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  1. They are still requiring payment for the April 2 Navigator cruise on Monday which is RIDICULOUS with not 1 boat in the water from any cruise company, or even a firm start date from US ports yet. I want to cancel and just not pay but my husband wants to consider over the weekend. They REALLY need to fix this now to 60 or 90 days prior; I’ve noticed that other people are NOT paying for the cruise as well since several waitlisted categories late last week are no longer waitlisted as of today.
  2. Same; my April 2 Navigator cruise is also now showing availability as before.
  3. We intend to book it another time if it cancels! We picked it because it seemed to have a great combination of beach/fun in the sun (Caribbean) and adventure (Amazon). Plus this is the first year my husband is retired and we could book such a lengthy itinerary. We had intended to travel all year (best laid plans....).
  4. I posted a similar thread a couple of days ago regarding my Miami to Miami Navigator cruise April 2. All waitlisted all of a sudden (and it had only 2 or 3 categories on Wait List prior). I’m hoping its just to reduce capacity as many others said, but since its a long cruise, 25 days through Caribbean and then Amazon River, its hard to say. We also have to pay early November and my husband and I don’t want to pay unless we have a clear idea if the cruise will sail, and I can’t imagine we will since no cruises look to be sailing from US ports in November
  5. That is all reassuring; hopefully all the waitlisting is about capacity limits.
  6. I’m booked on the April 2 2021 Miami to Miami on Navigator. All of a sudden, all suite categories are showing as WAIT LIST online. Until a couple days ago, only 2 categories were wait list. Anybody else seeing this on their upcoming cruise? Don’t know if this means they expect to cancel the cruise so they are not taking more reservations, or they decided they want to limit the number of passengers for the cruise, of it just legit sold out all of a sudden as cancelled cruisers move their reservations.
  7. Early this month my husband and I booked excursions for our April 2 2021 cruise on the Navigator. We don’t think it is going to happen, but we WANT it to happen so much. It was fun picking our excursions but also a little wistful planning out all the fun we hope to have. Husband printed us out a little “itinerary” of everything we planned like we always do prior to a cruise. I mean, it COULD happen? I understand numbers in the USA are finally trending downward.
  8. We prefer Concierge due to the multiple network logins (I travel blog and do social media and husband is a news hound, so we both have multiple devices we use on a trip). It is also extremely helpful to get the priority booking for excursions, and we like the in-room coffee maker as well (neither I or my hubby can move before coffee in the morning). We are booked in a Concierge Suite for our next (hopefully) Navigator cruise April 2021. We decided to not book the Penthouse Suite for this cruise since having a butler during the age of COVID didn’t make sense to us, and we don’t feel the need
  9. Well I wish they would extend this to at least the first 6 months of 2021 cruises as well; we’ll have to pay our 25 day Amazon Celebration cruise for next April in early November (150 days). We are happy to do it if there is some clarity on when cruising will resume, how it will resume, what ports may be open, etc., but the way things are going we don’t think we’ll know by then. My husband and I will have to decide if we want to tie up the money with all the uncertainty. 60 days, or 90 days at the outside makes much more sense in the age of COVID.
  10. Seven Seas Navigator, Alaska 2015. Such an incredible trip; I’m a photographer, and we saw the most stunning places, whales, glaciers! And for me, the ship was the perfect size for that type of exploring. Booked on the Navigator for Amazon Celebration April 2021; starting to fear it won’t happen unless things start to get better instead of worse I took this image of the Navigator from a small boat excursion.
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