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  1. Both Central Park and the Boardwalk are outside. Any issues with fully vaccinated not wearing a mask?
  2. We were looking at them, but I read that they are so far away from everything. If the perks are good, I will book it. I just didn't want buyer's remorse LOL
  3. Thank you. Do you know off-hand if you still get fruit, chips, and a $50 food credit with the premier cabanas? The description no longer mentions those, so I am wondering if they took those perks away.
  4. Are the large cabanas in the same location they were before the renovation?
  5. Sure you can, but it doesnt look like you will be doing much on your cruise. Sounds like fun .....
  6. I personally would take what Michael Bayley is posting publicly on Facebook over someone with a special calendar. Just sayin!
  7. I'm fine with that - as long as Royal follows thru with their promise to separate the unvaccinated people. They can wear masks all they like.
  8. Agree with the allergies, but I will never go back to wearing a mask again.
  9. I suppose you could just scroll on by .... but yeah - it does get old fast.
  10. Like the people who wear them in their car? 😁
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