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  1. Got our documents in the mail for our October 20th cruise on the Danube river and can't wait. I'm going through everything and trying to maximize our experience in each port. Random question for you all, when the tour in Vienna says you will see Vienna Opera House, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Museum of Fine Arts, Hofburg Palace, etc. how much of those do you really see in a 3.5 hour tour? Just walk around and see the outside of them? Or actually go inside and visit? I'm trying to figure out if we will want to go back and do more detailed visits anywhere in the afternoon. Also, for ports where we are in town at night (like Vienna), how hard is it to have dinner on the ship and then head back out to enjoy the city at night? And is dinner always at 7:00? How long does it usually last? Thank you so much! Now that we are closer to our first river cruise, the details are becoming more clear and more unclear at the same time! 🙂
  2. We are cruising on the AMACerto in October 2019 doing the Blue Danube Discovery cruise. This will be our first river cruise and we are very excited. I am one of those people who likes to plan ahead and know everything, so I was glad to find this board as there isn't much information anywhere. We are traveling with one other couple and we plan to do several days in Budapest before the cruise and then several days after the cruise somewhere else - we can't decide where to go. Have already been to Munich and Prague, so trying to think of somewhere different but close by. We've done many ocean cruises and I usually book our own excursions for those trips vs. using the ship's ones - would that be ill-advised for the river cruise? I'm also interested in the Chef's Table, but we have food allergies and super picky eaters, so I'm not sure it would be worth it? Thanks everyone, and can't wait to hear and learn more over the next year!
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