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  1. If we fly in on a red-eye on Friday, arriving early Saturday, would that give us enough time to sight-see? Cruise leaves Monday at 5pm
  2. You really don't need it. The other two can get two drinks at a time. Also, while being served in the Haven area, they won't even ask for your card. They never did for us.
  3. People who don't like Oprah are racist now? LOL Typical ...
  4. Best decision they ever made. Pollute your own lungs, not others.
  5. There it is - the inevitable green-eyed monster 😊
  6. FWIW, we never had a problem getting into any restaurant with a Haven key card - even if they were "sold out".
  7. That's a good way of looking at it .... If I were in the Haven itself, I would be upset. In the H6, doesn't make much difference!
  8. NCL is not much help in these situations. While you hear of Disney, RCCL, and others stepping up to help alleviate the financial burden in some way, you hardly ever hear of NCL doing that. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  9. If you zoom in, some of those balconies do not appear to have a divider. Is it possible the connecting balcony cabins will be without a divider?!
  10. This makes a difference. Sorry OP, you are out of luck. Stay on hold next time .... so sorry!!
  11. You filled out the form, they owe you the money. Do not let this go. Write a letter, not an email, and mail it certified.
  12. I can't fathom how NCL thinks it's ok to remove so much public deck space and create a larger Vibe area. I have a feeling some of that Vibe area will be converted back to public use.
  13. Meh - I disagree with that. We had fantastic meals on the Allure of the Seas in May, and they were all in the MDR. Way above what NCL serves!
  14. Wow - that is embarrassing! Talk about cutting corners!
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