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  1. Essiesmom

    Midnight Buffet

    Burgers, fries, potato salad...like picnic fare, in the Guy's Burgers area. EM
  2. Port of Miami, or Port Everglades? EM
  3. Essiesmom

    Aurea Balcony Cabins

    I think you need to specify the ship or class you are interested in. EM
  4. Essiesmom

    First time MSC cruise

    In the buffet areas there are juices until noon, then iced tea and lemonade. Free. They will fill you glasses at dinner with cold water from a pitcher. Ice doesn't seem to be necessary to them. I can post menus for six of the seven night cruise on Seaside Feb. 9-16, 2019 (we skipped one night as we ate too much ashore). First night: MDR breakfast Second night Third night Fourth Night Fifth night Sixth night missing Seventh (last) night
  5. Essiesmom

    Choosing a right cabin

    Glad they admitted their error and worked it out. That's what we are here for. EM
  6. Essiesmom

    Ovation of the Seas - cabin 13622

    This question is best asked on the Royal Caribbean board here. EM
  7. Essiesmom

    Midnight Buffet

    It's been years since they were a regular thing. Now they only have one on a Journeys cruise. EM
  8. Essiesmom

    Previously "Royal loyal" now to try MSC - confused!

    The Fantasia class ships have some balcony cabins on decks 8&9 that have a tub/shower. They are also present on Seaside, I had one on deck 14 and saw several others. EM
  9. Essiesmom

    Finding a Travel Agent specializing in Cruises

    Unless you have an adblocker working, you will see a lot of ads on this site. Many are for travel agencies (which is one reason you can't discuss travel agencies here). Or go back to the home page of Cruise Critic: https://www.cruisecritic.com/ You will see Find Your Cruise Ship Vacation, and under that Find a Cruise. Click on the drop down menu under that, and choose a destination. Or continue across the menu and put in dates, etc. It will bring up a list of cruises, every one with a link to a travel agency. Try them out and see what they have to offer. It won't cost you anything. Meanwhile, read more here, ask questions, so that you will know what questions to ask the agents. EM
  10. Apparently you have a problem with roll calls. You tried to start one on Feb. 3, but neglected to put the date in the thread title. Many people will not open a thread that does not state what it's content is. But at least you had the date correct in the body. This one you are trying to start has an incorrect date: it should read October 20, 2019. (not the 21st). Go back to the Princess roll call forum for Grand Princess https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/214-grand-princess-roll-calls/ and try again to start a roll call with the proper thread title. EM
  11. You have incorrectly posted in the forum for people needing help using the forums. There is a forum here for Disabled Cruising, under Special Interest Cruising. There is a sub-forum there for Europe. You might also ask on the Ports of Call board for Europe. EM
  12. Essiesmom

    Silhouette Cabin 6172

    It's a partially obstructed cabin for 2, with bed by the balcony. No idea why it would be the only cabin available. I would be happy with it. EM
  13. Essiesmom

    Choosing a right cabin

    Armonia class is the only one with cabins on deck 7. EM
  14. Essiesmom

    Princess Excursion in Panama

    I don't believe he has sailed yet. He is active on the Island Princess for 3/30/19. EM
  15. Essiesmom

    Packing for a 19 day trip/cruise

    Limit the pairs of shoes you take. Seriously. I prefer three pairs, but have done it with two. On a long cruise. Sneakers and sandals that can be worn in the evening, too. We travel with a carryon and backpack no matter how long the cruise. EM