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  1. Egad, you can say that again! I've been wanting to book this for more than a year. We generally allow a day before and after a cruise for unforeseen circumstances. However, the flight schedules don't synch well with the cruise schedules in this case. The extra time needed for flights from/to the US are essentially a deal-breaker for us at this time. So, next year, we will be seeing some of those islands during a Cunard cruise instead.
  2. Generally speaking, the more affordable a cruise line, the more appeal it has to potential charter groups. I don't think anyone on Cruise Critic has ever read the sentence, "Help! my Seabourn cruise was cancelled for a comic book fans' charter." There are things that can go 'other than planned' when it comes to cruises. When a couple's first cruise is a major event such as a 40th anniversary, that might cause expectations to not account for the things that can (but usually don't) go askew on a cruise. Naturally, the many cruise lines and price-points offer various levels of likelihood of things being every bit as great as expected. However, even the the loftiest cruise brands can have things go memorably wrong. A certain amount of flexibility may be necessary, no matter the cruise.
  3. There is the other route, but we don't talk about that one. (IYKYK.)
  4. Well, it looks like I'm busted. Even though I outgrew that idiosyncrasy, it lives on in my favored style of cruise dining. We prefer to have an old-fashioned, soup-to-nuts dinner: sorbet intermezzo, mignardise, and the whole lot. The downside to this bygone style of dining is trying to find other passengers with whom to share a table.
  5. You would have to ask Rob Reiner. He directed the film. 😉
  6. I enjoy a BLT as much as the next person. However, like Miracle Max, I'm a big fan of the Mutton Lettuce Tomato sandwich, especially when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. 🏴‍☠️
  7. No later than one day before the stop at OC. Also, let you butler in on the plan because most of the YC staff will be working the YC portion of the island. Your butler's island assignment may place him or her in a position to look out for your dietary interests. 😉
  8. Except when the furniture breaks and somebody whines about getting hurt. Rather than having the requisite guts to make examples of a few offenders and let word spread about the dire consequences, the poltroon's path has been chosen: Take away the furniture. Eventually, there will be a fee attached to the return of these chairs to offset the breakages caused by cruisers who were raised by wolves.
  9. No. The next cruise is Barbados and vicinity and those socks are strictly non-tropical. No worries, though.
  10. That being the case, I guess I'll bring a few pairs of plus-fours on the next cruise. 😆
  11. "Irresponsibly?" Goodess, what could they possibly mean??
  12. I noticed this menu does not have the $12 24-layer Venchi chocolate cake. I suppose a dessert that pricey was an immediate flop. Unfortunate, but understandable. Maybe it will survive on other ships' brunch menus.
  13. Wow, I expected the opposite for YCers: Foods like the Venchi cake and lobster Benedict would retain the menu upcharge and beverages would not be charged due to YC's drink package.
  14. The announcement mentions "a complimentary offering." No mention of some items being an additional charge, however.
  15. OMG! It all makes sense now. In this famous picture, Premier Zhou Enlai wasn't disdainful of President Nixon's overtures towards China; he was distracted. It was the fruit, all along! 🍐🍊🍏
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