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  1. You are dreaming. I've never had laundry done on MSC, but I know from other lines that all is washed en masse in hot water. Some lines put each cabins laundry in a bag and wash it in the bag. Others iron little tiny labels in the items so they can get back to the right cabin. EM
  2. If you ask this on the Princess forum here, you will get lots of answers. EM boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/119-princess-cruises/
  3. Tracking Grand Classica today on her maiden transit. Got my (now) expected passage under the Atlantic Bridge. The gray stripe is the shadow of the bridge as she passes under... Then she heads into the channel to Gatun Locks. The cam is looking out from the channel to the Agua Clara locks I thought that would be it, but apparently there was someone running the cam that wanted us to see more of her. Beyond this colorful container ship, you can see her in the other channel: And then a view from the Pedro Miguel cam:
  4. Heading into the second lock at Miraflores, So bye for now. I see some crew out on the bow. Is that viewing area just above the bow a public area, or crew only? I see a few folk there, too.
  5. Heading for Pedro Miguel Locks. This is where the channels diverge, and if she had headed to the right, she would have ended up at Cocoli (new) Locks Oh no! A virtual whiteout! Not that common at the locks But things did clear, although the sun is gone...
  6. Go with itinerary. The new ship will be waiting for you another time. She just won't be quite as new. EM
  7. Mr. Google is your friend https://www.google.com/search?q=Ovation+solarium+pool&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiKi8GJ7pbkAhVJmlkKHXpBC30QsAR6BAgCEAE&biw=1920&bih=937
  8. In second lock at Gatun... Oh no!!! A darn big blue RO-RO to block our view! Moving into the third lock Look how far I came up in the world! Another two or three hours to the Pedro Miguel cam... EM
  9. OMG! I check back on the cam, and they have zoomed out, and as well as a colorful pic of the containership in the Agua Clara locks, we can see GC in the distance! She is sitting outside the first lock, waiting for the ship ahead to move into the third lock so she can move into the first The next two pics are to illustrate that the containership has moved into her second lock, and the gates are closing: Moving into the first lock now And out of the picture...unless they reposition the cam again... EM
  10. The Big Day has arrived, and so has Grand Classica: Heading for the Atlantic Bridge The gray stripe down her side is the shadow of the bridge as she passes under: Entering the channel to the Gatun Locks. The cam is looking out from the channel to the Agua Clara (new) locks It will probably be another couple of hours until I see her again, as the Gatun Locks cam sees them as they enter the third lock. EM
  11. In the Caribbean, ice water from a pitcher is served in the dining room, Ice, water, tea, coffee, iced tea are available from dispensers in the buffet areas. You can purchase bottled water. EM
  12. Both those experiences have assigned dining times. Unless you are in the Yacht Club or choose the Aurea experience. Aurea offers open seating - for a price. EM
  13. There are several sites that can tell you this, and cruisett is the worst, least updated. I prefer cruisetimetables.com coupled with cruisecal. EM
  14. You should ask this on the board here for Cruise & Maritime. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/825-cruise-amp-maritime-voyages/
  15. I didn't start sailing Carnival until I was over 50. The same year I took my first Princess cruise. The next year we were on Celebrity, then two years later back on Princess - for the itinerary. We are mid-70's and leave next week on MSC, two Carnival and a Cunard cruise booked for next year. We find the longer cruises on Carnival to be heavy on our age group, particularly their Journeys cruises. 8 days or more, and anyone you see that has hair that isn't gray or white is coloring it. EM
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