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  1. A non black bow tie is akin to a reluctant child reader, reading a comic. If it gets the child reading, great. Same with a bow tie. If a slightly colourful bow tie encourages gala night tux compliance, great.
  2. Good advice, for any port. What has happened in the past, doesn't mean to say it will continue.
  3. In our experience over the years, we have had the day in port, then over night n the ship and disembarked on day 2.
  4. I think the easiest thing to do, is to look at what's on offer. I like to think we like a bit of luxury but before we chose the line and then the ship, we had a few criteria to look for after deciding where we wanted to go-: medium sized ship all inclusive no excursions included no set dining table for the whole period of the cruise, but at times of our choosing , not the cruise line most definitely good food and excellent, discreet service most definitely and taking these all into consideration, we were advised to look at Queens Grill. The ship was chosen for the required itinerary. Weigh up the requirements and see which Line and ship fits the bill.
  5. Nearest we've managed is a collection of discounted bin ends which were put together as a package. The first time, our table nobly managed to work our way through most of the packages.
  6. 'Cunard are giving you nothing', they aren't a charity and if they can sell at the prices quoted, then they will. The early birds caught quite a few FCC worms and were more than satisfied at the prices paid. It wasn't Cunard's fault the cruise industry has had scheduling nightmares and although I agree, prices have risen, possibly due to supply and demand, no one is obliged to take the FCC offered if remaining cabins on sale so far, are seen as too expensive. Don't forget, there is still the 2022 schedules to go for.
  7. I'm no expert at all but could this be considered, for reasons unknown at the moment, a safe option? If it is, then I can see why Cunard have chosen this itinerary and although it's obvious it won't suit all, for those not quite so itinerary driven, and who want a long holiday, at sea on their favourite ship, then there's nothing wrong with the changes.
  8. Access to my VPs have been hit and miss so you're one up on me.
  9. Voyage personaliser is up and running again today.
  10. My agent has been contacted by non clients, for his advice. May I suggest you do the same? Obviously, due to the site's restrictions, one cannot post the name of individual agents but I'm sure there will be other agents out there who will possibly give clarification and in doing so, gain a future client.
  11. I don't know the ins and outs of passing on of the virus, but I would have thought if the whereabouts of a group is known and can be traced, rather than the wanderings of random individuals, then port authorities might be more amenable to passengers disembarking.
  12. Your TA should know precisely what to do and should assist you. The best agents aren't necessarily the ones which offer to undercut everyone and it's only when crises occur that you find out exactly how good your agent is. Or isn't. Ours has been superb over the years and especially so, this year.
  13. Funnily enough, law suits didn't enter my thoughts. My reasoning was on the difficulty they would face in filling their ships if they ended up in a Diamond Princess situation.
  14. Cunard will have the logistics of the itinerary in mind before they recommence. They already point out the itineraries are subject to change so even now they are aware the reality might be different from an initial offering. A cruise to nowhere anyone? 😀
  15. I am positive Cunard ships won’t sail until the company is sure no repeat of the 2020 cruise ship Covid disasters will take place as they might as well hand the company over to the liquidators ( or whatever) if that happened and that’s why I think this year will be a write off. I have my fingers crossed for sometime next year, but I don’t hold out much hope for the long itineraries. I will watch with interest.
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