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  1. We are cruising on the AMACerto in October 2019 doing the Blue Danube Discovery cruise. This will be our first river cruise and we are very excited. I am one of those people who likes to plan ahead and know everything, so I was glad to find this board as there isn't much information anywhere. We are traveling with one other couple and we plan to do several days in Budapest before the cruise and then several days after the cruise somewhere else - we can't decide where to go. Have already been to Munich and Prague, so trying to think of somewhere different but close by. We've done many ocean cruises and I usually book our own excursions for those trips vs. using the ship's ones - would that be ill-advised for the river cruise? I'm also interested in the Chef's Table, but we have food allergies and super picky eaters, so I'm not sure it would be worth it? Thanks everyone, and can't wait to hear and learn more over the next year!
  2. I was wondering if on board credit could be used in the casino on board the ship? Like if you put money down on a future cruise and get OBC, where exactly can it be used? Thanks!
  3. What would be the point of booking a mini suite if you don't get any of the suite perks?
  4. debway

    Snorkeling in Costa Maya

    My daughter and I booked a snorkeling trip from Doctor Dive and then will head back to spend the day at Tropicante for some relaxation and fun.
  5. Thank you so much for the great review! We sail in 12 days and I can't wait. I'm hoping most of the college spring breakers will be back in school, but it may not be so. I'll be with 3 16-year old girls and they don't need (or maybe they do!) to be seeing that stuff!
  6. Loving the review - 2 weeks until we head out!
  7. Hi all, For those of you who have sailed on the Dawn recently and visited the new Mondavi Wine Bar, do you know what kind of wine they offer by the glass? It seems from other posts I've read that the better wine was only offered by bottle. That doesn't seem right for a wine bar, and means the beverage package is less valuable if you can't get a good glass of wine! I was looking forward to trying some excellent wine (living so near Napa and Sonoma, I love my good wine!) with my UBP but I'm not sure it is going to work that way. Just checking in if anyone has some updated info on the wine offerings by the glass in the new wine bar. Thanks! Deb
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    As an IPA lover, I am prepared to live on cocktails and wine on our trip on the Dawn next year (2017). Anyone know what the beer offerings are? Any chance we will be pleasantly surprised?
  9. debway

    Anything new on Harvest Caye?

    Thank you so much for posting the photos and information - looks like it will be great. I'm going to have a very hard time figuring out what I want to do there! Too many great choices. We arrive in April 2017 and can't wait.
  10. debway

    Anything new on Harvest Caye?

    We are sailing in April 2017 and am excited to see how HC develops and offers for us - assuming it is open by then!
  11. Hi all, We are sailing on the Dawn departing New Orleans on 4/2/17, and one person in our party is a vegetarian. I've seen some menu postings that people have kindle put up, and there don't seem to be many options in some places - like O'Sheehan's. Anyone have experience with this? Requesting vegetarian/specific meals? Thanks for your help!
  12. Thank you so much for all the information on the cruise and congratulations on your honeymoon! What a great way to spend it. We leave on Friday (2 days!) for Venice. We are also spending the night at the Aqua Palace Hotel - glad to hear it is nice. How did you get to the hotel? I think we are going to splurge on a water taxi from the airport to the hotel. Was there no Vaporetto stop after the Piazzale Roma? For some reason I thought we could get closer to the ship and avoid the people mover. Where did you go for sailing? I want to make sure we have a good view of beautiful Venice as we depart. Can you tell me which nights were formal nights? I'm really looking forward to the rest of your review! Welcome home! DW
  13. Hi there - how do you find out show times on cruises? We are doing MTD but want to see when the shows are before I figure out when I want to eat. We are sailing on the Splendour Oct 27 out of Venice for 7 days to Greece & Turkey. Any advice? Thanks!