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  1. For those on board now or in the last month ... was there a piano bar player in the schooner bar as there always was before Covid?
  2. For those of you have sailed on Harmony from Barcelona this summer is the shop still open that is past the security point before boarding that you can buy water & wine at? Also are you still able to step back off the ship to go to the shop before sailaway? We were able to do that in 2016, and wondering if it's still possible. Thanks
  3. SO since someone has provided the emails for ships concierges when should I email? We are in a Crown Loft on Harmony's TA 10/31 and want to make sure we are able to get early dining reservation (6-7PM). Should I wait to hear from him/her or start the conversation myself?
  4. EDOCS and luggage tags appeared in my Cruise Planner this morning!! This cruise is going to happen!!! WOO HOO!!!!😁
  5. Yes, thank you for all the info. As BigRoger said it would be helpful if you were able to find out anything at all about the upcoming TA and whether it will sail with or without passengers. Thank you again and enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  6. I suppose the combination of the CSO being a "recommendation only" order now per the lawsuit that the CDC lost OR a hope that since it is supposed to expire on 10/31 that this cruise won't be affected by it Probably wishful thinking but I'm going with it.
  7. My TA has spoken with Royal a couple of times and other people on another social media site have also and they have been told that it will sail with passengers, it may only be USA citizens, but with passengers, so I'm taking the positive road and saying it's a go!!!! PLEASE!!😀
  8. At least for those booked from the USA. I'm not sure but believe this may be the first extended (14 days) cruise since the pandemic began for any of the major cruiselines. Will be interesting be "guinea pigs" to see how this goes, but I am SO ready to be on a ship!!! 36 days to sailaway!!!😁😁
  9. We bought the 3 night dining package and would like to know if there is anyway to make those on the cruise planner if the Concierge states they can't. We will be on the Harmony TA (if the gods align and it actually sails...lol)
  10. Is this just for Spec. Restaurants or also Coastal Kitchen
  11. This will be our first time in a full suite, (Crown Loft!!! 😀 and I just found out we would be receiving an email ahead of time asking if there is anything we would like taken care of before the cruise. I know we could have dinner times reserved but what other things might we ask for?
  12. What is important about that date that you think Harmony TA will be cancelled then?
  13. We have used this service many times and it has been VERY helpful to say the least. Never felt crowded, and the ability to avoid long debark lines was most welcome.
  14. I didn't know this. What about for cruises out of Spain, Royal is providing that test at embarkation....so assume that wouldn't work then?
  15. The TA now showing ONE inside and ONE oceanview cabin only...... so something's going on.....yesterday there were hundreds of staterooms open...or are they just updating pricing....which would be nice!!
  16. Thanks, we are due to be in Barcelona just for one day before the cruise....will be extra vigilant...
  17. If Royal cancels you get either 125% FCC or $$ refund. We will take the refund
  18. Yes, you're right I should have just let that one person's posts fade into obscurity.... We will find out in time one way or the other.... just REALLY would like to know so alternate plans can be made.
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