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  1. Who writes their copy anyway? Their email reads, as a consolation prize, "And, you'll still be able to enjoy incredible views of our distinct neighborhood from your stateroom. " Really? They will not take those away too?
  2. I just received the official email, very disappointing.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, everyone. The only times I have encountered this was on Oasis class, all other classes have been no problem. I am sailing Freedom class next, so hoping for no issues. I will be sure to speak up if so, but it is not a good start to the cruise.
  4. Hi, it was the couch type, not pullman. Each time, the 3rd passenger was fully on the reservation. Maybe because he is a kid and not an adult...? Although that should not make a difference since the price is the same regardless.
  5. Hi Bob, Every time booked well in advance (over a year!), with the initial reservation. I thought it was a lazy stateroom attendant the first time, but it happened multiple times on different ships. The last time, I insisted that we be provided a comforter and not just a blanket, but I needed to ask several times. It's unpleasant and not a fun way to begin the trip.
  6. Dumb question, right??? On my last few cruises, the room staff have been very hesitant to provide bedding and make up the bed for the 3rd passenger. On one cruise, they only provided a bottom sheet and scratchy blanket (no comforter or flat sheet) upon request. On my last cruise, I had to demand full bedding, and was only provided it very reluctantly. On neither cruise did they make up the bed. I was told this is not something they do for the 3rd pax. I obviously pay full 3rd passenger rates and tip the per person amount so I am not sure what is going on with this 'policy'. I am cruising again shortly and wanted to understand others' recent experiences.
  7. Anyone have experience with My Time Dining on Freedom, and showing up without reservations around 6:30? How long is the wait? I was checking every day months before sailing for MTD to open up. On the day it the options were either 5:45 or after 7:45. Nothing between 6-7:30. I called RCCL, and they said to keep on checking. We are now a few weeks before sailing, and those times still never opened up (I have been checking weekly). I am not sure whether large groups scoped up those times, or whether they are not bookable / only for walk-ups. Anyone experience the same?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I wonder if they do an "in class show" like on Oasis class ships.
  9. It's been a few years since I sailed Freedom. Do they still do the Pirate night at Adventure Ocean for the kids? Do they still walk around the ship? I know on Oasis class they have a little play at Adventure Ocean, just wondering what they do on Freedom. Also, does anyone know what night it is (specifically for the ABC island cruise). I am booking specialty dining, and don't want to miss my son's show, if there still is one.
  10. ??? My point is that I don't expect RCCL to be that blatantly obvious. I just reread your post and noticed that you 'assume' it to be the case.
  11. If that's the case, then it certainly is nothing more than a cash grab, as the parent can then leave the water park area after they enter with their teen.
  12. So how is this enforced? Only upon entry to the water park? Or do they only let a 16 year old down the slide if the parent is there too?
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