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  1. We are in almost the same situation. We received the bulk of our fully paid for cruise after CC dispute, but our deposit was also too old to dispute. Crystal cancelled our June b2b the end of April, and we immediately applied for a refund. Still have $5K owed by Crystal.
  2. I am quite sure I will be getting the vaccine when it is available to those 65+. What I am concerned about is the logistics of administering the vaccine, and insuring that the 2nd shot is received. When I got my flu shot this year at a local pharmacy, my husband and I went mid-day when there was no one else waiting for shots. It still took us over 1/2 hour before we were done. For the Covid vaccine, it can't take that long for each person to be innoculated. It would be an impossible situation, with long lines, which just discourages people from waiting. And we already see long lines of c
  3. I just received a check for the amount of my conditional credit at Capital1 for my June back-to-back on Symphony. I originally disputed 2 charges in August 2020 (down payment and final payment). Capital1 denied the down payment amount due to length of time since the charge was placed (November 2018). I have appealed this decision and am awaiting Capital1's response. What I have received is the larger of the 2 amounts (the final payment), which was originally charged on my card in August 2019. No sign that Crystal has refunded the money to my CC account. This transaction appears to be jus
  4. We also had been booked on this cruise. Hopefully our refund is "in the mail", or at least on the way to our Credit Card. Phyllis
  5. I think all credit cards are different, but with my Capital1 card, everything was done over the phone, with a very friendly representative. I still have only the provisional credit from Cap1, but I didn't have to send them anything.
  6. Well, I have received a credit on my Capital One credit card for the two charges I disputed. It took 16 days for Cap1 to put the credit on. I think this is a temporary credit pending action from Crystal. These two refunds would make me ALMOST whole. Still have some insurance outstanding, although Crystal has said the insurance company has said to refund it. Phyllis
  7. We have Aug/Sep 2021 B2B on Serenity booked, hoping to still do northern France that we couldn't do this year, plus a T/A. Hope it's a go! We may also add in NY-Quebec. Phyllis
  8. Original cruise date was June 7 with b2b June 19. Crystal cancelled on April 28, 2020. Requested full refund on May 1. Crystal acknowledged via e-mail May 6. Crystal-booked airfare refunded to Credit Card 5/8, posted to my account 5/14 Still waiting for refund of port taxes and full cruise fare, of course.
  9. On May 1, we requested Crystal refund all of our payments for our cancelled June cruises. I just got a credit on my card for the airfare (booked thru Crystal). Looking at my cash rewards credit activity, the credit was received by my CC company on 5/8, and the actual credit posted on my account 5/14. Still waiting for cruise fare/port taxes to be refunded. Don't anticipate I'll see that money until late July/early August. Phyllis
  10. I talked with CapitalOne a few weeks ago regarding what would happen with a very large refund to my credit card. The information I received was that "CapitalOne" was not a bank, and they would refund via check any amount over my CC balance at the time. This would happen within 30 days of the refund being credited, and I could call them to have the refund sent to me earlier. I don't know if they would directly deposit to my bank account. Phyllis
  11. I don't know if I just missed it in previous cancellation notices and recent e-mails from Crystal, but there appears to be a change in the cancellation policy (in the * section at the bottom). Previously I thought the policy was that if you opted for the 125% FCC, the entire amount had to be applied to a single new cruise (and not to the deposit for that cruise) by Dec 2021. Now the latest e-mail says you will be given two "coupons", one for 100% of the cancelled cruise fare, and one for the 25% "bonus", which can be applied separately to 2 different cruises (again, not the deposit). Did I
  12. EA (Emergency Assistance) is not new. I have been getting solicitations from them for about 5 years. Phyllis
  13. Generally we return to the same seats. People will often leave things on the bus (water, sweaters), etc. Also easier to detect if people are missing if the bus stops several times, since you will know who was sitting around you. Phyllis
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