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  1. Same here, we cancelled our cruise yesterday and so glad we did. I was not happy about no dancing, karaoke, etc but with this new set of rules, forget it! I will not pay thousands of dollars for a cruise to wear a mask and have limited entertainment
  2. Looking at purchasing Princess Cruise insurance. It is $400 for our cruise. If our cruise is cancelled by the cruise line will we lose the $400? I have always bought insurance but thinking about cancelling the cruise because I only needed it for if we had to cancel. I would hate to pay $400 for insurance and the cruise line cancel the trip and us be out $400.
  3. I have also read this on the Princess site but call me a simpleton because to me it reads as jibberish. We do have the vaccine card that we were given but what is the rest of the stuff and how would we even go about getting it since I have no clue what it even is. The following formats are acceptable proofs of full vaccination: COVID-19 vaccination card (original card only; no photocopies accepted), digital COVID-19 certificate (QR code acceptable); or record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider including original digital email notification, personal electronic health record, or government Immunization information system (IIS) record. I do have a print out that the pharmacy gave us of our vaccination history and wondering if that would work.
  4. Seriously at my age I should look at the menu on the tv in my cabin and memorize it and then go to dinner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. I just read that we will have no paper menus and that the menu will be on the Med app. What if we do not have a smartphone???? How do we know what the menu is? Hope the other person that stated that was wrong because I sure would like to know what to order for dinner.
  6. No, we kept our Nov. 30th cruise. Not into being on the inaugural cruise. Happy they have 2 before ours.
  7. This has been happening to me for a month. Not going to add the info again because I read that if you do, a new account is created. I am able to go in with my booking numbers.
  8. Just curious as to what will not be available during these cruises means? What cruises are they talking about? Hope it is not like that for my Nov. 30th and Dec. 10th cruises
  9. Lucky you! I sign in and it says there is information missing and to complete my registration
  10. I have not been able to sign into Princess for a month now. Was you actually able to even sign in?
  11. Same here, I have the newest app and on an Android Smartphone. Click to select arrival and departure times and shows 2 check but says 0 and immediately shows a screen that states no arrival or departure times are currently available. When I x off of that I am able to deselect and recheck then it show 2 but I can't do anything. So updating my app is not the problem
  12. oops that should have said No arrival groups currently available duh me
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