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  1. That was what I paid back in February. I ate there the 1st night, and enjoyed the house white wine.
  2. The Legend has the same layout as the Miracle, correct? The reason I'm asking is my one and only experience with eating in the Steakhouse 🥩 was on the Miracle this past February. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and ordered the Dover Sole - excellent. There were a few parties dining at the same time who were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. The Steakhouse on the Miracle opens out onto the Atrium, which has live music in the evening. The evening I was there a Canadian couple were the performers, and they sang country music. Obviously, given where I live 🎸, this wasn't a problem, but it may not have been everyone's cup of tea 🍵.
  3. Is it true no scooters are allowed? What about wheelchairs? Crutches? Walkers? Just curious.
  4. Yes, eliminate the inside cabins and the passengers who occupy them. We're expendable.
  5. Yes, this exactly. They didn't complain to a supervisor, but I felt like I needed to get out of there ASAP. I was traveling solo, and I think they somehow felt like they had more of a right to push me around. I was on a Carnival Panama Canal cruise earlier this year, and there were a couple of tables occupied by the same families all day, every day. But not nearly as bad as on HAL.
  6. I ran into this on my last HAL cruise where there were a lot of tour and extended family groups. When I needed to eat in the Lido, I had to sit way out by the pool at the far end near the spa. I was literally and figuratively pushed out, and it was very uncomfortable. Groups would take over sections of the Lido and park themselves there all day. The Lido only works when there's a turnover of tables.
  7. Do you think maybe Princess was trying to create an itinerary with fewer less "exotic" ports in the event something goes awry and they have to end the cruise prematurely, similar to what happened with the Amsterdam? Princess had so many issues connected with the virus outbreak that maybe they're just trying to play it safe. So many of the ports towards the end of the cruise can be accomplished on a Med itinerary so I agree, it doesn't hold much appeal from a WC standpoint.
  8. I have a sense of judgment and priorities. I also have a grasp of the difference between cabin categories. Your posts make it sound as though passengers who book insides are not only booking an inferior product, but are inferior ourselves, and too stupid and uneducated to know the difference between an inside cabin and a suite.
  9. Roy, Lazy Lakes, and Sandiego1, thank you for the helpful, first hand information.
  10. It would be a one-time deal for me also. Just from a financial standpoint. Having lots of repeaters is a concern for me, as I've heard there are "cliques" on board and you're a newb it can be difficult to find your niche. Do we ever move beyond high school?
  11. At some point I would like to do a Columbia River cruise or a Great Lakes cruise, but was saving those for when I no longer can or want to fly overseas. I may be doing a Columbia River cruise sooner than I thought. 😉 US river cruises are as expensive or more expensive than European river cruises.
  12. Good question. I'm curious also about the responses you'll get. Based on my last HAL cruise and the lack of daytime activities, I wouldn't be anxious to take a WC with them. But, their pricing is solo friendly compared to most others. I wonder how many passengers from the aborted 2020 WC are anxious to take the 2021 or 2022 WC?
  13. Not surprising. All cruise lines keep advancing their start up dates.
  14. I want to be able to sit at the bar at Fleming's and have their Caymus and a Burger happy hour special.
  15. What about airlines where we're crammed into seats like sardines? They're even less suited, IMO, for the post-Covid market.
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