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  1. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to hearing all about it.
  2. Thanks, Hank, I did see the post above about the lock and plan on taking one excellent tip! We will likely board at Mestre, would there typically be room for luggage? Our timing is flexible, and we will be traveling on a weekday. What time of day would be the least busy? Also, is there a limit to the number, dimension and weight of luggage? I can't seem to find this info on their website, but I did see this 3rd party site (HERE). In Canada, there is a size and weight limit.
  3. Another question about luggage - Is there a limit to # of bags per person? We may have 3 bags total between the 2 of us, plus a "carry on " sized bag each. We won't need assistance, but were wondering what is allowed.
  4. It's funny, the 3 hotels I was seriously considering were the Carnival Palace, Olimpia and Hilton Garden Inn. We ultimately decided on the Hilton (have stayed here before), but would love to hear more about the other 2 in case we decide to change.
  5. It appears to be a random whim. I have been tracking my cruise prices, and the refundable adder varies week over week. At times, it was $0, and other over $300 pp. Same ship, sail date and room type.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Everyone I know in Ontario had at least 6 weeks between Pfizer or Moderna shots, typically longer than that.
  7. Host Jacquelyn


    What year was this?
  8. It's hard to get a shot without the crowds! Great picture
  9. I have 2 upcoming cruises booked, 4 days apart. I will be Diamond Plus after the first cruise, and would like my status updated for the second. I spoke to multiple people at Crown and Anchor and was told conflicting information by different agents: Impossible to recognize D+ on the second cruise, it takes 2 weeks to process OR I need to CALL C&A after the first cruise and talk to an agent. However I will be in Europe and he did not know the phone number to call. He was clear there was NO email address. OR Email the loyalty email (that she provided). This is the best way, do not call OR Talk to the loyalty ambassador on the first cruise, but they likely can't do anything since the cruise needs to be completed OR Talk to the loyalty ambassador on the second cruise, but that may take many days to validate, and will only go through by the end of the cruise. No joke, I was told all of the above. I am wondering if anyone has gone through this and how they achieved? I am thinking about doing a combination of the last 3...
  10. @MeHeartCruising Thank you so much for the detailed reply! That really helps a lot. I think we will plan to take the bus, unless we decide to go farther into town
  11. Interesting, thanks. How do they go about getting everyone off the ship, when it is a normal port of call day for the other half of pax? To be honest, we likely will leave in the morning but I am wondering about how it would work if anyone wanted to stay on
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