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  1. Does the Gov of FL have the power to tell cruise lines who may or may not sail on their ships?
  2. I wasn't trying to discredit you. I just don't understand your assumption that just because someone is a brick & mortar agent, they don't work in a competitive environment and therefore have low information to offer.
  3. I can't think of a port that's equipped to treat thousands of people at one time with any illness or disease, so I guess we aren't going to be cruising.
  4. If the cruise lines require passengers to be vaccinated, won't that lessen the spread and keep people who contract Covid from becoming seriously ill? In what scenario would thousands of passengers need to be hospitalized with Covid or quarantined?
  5. My reading comprehension is excellent. I was playing off your words. I don't want a boiler room agent.
  6. @gnome12, love the cakelet. Covid has really put a damper on things for the newly retired.
  7. Who would have thought we would be here in April of 2021, over a year later still not able to cruise and grappling with a pandemic and no idea of when it's all going to end?
  8. Carnival used to do that routinely. Back in 2007 or 2008, I cruised to Hawaii on the Carnival Spirit. We checked in at the SD terminal and our bags were put on the ship. Passenger were loaded on buses and we met the ship in Ensenada.
  9. I feel like my entire life is being deferred, not just my cruises. Sorry about your cruise, but it doesn't surprise me given the Covid surge in Europe. Most cruise lines have been sending out cancellation notices gradually so as not to overwhelm their agents.
  10. @Host Jazzbeau, I've been to Mass where it felt like I took a 2nd shower.
  11. There's a lot of political pushback regarding an immunization passport. I don't see what the problem is. If you don't want or need one, don't get it, same as a regular passport.
  12. @dogs4fun, I suspect we're going to need them for any kind of international travel.
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