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  1. ready2cruzagain

    Just got kicked out of our Epic Sail Away HA Balcony

    Yes, I called the Access Dept and was told they cannot kick someone out of a HA cabin. Was told too bad.
  2. ready2cruzagain

    Just got kicked out of our Epic Sail Away HA Balcony

    We have tried to book handicap cabins in the past on NCL and was told none available and they said they would not bump someone from a handicap cabin even if they don't need it. Wonder if something new.
  3. ready2cruzagain

    Chef’s Table on MSC?

    I am curious also. I read on one thread that it is $140 pp. Never seen it on the Divina in Nov last year
  4. ready2cruzagain

    Which MSC cruise has EATALY?

    The Eataly's Sea Bass did not look anything like that. I received 3 small pieces of fish when I got it grilled. Yours looks way more appetizing even after you devoured it lol.
  5. ready2cruzagain

    Which MSC cruise has EATALY?

    You are correct. The only place we could find to look out the front of the ship was in the gym on a treadmill or cycle. We were not in the YC.
  6. ready2cruzagain

    Kettles on board ship

    I was not being condescending when I said go to the buffet, I was just stating an option that one has if there is no kettle in the cabin. Not sure how you are getting the snobbery and condescending part.
  7. ready2cruzagain

    Which MSC cruise has EATALY?

    If you are interested and not sure if they will be the same but here is a link to the new Eataly menu on the Divina. Given the pizza was excellent but the main course, not so much. If you have the dining experience then your main choice is the two options of either sea bass or sirloin. I was able to get the sea bass grilled instead of in broth the first two times we went and it was good but the third time, we had a different waitress and she said I could not get it grilled, it was not good. Go down to where it says check out the menu https://cruiseradio.net/msc-divina-returns-to-the-united-states/
  8. ready2cruzagain

    Which MSC cruise has EATALY?

    We ate there 3 times on the Divina in December. Maybe it was better before the menu change but did not really care for it and glad it is not on the Seaside.
  9. ready2cruzagain

    Chef’s Table on MSC?

    Was on the Divina for 32 days in Nov. and did not see it offered any where. Could have missed it but I always read everything.
  10. ready2cruzagain

    Thoughts on First MSC Cruise

    We sailed 32 days on the Divina in December and absolutely loved it. We are booked for 28 days on the Seaside this year and can't wait. I take reviews with a grain of salt because most of the negative ones knit pick on things.
  11. ready2cruzagain

    Kettles on board ship

    Just through on some clothes and go to the buffet Can get it there and either drink it there or take it back to your cabin That is what we did
  12. ready2cruzagain

    Show Reservations on Seaside

    On the Seaside can't you also book the shows on the kiosks? I thought I read that somewhere Did that on the Epic and was able to do it as soon as we boarded the ship while waiting for our cabin.
  13. ready2cruzagain


    Call your TA and have them take care of it, especially since you say he/she forgot to apply it.
  14. ready2cruzagain

    unable to link booking to view itinerary

    No, booked a cruise the other day, showed up immediately, but in USA. That could be a big difference.
  15. ready2cruzagain

    room servise with easy packages and fantastica experience

    Because with Fantastica you can order food from room service and not pay a fee. Just take a drink back to the cabin with you.