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  1. I've found Uniworld to be all inclusive. I've taken 3 cruises with them. Roz
  2. Roz

    Do I really need a travel Agent?

    I've had the same experience as Capriccio. My TA at a full-service agency is able to offer me discounts and deals with Uniworld that many times aren't advertised. I believer her agency has some type of affinity relationship with Uniworld, because they often times do cruise shows in conjunction with each other. She also puts together pre-cruise pkgs. for me at a fraction of the cost of the cruise line's extensions. When I was in an overbooked situation with Uniworld last year, she got me a good deal for transferring to another sailing. Roz
  3. Roz

    Viking or Uniworld for the Danube

    Agree. When I'm on vacation, I want to experience something different. If I want dull, I can stay at home and sit in my living room. I joked that my cabin on River Beatrice looked like Marie Antoinette had exploded in it. Roz
  4. Grsnovi, Did you book your hotel room and transfer thru HAL, or is this a service anyone can use? Roz
  5. I stayed at the Nova Hotel in Amsterdam at the recommendation of my TA. It's located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 276. Very centrally and conveniently located and within walking distance of a lot of sights and restaurant. It's also on a main tram line. Technically I could have walked to the pier, but opted for a short taxi ride since I had a suitcase to lug. Nova is clean with a friendly staff, and breakfast is included. Roz
  6. I've stayed at the Doubletree at SeaTac 3-4 times and been very pleased. Same with the Hampton Inn on 28th, and the Doubletree at Southcenter. I've never had a "terrible" experience at any of these. In May I'm trying the SeaTac Hilton. Roz
  7. According to the port's website, that is where ocean vessels dock. As I recall, you can walk from the hotel to the pier. I'm sure others will come along to verify this. That is where my river cruise ship docked last November. It's just east of Central Station. Roz
  8. Roz

    Review - Nieuw Amsterdam

    Nice even handed review. I'll be on the NA in April/May. It will be my second time, and I'm looking forward to eating in Tamarind again. I much prefer Tamarind to the Pinnacle. Roz
  9. That has been my experience also. Roz
  10. Roz

    Viking or Uniworld for the Danube

    I don't find the décor on Uniworld to be over the top, but I guess we all have different tastes. Roz
  11. Roz

    Viking or Uniworld for the Danube

    I've done 3 cruises with Uniworld, but have never paid extra for an excursion. I was fine with the included tours. Roz
  12. Roz

    Ever take a River Boat Cruise?

    I've looked at them, but had the same reaction as Dogs - they're expensive compared to European river cruises. Maybe when I can no longer hack the overseas flights, I'll switch over to domestic rivers. Roz
  13. Europe in general is difficult for anyone with mobility issues - big cobblestones, lots of stairs, no elevators, etc. If your wife can navigate getting on and off and around the ship, she could go, but if she can't do the tours she will be missing a lot. If anyone stayed on the ship on the river cruises I've been on, it had to be only 1 or 2 people. Most people are taking a river cruise to see the ports. Roz
  14. Roz

    solo traveller to europe

    I noticed that Uniworld is extending its 30% offer for advance bookings that normally ends December 31 each year. I agree that the water issues in 2018 have probably made some people reluctant to book. Roz