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  1. Host Jacquelyn

    Adjoining cabins

    We stayed in 2 connecting staterooms in Harmony, and were able to hear what was going on next door if they spoke loud enough
  2. Host Jacquelyn

    Harmony of the Seas

    Thanks for the review! We sailed a month ago and agree with what you wrote.
  3. Host Jacquelyn

    Another charter gone wrong?

    My favorite caption: "Voyager of the Sleaze"
  4. Host Jacquelyn

    Gold by the Inch

    I did not see Gold by the Inch on Harmony last month, the first sailing I did not see them selling it. Maybe they are phasing it out?
  5. Host Jacquelyn

    Adventure Ocean Late Night (After 10 pm)

    I always picked my 7 year old son up at 10 pm, and there were MANY kids staying on past 10. They always seemed to be playing some kind of ball game, which continued after he left.
  6. We just stayed in 2 CP rooms, 1 adult in each room. We were each allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine, and were given 2 bottles (total) in the CP rooms
  7. I did that in the past, and needed to pay the difference in deposit. I suggest you call and straighten things out today.
  8. Depends on the ship. On Harmony, we were able to get our drinks in the dining room and at the specialty restaurants. We would also get the drink (or 2) from another bar and carry them into the restaurants.
  9. We were on the same sailing! Excellent review, love how you broke everything down. My only comment is that tank tops were permitted for the rock wall (ie - did not need sleeves like on the Abyss and Zip line). To answer the running track question, we never saw it overly crowded, and never saw anyone going in the opposite direction. Surprising that there were more runners than I would have expected out on the track past midnight! The only potential issue was groups of walkers spilling into the running side of the track.
  10. I should rephrase - is it typically offered on Freedom? I ask, since they have fewer specialty restaurants to choose from.
  11. ... and if so, what is the current price?
  12. Host Jacquelyn

    Commemorative glass blocks

    I earned my 140 points on a cruise I took alone with my daughter, so I was 7 points ahead of my husband (he earned all his points by sailing, not inherited). He is now at 154 points and never received the block. I called C&A today and spoke to a supervisor and she said it is one PER FAMILY. Any reports otherwise are false. Any of you who have each gotten a block have been lucky. Or maybe I will call back and speak to someone else... :D
  13. Host Jacquelyn

    I loved my Central Park room!

    We also had connecting rooms! We loved them, what a luxury to have 2 bathrooms :D .We would sail these rooms again in a second
  14. Host Jacquelyn

    Commemorative glass blocks

    Is it 1 per family? I reached 140 when I sailed alone with my daughter and received the block. My husband reached 140 on a different sailing and never received one.
  15. Host Jacquelyn

    Spinning Guy on Harmony Fine Line

    He does the 10 minutes of spinning prior to the show starting, while people are getting their seats. I didn't really take much notice of him until I realized he was spinning for over 5 minutes. The show was fantastic, don't let this discourage you.