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  1. Thank you for the info, it's not the smell that I am allergic to, it is whenever something with a fragrance touches me then I break out with a rash. Pretty much fragrance free at home (even dish soap) but mousse and hair spray are hard to come by without fragrances. They will say unscented but then you read the ingredients and it says perfume added, geez.
  2. It is not just MSC, we receive emails all the time for someone else with their loyalty number from Carnival. Have called and told them several times but they never do anything about it.
  3. I don't think the hurricane a few years ago has anything to do with it. We were there twice last year on cruises and loved the beach more than before the hurricane. Some stores rebuilt and some did not. Can't wait to go back this year.
  4. May sound like a strange question but allergic to fragrances here and get free laundry with Platinum. On MSC last year they had a note in the cabin that stated their laundry detergent was fragrance free. I was wondering if NCL's detergent is fragrance free also. Never thought about it in the past but just discovered the allergy this year and now wondering even about the sheets on the bed.
  5. Seriously, is that a half of a piece of Sea Bass?? That is what it looks like.
  6. When I click your link I do not get an answer to dsc, can't find it anywhere ob NCL
  7. Did you sign in to NCL and then do a mock booking? That is when it shows up.
  8. Yes, it is combinable with all latitude's cruises. I booked one today (not the 20%) and was able to use two. Now I have a 21 day cruise in Jan instead of 10 😊 😁😁😁
  9. Extended until Aug. 6th. It is under the terms and conditions
  10. Sounds like you do the same thing we do 😁
  11. I sure wish I could, we have 7 cruises (62 days) over the next year and I dare not look at 2021. I would love to live on a ship but my waist line would beg to differ!!!
  12. No, you can't mix and match. Each person will have their assigned time and table. They will have to go when seated or else eat somewhere else. Also, since you are new to this, just a heads up, try to show up on time. Nothing more irritating than sitting at a table with other people and them always showing up whenever they want to (such as 30 or 40 minutes late). You could always go and talk to the maitre d the first day and see if he could seat you all together. Not saying it would happen but you could try.
  13. I have to agree with cruisinmeme! Progresso is one of my favorite ports. The pier is super long so you to a shuttle bus to the end. There is a craft area there. Then we walked to the double decker bus and took a right around town, it was so neat! $3 pp. Then we walked around town and did some shopping and stopped at the bars. There is a beach with chairs and tables which are free to use if you purchase something. Corona's were $1 a bottle with a free shot of tequila. We always have a great time there. The people are so friendly and nice. One of the best beach bags I have ever had, I bought there for $8. Wish more ships went there.
  14. TY OP this might make me add on the 11 day cruise before my 10 days in January on the Breakaway!!! I have to think really hard now
  15. We are on the same cruise and I forgot about the extra points. Even though we sail for 3 weeks in Dec. we could not pass this deal up. Also besides the points and the 20% off, we got $100 obc from NCL and $100 from our TA. Watching the 7 day after this one but the price is ridiculous. Maybe it will go down, sure hope so!!
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