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  1. There is still a demand for cruising, and there will be a bigger demand for cruising once Covid subsides. Where there's a demand, someone will come in to fill the void (and make money).
  2. I've been to Aruba 2 or 3 times and I just don't get it. People rave about it. It's flat, dry, full of cacti, and there's garbage all over the place.
  3. @CaroleLee, I don't have anything booked on AMA or Uniworld at the moment. Just exploring options.
  4. I would let Viking cancel the cruise.
  5. @rkacruiser, not sure whether there are coffee makers in the room or not. I did the same thing in college, but now I would probably just get in my car and drive to the nearest McDonald's. I can see how hotel breakfast buffets could survive if they were set up like HAL has its Lido, where the guests aren't touching the serving utensils. Just give me my coffee! ☕😄
  6. The public library in Amsterdam behind the Doubletree Hotel near Centraal Station; Rhine River.
  7. I canceled a weekend trip to Chattanooga because the hotels that normally include breakfast have either done away with it or are "serving" a bagged breakfast consisting of a bottle of water and packaged carbohydrates. No coffee and no hot breakfast items. What do most people want in the morning, water or coffee? I suspect the same is true in FL. Hotel breakfasts are either non-existent or scaled backed significantly, even though restaurants are open. Go figure. I don't understand why a hotel employee can't dispense a cup of coffee while wearing a mask and gloves. Travel has become very unpleasant. If you go to a hotel, no one will come in to empty the trash, make the bed, or clean the bathroom until you leave.
  8. Fran, is it in a Bulgarian city on the Black Sea (end of the Danube)?
  9. New Orleans and Louisiana are unlike any other area of the US with their strong French influence. Memphis of course has a rich music and civil rights history, along with being part of the whole Mississippi Delta culture. I hope you get to visit eventually.
  10. Based on the news this morning, cruising the rest of this year and for at least the first quarter of next year looks unlikely. The US is seeing spikes all over the country, and PM Trudeau isn't going to open the border to Canada. Cases are rising in the UK, Italy, and Germany. If we can get thru this winter and hopefully have a vaccine by the middle of 2021, river cruising may be back in business on a large school basis. I've given up on my January ocean cruise, but am holding out hope for my December 2021 Netherlands and Belgium Yuletide cruise.
  11. Looks Russian/Eastern European to me, but not sure if it's Soviet era.
  12. I've been to Budapest twice, but have never been inside the Parliament Bldg.
  13. Well, the figures definitely look German or Austrian, so am I at least getting warm? 😉
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