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  1. Essiesmom

    Why can't .....

    Well, I don't see your problem. Ask a Cruise Question, First Time Cruisers and Cabin Selection...are just where they were on the previous forum version, as well as in the Cruise Discussion Topics further down on the boards page. EM
  2. Essiesmom


    To the right of each thread is a blue dot. Or star, if you have posted in that thread. Click on that and it will take you to the most recent unread post. EM
  3. Unless you plan to be online at the same time, a one device plan would be less expensive. I got the one device plan for 9 days on Equinox (with Captain's Club Elite discount) for $157. It was worth it to me. EM
  4. Essiesmom

    Rank MSC's 2019 Eastern Med Itineraries

    I voted for Musica only because it has three ports we haven't visited. EM
  5. Essiesmom

    Look Who's in the Panama Canal today...

    Oct. 20 Oceania Regatta eastbound
  6. Essiesmom

    Missing Feature

    After you read a thread, it turns gray and the blue dot seems to disappear. But if someone replies to that thread after you have read it, the thread and dot will again be blue. Same with posting to a thread. When you post to a thread, the dot becomes a star. After you reply, the thread and star will be gray, but if someone then replies after you, the thread and star will be blue. If you read and then use the back button, you won't see the change, but if you go to the top and click on Carnival Cruises it refreshed the forum and you will see the changes. If you click on the blue dot/star, it will take you to the first unread post. EM
  7. Essiesmom

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    Infinity is not Celebrity's oldest, she is second. Millie is the oldest. EM
  8. Any of the cabins on Main deck, they are far larger than any other inside cabins and most OV cabins. Avoid the cabin on deck 5. Personally I have spent 24 days in K1116 on Nieuw Amsterdam, and 14 days in the same cabin on Westerdam (which is why I chose the cabin on Nieuw Amsterdam). I see Ruth C has replied, probably saying the same thing...EM
  9. Essiesmom

    Look Who's in the Panama Canal today...

    Oct. 19, we have USNS 1 LT Jack Lummus, accompanied by Celebrity Infinity. Weather started with spotty sunshine, but deteriorated... https://www.msc.navy.mil/inventory/ships.asp?ship=118 At Gatun
  10. Essiesmom

    MSC status match

    You should ask this on the MSC board here. EM
  11. I had mine set for 30 per page. This has been asked several times on the HELP forum, and the answer seems to be that there is not a way to change it. EM
  12. Essiesmom

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.....

    Just a warning...That 488 MB limit is for attachments, and I think you are creating an attachment when you insert a picture straight from your computer. But if you continue to use a third party site, it does not count toward your attachment limit. My pics were also not showing and I went to the TEST forum to try out different methods. I use Shutterfly and usually post using 'copy image' I did that, and it worked. I also posted it using the url, and it also worked. Then I posted it dragging and drop from my computer. Only one of the three shows up as an attachment. So if you post a lot of pictures, such as Jamman54 does with his reviews, you might want to no post directly from your computer. EM
  13. Essiesmom

    What are "Reminder Points?"

    I got one on Carnival several years ago (8) and it went on four months after the comment was made. EM
  14. Essiesmom


    Haven't been on Ecstasy but on other Fantasy class they have sports on TV in what is the Alchemy bar on Ecstasy, one at each end of the bar, and two screens on the opposite wall. You can move the chairs around to watch. EM
  15. Essiesmom

    Diamond + amenity

    I'm sure it's available on the Royal website, but you might also ask on the Royal forum here. EM