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  1. Just called Royal Caribbean reservations, and their automated announcement informs callers that all sailings are cancelled through November 31st 🙄. You would think that someone would tell them that November only has 30 days. It sounds really unprofessional.
  2. Looking at the Jr Suite Sea Class Exclusives on Quantum out of Singapore, it lists Dinner at Coastal Kitchen as being included. There is a note that it is not applicable for China and HK sailings, which is irrelevant for Singapore round trip cruises. However, elsewhere on Royal's website, it says that Coastal Kitchen is available to Jr Suite guests, except on Quantum. It does not mention the HK and China restriction. Does anyone know whether CK is included for dinner for Jr Suites on Quantum out of Singapore? I assume it is, since it is listed as a benefit when I try t
  3. Hi Shotgunblazing, So after all that, they issued you the correct invoice, with the FCCs applied and the reduced credit card payment, but still charged 100% to your credit card? If so, call and talk to resolutions again, they may be in the process of crediting you after all.
  4. Thanks, glad to hear she will be Diamond, although she would have been there on her own had we not had to cancel this year. I would have been D+ this summer, which means my younger kids will be D+, but my eldest will not.
  5. I recall reading conflicting reports that [1] kids do retain their parents' Crown and Anchor status once they turn 18 and [2] kids' statuses revert back to what they actually earned at age 18. Does anyone know for sure? I will be travelling with my daughter who will have just turned 18. I am Diamond, and she is currently Diamond from me. On her own, she is still a few credits short. I am wondering whether she will be notched down.
  6. Thanks! That means you received the same benefits of 1 day internet and 1 free picture?
  7. Does anyone know the Diamond on board benefits for 3 day cruises, specifically out of Asia?
  8. Are you asking why must I have a connecting room? I don't *need* a connecting room, but it certainly is preferable when we are a family with kids booking 2 rooms
  9. If there was a non-connecting one right next door, why wouldn't you book it? I understand if inventory is limited, but 3/4 of the rooms are free, including the ones right next door. Regardless of soundproofing, non-connecting rooms are always quieter.
  10. Exactly! I also find these rooms noisier, and hence my question why people book them when there is plenty of inventory of non-connecting rooms nearby.
  11. Symphony, and they found a pair of rooms! So happy, it was the one pair left for my sail date. one room was showing unavailable on a few websites I checked. Lift and Shift completed!
  12. I know when I am traveling alone with my husband (not with the family), I prefer a non-connecting room if given the choice, soundproofing is typically better. Usually they are 1 room over, so almost the same location.
  13. I am on the phone with RCCL now, doesn't look promising 😞
  14. I am looking at booking 2 connecting rooms for August 2021. There are no sets of connecting rooms available, only 1 of the 2 rooms in many cases. Why would a single party book a connecting room? I would expect a TA would flag this to their customers. There is a significant inventory of non-connecting rooms to choose from.
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