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  1. Which is the only reason why we have booked a couple of excursions for later on in the year. Neither are listed as limited but we want to do them so have booked. Our obc is rather large so I can see some onboard shopping on the itinerary too! Happy days, hopefully.
  2. The only tours we have booked pre boarding in the last couple of years have been specialist tours such as sightseeing flights or limited admission venues such as The Faberge Museum in St Petersburg. These were advertised as limited availability and I knew the museum had timed ticket entry when I researched it. All our pre booked excursions were sold out prior to boarding. Other than that, all tours were booked onboard but we did book as soon as we could because again, some excursions were very popular and sold out quickly. Sightseeing by coach is usually available for some time as
  3. Granted they may seem half a cruise to some, but on release, a Q6 on a 7 night sun cruise to nowhere was around £650 per cabin per night. Factor in all meals, Covid safe entertainment and general 'thank goodness I'm not at home' ambiance and that's why I think the Cunard summer offerings are, or were as they've seem to have been snapped up, reasonable. I will cross my fingers, the Captain will be able to find some fine weather for the sun cruises to nowhere in particular for those onboard. edit Just looked at my screen shot and actual Q6 price was £685 per night.
  4. The only 5* hotel with two Michelin stars I have knowledge of comes in at the moment at over £1k a night, D,B&B. Not stayed there but have eaten in the restaurant. Cunard is not in that bracket unless you choose Q1or Q2, the 2 being one of our preferred choices, irrespective of 'tired' rooms and bathrooms. Hotel with one star restaurant came in at over £600 a night D,B&B and that was a few years ago. QV dinners might not have a Michelin, but they're pretty good. Forget ratings. Those who have travelled QG regularly over the years and for many nights a year, do so irrespecti
  5. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the prices and I thought the QG prices looked reasonable. Others must have thought so to judging by the lack of availability on July and August seven nighters. QG suites availability on some cruises are scarce, Q2 and Q1 and if available have increased in price. Good for Cunard. They seem to have pitched it rather well.
  6. Don't take it personally. Covid has a lot to answer for and Cunard are just trying their best to get things moving a bit. UK residents can't enter the US for a cruise, or anywhere at the moment and I would hazard a guess trying to second guess who can and can't enter any country for holidays in the coming months is a logistics step too far.
  7. A point I made earlier as technically correct. 🙂 There is no need to change garments, just a towel, after towelling down. Shorts, shirt, cover up etc will sort this perceived problem, and judging by the lack of towel wrapped passengers I see heading poolside to cabin, it isn't an issue for the majority of passengers who abide by the spirit of advice given.
  8. If the UK Gov site still say no cruises, then I wouldn't have thought Cunard would sail as they have always said they would follow government guidelines. If they do sail under the guidelines of the time, would this be the ideal time to swallow costs and take out the Holiday Extras cover mentioned on the Cunard site? I would have thought as there's no caveat to say otherwise, it would cover all sailings, this summer and the follow on cruises.
  9. Please see Hattie's post #33
  10. Probably why no one has advocated it. 🙂
  11. Who's Declan? Laura Grattan is my ideal quiz host! My pre, pre dinner drinks attire wouldn't pass muster in the Chart room or anywhere else outside the confines of my cabin! 😄 Pre dinner drinks could be anywhere from a bit of a do with friends in our cabin and sharing our fridge offerings plus anything ordered earlier on, to other cabins, to the Grills lounge or the Chart Room. One place we never end up at, is the Commodore Club. Must try that some day.
  12. It's no big deal, honestly. No wriggling needed when towelling off wet swimwear, reducing them to just damp before slipping on a cover up. I've done it for years and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Where there's a will and all that. Give it a try next time. 🙂
  13. Pre, pre dinner drinks on the balcony with a good book to hand, especially on a warm weather cruise. Perfect.
  14. That is such a shame. I logged into my Cunard account this morning and a red banner with the amount we have 'on account'' came up. It's a large amount with considerable goodwill. Great 'investment'. It's such a shame the decent agents can't be named [I don't think naming and shaming is a great idea at all] but I understand why. Maybe one day, you'll be at a CC meet up and you'll get some good feedback on reliable agents.
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