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  1. Believe it or not but Covid has already started to become old news. I have looked at the news on two TV-channels this morning. One channel didn't even mention Covid in the national news ( The news was 1. Accidents with Jet skis, 2. Child fell from window and 3. Young man killed after knifefight.). In the iinternational news they mentioned that over 50000 Americans have been infected with Covid-19 in one day so it's not gone from the news yet. The other channel started with the news that masks with too low quality was bought in the beginning of the pandemi. They were CE-marked, a European "quality mark", but not enought tested so the mark was faked. So Covid isn't gone from the news yet but it has started to become old news. (I know that old news is an expression so even if they don't mention something in the news it doesn't have to really be "old news" but still an interesting observation.)
  2. I believe that you are wrong! Without knowing where to dock if a cruiseship have cases of Covid-19 there won't be any cruises, I think. Cruises are as you said for entertainment so without a plan it should be stupid to start cruising again so without a plan which include where to dock I don't think that there will be any cruises.
  3. More reason not to worry about insurence! I didn't say that I am planning to cruise soon. We had a Mediterranean cruise booked for July 2021 but already know that cruise has been cancelled. What I said was that since our next cruise probably will be within the European Union I don't really worry about health care because we are entitled to that as long as we stay within the EU. No plans to travel anywhere soon.
  4. Our next cruise will most likely be in the Mediterranean and all ports will be within the European Union. We are entitled to the same health care as the citizens in the country we are in within the European Union so if we get sick we have medical coverage during our next cruise. Because of that I'm not worried about the insurance issue.
  5. I'm sure it tasted good but it really looks awful!
  6. It's a fact that in the past ships with outbreaks were not allowed to dock but we don't know if that will happen again or not. We can only guess and say what we think will happen. We don't have the facts for what will happen so we can just tell the OP what we think will happen or we can choose not to say what we think.
  7. If one part of the plan they must have before the cruises can start again is that they will be allowed to dock in the US, if the cruise shall and in the US, even with Covid-19 cases onboard, I do assume that the US authorities will follow the agreement they have and let them dock. Without an agreement that they will be able to dock I don't think the cruises will start again. Just what I think, I can't provide any facts!
  8. I don't think that there will be any cruises to or from Florida as long as things are the way they are now.
  9. The situation right now is not important because there are no cruises right now! I doubt that there will be any international cruises in Europe as long as people from the USA are banned in the EU. It's not that they can't fill the ships with Europeans but as long as Americans are bannad the situation is not under control so there will be no cruises, I think Why should they move the embarkation to Finland?
  10. The OP didn't asked about facts. The question was what we think. Ports did not allow ships to dock in the beginning of the pandemi but it's very different now when it's spread everywhere. The cruiselines must know where they can dock if they have a case onboard, I think. Before they know how to handle it there won't be any cruises, I think. (And hope!) I can't imagine any situation when the authorities here should deny a ship to dock. At least not if the disembarkation was planned to be in a Swedish port. It should defenitely be a political suicide for any politician to suggest that a cruiseship with Swedish citizens shouldn't be allowed to dock.
  11. No, I don't think they will do that now when the virus is spread everywhere. The cruise lines must have plans before the cruises can start again so quarantine on the ship is not something I worry about.
  12. The main reason to stay overnight at OC would be to get two days there instead of one day there and one day in Nassau. I should prefer that. An early breakfast in the YC area on the island may be something to really remember!
  13. I agree with you that the point is that it may be more infectious. Important to understand is that it's not really a new strain, it's the strain we have had since March. I saw my eight person wearing a mask yesterday. Right now two persons are in intensive care for Covid-19 in my small part of the country. (A little less than 300000 people live here.) Not too bad, I think.
  14. The article mention that a vaccin developed based on the original version of the virus will be effective against the new strain too.
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