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  1. There was a long thread where they were filming for their YouTube channel and some people complained. Apparently someone had given them permission but guests were annoyed, etc. and complained. They were asked to stop and some thought they were mistreated. They chose to debark early rather than remain until the end of the cruise. EM
  2. Scootaround and Special Need at Sea are the two companies that provide rental equipment on cruise lines, deliver and set up. I don’t know whether you could find another company local to your departure port who would deliver and set up. EM
  3. I like plantations. I like history, architecture, furnishings…I have no problem with any of it. EM
  4. If the fare for the first cabin was 3rd person free, then the fare for the first two was $1200 and the TA divided it by 3. If third person moves, the fare stays the same for that cabin, the third person owes the $400 back to the other two, plus the fare for the new solo cabin. EM
  5. Oceania Sirena and all of the Azamara ships are identical builds. Each cruise line has four of the original eight R class ships built for the now defunct Renaissance Cruise Line. Oceania has three newer ships, soon to be four, that are twice the size of the R ships. EM
  6. But that was a different question/situation. She said that an expired passport could be used as picture ID. They would accept it as ID, not as proof of citizenship. EM
  7. Only one per cabin, even if both are Diamond. EM
  8. Because there is no option for a nightlight in the bathroom, I purchased a couple of the lights below on Amazon. The mouse is for size comparison. They are magnetic, recharge with a usb cord, have on, off, and auto (motion sensor) settings, and bright or dim. I placed one on the wall across from the toilet. It stays on about 20 sec., and slight motion turns it back on. I leave the tv on on the bridge cam channel and even though no view, there is enough ambient light to see to make it to the bathroom.
  9. Because of the drought they are using the approaching ship in the neighboring lock to transfer the water lowering it sideways into the lock you are in to raise you. Unfortunately it makes the transit through the locks longer as they wait for the second ship to move into place. EM
  10. The problem with suing the expired passport as ID is that if you have applied for a renewal, you have to send the expired passport in with the application. So you wouldn’t have it is the new one didn’t arrive in time…but if it did, you wouldn’t need it anyway. The great thing about the test period for online renewal was that you didn’t need to send in the expired passport. EM
  11. Have you ever traveled away for a night or two with them, staying in a hotel? Did you get an extra room for them? Connecting rooms, with a connecting inside door? Depending on cruise line, ship, and type of cabin, those kids may be sharing a pullout couch or upper bunks if the four of you share a cabin. If you go for two cabins, make sure they have the interior connecting door. You would have to book one of you in each cabin, and it would depend on the comfort ,even of you and their mom whether they sleep in the second cabin with the door open. With kids that young I certainly wouldn’t do balcony cabins. Just my opinion. EM
  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Cruise Critic has a special area for cruisers to contact other members who are sailing with them. It is called ROLL CALLS. If you go back to the main boards page, scroll down past Cruise line A-O and P-Z and River Cruising, you will come to Roll Calls. Click on your cruise line (Cunard), then Queen Victoria, and look for a thread with the dates for your cruise. EM
  13. As long as it is government issued and has a photo it should be good. @Ferry_Watcherto the white courtesy phone…. EM
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