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  1. Thanks @mamiamjo! Yes, the late/delayed kids had exactly a 1.5 hour trip. Surge pricing on the Uber was ridiculous—$170! If they had got in on time they would have been in the shuttle with us.
  2. We have really enjoyed the hotel overall. Very nice sitting area downstairs; we sat around and talked and made some new friends (shout out to Ken going on the Carnival Breeze tomorrow—happy 45th birthday!). The food at the little Bistro at the hotel was quite good…we all were crazy about the fries, and they had things like avocado toast (for our Vegan friend), chicken sandwiches, tomato soup and grilled cheese, and a full bar We wanted to wait for our 2 stragglers that had the cancelled plane, and they didn’t get in till 7:30, so we just snacked at the hotel while chatting Hotel has a nice fire pit outside and a great pool area. Photos tomorrow as I have them on my little DJI video camera that is charging for tomorrow. Was a good start to our trip!
  3. So hotel had a bit of room shenanigans going on that I caught today. I booked a 2 Queen Suite. Ocean View room, mostly since I wanted extra room since our son was staying with us. My husband dropped our luggage off quickly while I ran off somewhere else; by the time I got to the room, I was surprised that it was just one room—nothing “suite” about it (did have a nice balcony with furniture and a partial ocean view). So I went to the front desk, and they said they made a mistake; hotel was full so they refunded me the difference in price for the room ($60). Good thing I remembered what I had booked so many months ago!
  4. @TN Roz That’s a tough one, since the Vista class Havana Cabana rooms are the best. However, the Excel class ships can’t be beat for variety and bells and whistles. I’ll do my best to let you know how our Jubilee experience is!
  5. @msunrullieone We’ll try to hand the ship off to you in good condition—but we’re not promising anything 😂
  6. Boarding group A06; arrival time is 10am. We are leaving hotel in a pre-ordered Ubert at 9:30; don’t care if we get there a little “late” since we don’t really want to get in line before it starts moving around 10. 3 Ubers; ours cost $37 (would be $24 today at a non-peak time) but not bad per person,
  7. Took about 1.45 hours to get to the hotel. Just - 1 of 4 rooms was ready. We piled our luggage ( and my Goddaughter for a nap) into the room, and walked 1/2 mile to Viet Cajun for lunch. Texas is BYOB so a Modelo has been had by some. I ordered the small fried oyster basket with fried rice—some people got the Pho.
  8. Bad accident huge traffic—van driver is taking us the “back way” due to big delays.
  9. We are in the van on the way to Galveston! Took the train from Terminal A to C to meet up with some of our group. We had time to kill—very few food choices pre-gate at IAH We used Galveston Shuttle. 5 people not 7 —the kids missed their connections so will barely make it to a late dinner. Massive traffic. Welcome to Houston!
  10. We are landed early in Houston! Plane was found for kids so won’t be in as late. United now gives MINI stroopwaffles instead of normal sized one. 😂 Flight was freezing. Can’t tell if it’s overcast or smoky in Houston
  11. My son and my niece have very delayed flights—won’t get to Galveston until tonight now!
  12. The plane is an Embrarer ERJ-145XR. Holds like 50 people. No entertainment or food service; maybe coffee or water and a stroopwaffle or something.
  13. Flight showing on time. It is a miniature commuter plane. For nearly a 3 hour flight! I don’t know what United is thinking sometimes. At least all of Delta’s planes are a step up from this one.
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