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  1. Changes!?! Spill the tea, if you please. Enquiring minds want to know.
  2. I'm not looking to bend the ear of any cruise bartenders, YC or otherwise. I just want to make sure the drink is made in the standard method and avoid a possible occurrence of the following... Butler: Welcome to Top Sail Lounge, sir! May I bring you a beverage? Me: Thank you, Benjamin, a nightcap would be lovely. I'll have a White Spider. Butler: Extra primo good, sir! (Walks to bar.) Tip o' the cap to you, if you know that film reference. *** Eight minutes later *** Butler: I apologize, sir... What is in a Wise Spider? Me: (Explains White Spider recipe fully to Benjamin.) Butler: Thank you, sir. (Walks to bar.) *** Eight minutes later *** Butler: Your Wild Spider, sir. Enjoy! (Walks away.) Me: (Looks at visibly incorrect White Spider and sighs.) This vignette is half-jest, of course. I would hope Top Sail, if not the ship's bars as a whole, have access to a drink library in the point-of-sale system. But, since a Colorado Bulldog stymied a casino bartender last cruise, I don't know. 🍸
  3. If we don't scrap the cruise for MSC pulling the double Voyager points (LONG story) I'll be interacting with the bartenders frequently. Mostly, I'll need to explain my favorite drink recipes. Last time, I stumped the bartender with a Colorado Bulldog. That's not a super-rare drink.
  4. Ah, but I'm playing the "long game" you see. We had in mind to be Gold-plated for a Northern European cruise in '23, in case we're on a ship without YC, like Magnifica or Orchestra. (I don't get to pick the itinerary on this one.) Gold status would spiff things up a bit on an otherwise pedestrian room "experience" and give us priority in the event we have a tendered port. If, as you suggest, we're still golden (and Golden) we'll crack on as planned. Otherwise, I'll have to insist the '23 Euro cruise be on Preziosa, Grandiosa, etc. Even if I can successfully insist on a Euro YC-equipped ship, I'm none-to-pleased with what I read about their take on YC. Honestly, isn't one free Toblerone in the minibar, with refills charged, against the Geneva Conventions or something?
  5. Well paint my ass red and take me to the circus; if that isn't seven shades of suck! I'll see if my TA can finesse this, so we can be guaranteed the earlier double points. (Doubt it, though.) Double YC points and leapfrogging over Silver to land in Gold would make all the COVID "embellishments" worthwhile. Without the doubling... Meh. We'll probably cancel and avail ourselves of another cruise line.
  6. That's a puzzler. You're two months away, with no ability thus far to pre-book excursions?!? Are you concerned, or just planning on improvising your port days? Aren't excursions pricier when booked after embarkation?
  7. Thanks for the reply! You have a two-month jump on us, so we may not have excursions posted on pre-cruise purchasing until Thanksgiving. Yikes!
  8. Ever since we got our deposit on the record and had a Plan My Cruise open, (Mera in February '22, by the way) all we can select are items from Beverages, Specialty Restaurants, Spa & Beauty, and Internet etc. "Excursions" page shows the cruise's itinerary, but the individual days cannot be clicked to show any excursions. Furthermore, the page reads, "We are working to enrich our shore excursions program, they will be bookable soon," near the bottom. Interestingly, in the "Destinations" portion of the website, one can view excursions, their descriptions, and the associated codes. But, one cannot book the excursions from that portion of the website. What are your current experiences in viewing bookable excursion entries for your pending cruises? Are you self-booked or with a TA? As always, thank you in advance for your informative answers to this head-scratcher.
  9. Good luck with that! I, too, had a recently posted question get lured into a dark alley, hit over the head, and its pockets emptied by off-topic replies. 😉
  10. Sadly, they are not out of the woods by any measure. Neither is Las Vegas, for that matter.
  11. Cirque went bankrupt, due to COVID. May rise again, but that remains to be seen.
  12. Well, accumulating Silver, Gold, and Diamond benefits softens the harsh reality of a ship without Yacht club.
  13. As I understand it, MSC still has eight ships from pre-YC days. Compared to the non-YC baseline on the ships that offer YC for those who wish to book it, how is the baseline food & service on the ships that cannot offer YC? Or, put another way, if you are not going to go for YC, are you better off for food & service on a ship that doesn't have YC in the first place? If the F&S experience on a ship without YC, is no better than non-YC F&S on a ship with YC, what is the appeal for someone who is more interested in onboard experience than the list of ports? Or, is just a case of the ships without YC being placed on itineraries that are heavy on the ports and you spend far less time on the ship anyway? Thank you in advance for the replies.
  14. If, in the coming months, MSC changes vaccinated pax policy from COVID coverage "recommended," to "required," do you think it's worth an extra $60 p.p. to just get MSC's COVID insurance package and be done with it? My TA's insurance is about the same coverage and cheaper, but I wonder if I'm better off avoiding a possible insurance-not-good-enough mishap with MSC check-in staff. As usual, thank you in advance for your considered opinions.
  15. More crew than passengers? Not always a bad thing... 😏
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