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  1. Thanks for the responses! The cruise we are looking at actually departs in October 2022, so it doesn’t fall under the Cruise with Confidence. We’re good with the FCC, minus the $100 pp admin fee.
  2. Question on deposits. If I were to book a cruise with a non-refundable deposit, could I transfer the deposit to another cruise if we have a change in plans? I’m fine with not getting a refund, but don’t want to completely lose it if anything changes.
  3. Anyone know when the fall 2021 repositioning cruises will be our? Looking for Singapore to Australia cruise options. Thanks!
  4. I checked on line to price it and see if cabins were available prior to calling customer service. We didn’t change cabins, she just applied the new rates/promotion to the existing reservation. We already had a non-refundable deposit, but there were no charges for making the change.
  5. Success!!! It wound up being $200 cheaper today and the $150 OBC was per person...so a net savings of $500!
  6. I recently booked a transpacific cruise with three perks (classic drink package, WiFi and gratuities) but see that I can book it with four perks ($150 OBC, Premium drink package, gratuities and WiFi) for the same price. This is our first time sailing on Celebrity, we normally go on Royal Caribbean. Can I call them (we booked directly) and get the better package? Thanks!
  7. I’m on the ship now...we went back to Miami for a medical emergency, not Norovirus. I think we’re still headed to Cozumel but for a shortened stop. Waiting to hear the official word...
  8. My husband and I just made Diamond status and I have a question regarding drinks. I know we have access to the Diamond Lounge and that we have three drinks loaded onto our Seapass card. Are those three drinks in addition to the drinks at the Diamond Lounge, or are they for use in the Diamond Lounge? Also, my husband is a Guinness drinker....can he get Guinness with the free drinks? Thanks!
  9. Can I bring a case of bottled water on board for our cruise? TIA!
  10. Slight spin off on the question. We just made Diamond as well. Do we have access to theDiamond Lounge and get three drinks loaded on our sea pass card as well?
  11. If you bid up to a Junior Suite, do you still get double points?
  12. The answer may be there, but I haven’t read through all 148 pages. Has anyone successfully upgraded making the minimum bid? Or should I not even bother?
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