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  1. Yes, just received our first dose today! I personally hope it is mandatory
  2. Our longest was 34 consecutive days, loved every minute of it!!
  3. We are booked on a 20 day b2b Nov. 30th, 2021, sure do hope everything gets straightened out by then
  4. Ours is November 30th, 2021 until Dec. 20th on a b2b, hope ours does not get cancelled!
  5. It should be considering mine is 2 10 day cruises that I booked, not 2 7 day cruises.
  6. We were able to book on for Nov. 30th 2021. It took a while and had to get a supervisor to over ride it but we were able to book. At first we were told no and then agent was able to get her supervisor to override.
  7. You do not include taxes and port fees in the insurance because you will get those back. You only include things that would not be refunded. If you pay for beverage package separate, you would get that in a refund and would not include insurance. The insurance is on the nonrefundable items such as base fair. The wifi, beverage and tips is included in your base fair. You are not paying separate for them.
  8. Going on the Enchanted next year (hopefully) and wondering if anyone would happen to know the price of a spa pass. Looking at 10 days. I know it would be a general idea since no one has sailed in forever and not even on the Enchanted but was just curious if it is reasonable or ridiculously priced. We love MSC's spa and would like to try Princess's.
  9. Actually, we have 2 10 day cruises booked for a total of 20 days b2b. I am assuming it will be 4 formal nights total?
  10. Well considering it isn't until Nov. 2021 I hope I can worry about it.
  11. Been 6 years since we have been on Princess and wondering how many formal nights on a 10 day cruise. Thanks
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