and the rest of the ship/evening was "informal" so we decided to skip it. (I know that the dresscode is only suggested but we want to follow it.)
  13. I don't think that could happen on that cruise. Probably only italians on the cruise with health insurance within the EU. Other EU passengers should also have a valid health insurance.
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