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  1. EbayCruiser

    Disembarkation on Nieuw Statendam

    We always take our own bags off in FL and have never had a problem (knock on wood). We like to take early flights and get back home at a decent time. On our 3/10 cruise, our flight is at 9:55 am.
  2. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam

    Thank you - hoping we get the large tenders on HMC. We are going on 3/10, does anyone know how many other ships will be there?
  3. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam

    Is Grand Cayman the only tender port? I am recovering from bi-lateral knee replacement surgery and am not going to try the tenders. I know you tender in HMC but it is the island tenders and should be safer for me than the lifeboats.
  4. EbayCruiser

    VH Verandah Guarantee

    We are sailing on this cruise also. Have you joined our roll call?
  5. EbayCruiser

    Three Weeks til Sailing.......

    A little over three weeks to go for us. Time is passing SLOW ….
  6. EbayCruiser

    Alaska cruise: Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier

    We have been to both and much prefer Hubbard Glacier. Our first cruise to Alaska included HG and it is HUGE with lots of calving. Our next cruise was to Glacier Bay and we were disappointed! We have been to Alaska four times and would love to go again. 😄
  7. Welcome back to HAL. How did you like Princess? We have been thinking of booking a cruise with them. Most of our cruises have been with HAL but we have gone on several RC ships and one Disney ship.
  8. EbayCruiser

    Help? Will we like HAL?

    I would choose the Nieuw Statendam. New ship, great music venues, fantastic food (lobster & filet mignon in the lido (buffet). We are cruising on her in March (can't wait). I think you will find HAL to be a step above other cruise lines in food and service. Just my honest opinion. Give it a try!
  9. EbayCruiser

    Suggestions for packing without wrinkling

    We also use the dry cleaner bags, I leave dress clothes on hangers and pack all in bags. Easy to remove from suitcase and hang right in the closet. We have very little to no wrinkles this way.
  10. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam inside cabins

    Don't believe so. My son booked a large inside and from the pictures posted online there is no couch or chair but there is a window in K11057 & K11058.
  11. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam Review, January 6-20, 2019

    We thought about ordering the package but decided to just take our soda on board. We are stopping at CVS or some other spot and purchasing Diet Pepsi for me and regular Pepsi for DH. Much less expensive and we are taking our insulated cups.
  12. EbayCruiser

    HAL vs Royal (thoughts on changing)

    We cruised exclusively with HAL for several years but then tried a few cruises on RC. We love the Oasis Class ships for the entertainment, but do not like the crowds. HAL has better food, great ambiance, great service and just all around beats RC in my opinion. If you have small kids or teenagers, they would probably prefer RC but I have heard really great things about Club Hal and there are way fewer kids on HAL. I think you should try it, you may never go back. I would try one of the newer ships or if the itinerary is more important then pick one based on that. All of HAL's ships are great. We are going on the Nieuw Statendam next month and can hardly wait!!
  13. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam Inside Cabins

    Do you know if K11057 also has the window?
  14. EbayCruiser

    Nieuw Statendam Review, January 6-20, 2019

    Thanks for the review. I have one question, did you notice if passengers had the drink cups for the Freestyle Soda Machine. I had heard they were still on order and we are sailing on NS in March and would like to know before we buy the package. Thanks!
  15. I would call and see if you can get a paid upgrade. If it is not sold out, you should be able to. Good Luck!