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  1. That's what my cousin's DH has done (in the Hawaii's picture) .... On a regular heart check up, he was told that he needs 1) a by-pass. He was not overly "enthusiastic".... 2nd opinion -- you don't need by-pass, just regular check-ups every 6 months. 3rd opinion -- wait, don't do anything. 4th opinion -- no need for by-pass, I can't introduce stents.... He took the 4th and very happy with the results, was home the day after the procedure. (He took the 4th.... hhhmmm, it reminds me of "I plead the 5th" 😉)
  2. @jagsfan Sadly, I have a lot experience with cancer (hence, my knowledge of MD Anderson, as well as Sloan Kettering and Mayo Clinic, and St. Jude for kids). The strong attitude, and strength of mind are a big factor in this disease. And, if I may, suggest to seek a 2nd opinion about the best way to proceed. Mimi and Lenny/Maya, you're in my thoughts, and I hope that the proximity to Jerusalem will prove a big help 🙏.
  3. They have the friendliest site to check availability of rooms. When I email my "personal" TA, I tell her I want this room #, after checking thoroughly the location. If I really want a specific cruise, but the rooms I want are no longer available, I book anyway, and keep looking.... I prefer the mid ship location, and once I scored a "hump" on Jewel by perseverance of looking....
  4. So sorry to hear that, Mimi. MD Anderson is an excellent center, foremost by far.
  5. Malta was the main draw (as was for Sue - @sgmn). Santorini and Katakolon will be repeats. Santorini -- we were lucky last time to be on the 1st speed boat to Oia, had the place to ourselves when it was still not so warm, but when we arrived at Thira at ~1pm, the place was "mobbed" -- the line to the cable car down was huge, and we feared not to make it in time back to ship, gave up Thira and stood in line for 2 hours !!! This time our time in port will be much longer (until 10PM), so, hopefully, we'll see Thira and even have a nice souvlaki/giro meal there 😉 Rhodes and Athens, we stopped in our 1st cruise (1976....), so I don't think it counts. Pity we'll be in Athens on a Sunday. Looking forward to Malta, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and Athens 😁 Planning to arrive in Rome 2 days before the cruise (even though we visited many times, likewise Barcelona), and leave Barcelona a day after the cruise.
  6. How well written, how romantic, such a way with words. I'm sure you were very moved. You're blessed with a man who can express himself not only in gestures, but in WORDS.
  7. @sgmn Sorry for my poor photos quality.... as Sue ( @Lionesss) says: "it is what it is" 😢 That's the itinerary. I couldn't take the picture without revealing the site of my TA, so I took it in 2 parts...
  8. 1) what I meant is that 11265, as well as 11267 have the bed by the bath. 2) the indentation is always in the middle
  9. @lenquixote66 Lenny, so sorry for the delay..... uhhh, all those form and bureaucracy 😢 @BonTexasNY Bonnie, so glad your ear is getting better (my bet is on the cleaning) and your sister is "shlili" 😉
  10. My daughter in law's SIL (or the wife of her brother) was working in a very well paid high-tech job (commuting 1.5 hours in every direction daily, 3 small kids at home). Very interesting, trips abroad, "the works"... Covid -- started to work from home, didn't miss the daily commute.... and decided she had enough of the "high life".... At every family event, she was bringing her "share" -- small, delicious profiteroles. She now decided to leave the high tech and start her own small business, for now promoting on FB. Pls. take a look.... who knows, might be a good idea for you 😁
  11. Are you sure ? 😉 My early shifts at work started at 5.30 so I was up at 3.45 to get there a few minutes early, have coffee and get our ticket desk open and set up . I've heard that the earlies are now 5am start. But this body was ready to give up shift work when I retired last year. Just kidding.... If you can return part time, for a limited period, why not??? 🥰
  12. Same here, but mostly the low-paying jobs. For high-tech jobs - big competition for every worker. DS1 was very lucky to find a high-tech job after being "terminated" as a FA, was very happy with entry level salary [which was twice that of a FA], and, after less than an year, he was called at Human Resources... To be told that they are very satisfied with his performance, and that his salary was too low... 1200$ more per month, without even asking....
  13. We got our flu shots on Thursday. We were not asked.... What's a "high test"? OTOH, first time we feel OK after the flu shots😕
  14. Wishing you a very enjoyable stay in this magical place. I have very fond memories from eating through Oahu... Pity we were there only a short time. We got there late afternoon on a Thursday, met my cousin who was already there a week ahead of us, and she said: "we tried different restaurants, and the best is CCF". But you can't book ahead.... I said: "OK, let's go". We waited 40 min, since we wanted a table outside, to feel "being in Hawaii". The meal was outstanding, one of the best we had. We decided right there that we'll go back on Friday night, the only other night we'll have in Honolulu, before boarding our cruise on Saturday. Friday - we spent touring Oahu, with a much anticipated stop at Giovanni's truck, to eat some very fresh and tasty shrimps. In the evening, we were back to CCF - again well worth the wait. I wish there was such a restaurant around here, even in Europe.... The truck -- With my cousin and her DH --
  15. @Lionesss I'm curious too... In one of our cruises (Alaska), a friend from the roll call won 4000$ cards. He was asked to wait near the table [we were sitting nearby and his wife came to ask us to "witness" the "event"], and a whole "delegation" arrived with security men in tow, and, before all the crowd, a "pit boss" counted 40 bills of 100$, and he had to sign for the cash.
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