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  1. Essiesmom

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    You can connect this 'balcony' to the next one? Carnival also has similar balconies, they call them cove balconies, and they are very popular. EM
  2. Essiesmom

    NCL Jade partial transit questions

    Your ship will transit through he Gatun Locks and then 'anchor' in Gatun Lake and tender off passengers who have booked excursions. When this is finished, she will return through the same set of locks and dock in Colon to pick up the guests returning from their excursions. There will not be an option for private tours. If you wish to go ashore, you must be on a ship sponsored tour. EM
  3. Essiesmom

    Dream Class 4J

    Those two cabins are ambulatory accessible, have larger bath but much less closet space, no couch. EM
  4. Essiesmom

    Panama Canal

    Currently, Princess offers partial transits through the new locks on the Atlantic side on a regular basis. The next cruise will be on Dec. 9 and following that on Jan 2. Disney Wonder will do a full transit on a cruise that starts February 24 from Port Canaveral. Carnival Valor will do a partial transit on the Atlantic side on a cruise starting from Galveston on Feb. 28. Emerald Princess has a full transit eastbound from several west coast ports in April. Carnival Sunrise will do a partial transit from the Atlantic side on a cruise leaving NYC on May 27. NCL Bliss will transit westbound on a cruise leaving Miami on March 30. This info is from www.cruisetimetables.com, choosing Panama Canal (cruising canal) from the Ports of Call list. Except for the NCL ships which don't list their transit days. You just have to know who does them and look at the maps. EM
  5. Essiesmom

    what ships have retractable roofs?

    And a lot of new ships in that ten years...EM
  6. Essiesmom

    Duplicate Roll Call

    That's because you didn't use the recommended format for the date. EM
  7. Essiesmom

    UK to South Africa

    Unfortunately, it is not a routine itinerary, so the old cliche 'Beggars can't be choosers' might apply... EM
  8. Essiesmom

    UK to South Africa

    Suggest you go to www.cruisetimetables.com and choose a South African port as a port of call. It will tell you who is sailing and their itinerary. It will indeed take you several weeks! EM
  9. Essiesmom

    Question About Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Balcony

    Nothing to be sorry about. You might also want to include which ship, and the area you are sailing as sea conditions can differ. EM
  10. Essiesmom

    Question About Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Balcony

    Welcome to Cruise Critic. This can be a very confusing website and there are lots of places here to ask for advice. The best place for your question is on the Carnival board here, located under Cruise Lines A-O. EM
  11. Essiesmom

    Caribbean Cruise using Advance Parole

    Just in case this was a serious question... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance_parole
  12. It would also help if you told us your cruise line. Some do not allow any liquids to be carried aboard, others nothing in bottles. EM
  13. Essiesmom

    Can I get off ship without passport

    If any port on the cruise requires a passport to get off, then the cruise line will not allow you ON the cruise without a passport. EM
  14. If you browse through the 'Closer to the Edge' sub-forum on the Celebrity board, there is lots about the Edge from preview cruisers, and I believe at least one was in a wheelchair/scooter/powerchair. EM
  15. Essiesmom

    Cabin changed

    Personal vacation planner. Your own travel agent at Carnival. EM