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  1. Yes, I posted them. What I meant was that I'm likely to have other pictures of Cunard ports but taken from non-Cunard ships. Like those ones of Manaus and Santarem.
  2. Well done sfred. It was already tomorrow here when I got your answer so I think that counts. A quick "back-of-an-envelope" calculation says there are 17 more ports that I've been to on Cunard ships that haven't been seen on this thread yet. And there might be more Cunard ports that I've been to on other lines, like Manaus and Santarem. It's just a question of finding identifiable pictures. I think this topic still has a while to go.
  3. Well done everyone. Yes, it was Sea Goddess II ✔️ in Nice ✔️. I too thought we had seen Nice already having made exactly the same mistake. The other is Royal Viking Sun ✔️. But where? We had sailed in through quite a long inlet then through that channel, before turning on the spot in the harbour, ready for departure. And as I said earlier, it's in the UK. I've been to Mindelo but still didn't recognise either of those photos. This was from the ex-Crown Dynasty, now Fred Olsen's Braemar.
  4. With the identification of Bermuda, I agree. Ask and ye shall receive. The first one is in the UK. The second, as @Essiesmom worked out is in the Western Med. If they turn out to have been Cunard ports then we’re all happy. If not, then you do realise you’re risking a keelhauling? The first one has the look of the breakwater at the entrance to Honolulu, but I don’t think the hills in the background are high enough.
  5. I'm afraid I'm getting nowhere with Palmeat's last two photos. Looks like I spoke too soon. I managed to find these two in old albums and scanned them. Ship and port for each please.
  6. The whole scene doesn't look Portuguese so I'm working my way through Brazil, Mozambique, ... See you all in a month.😄
  7. Struggling with this one so far. The only thing I can latch onto is that the “High Voltage” sign on the door at the back right appears to be in Portuguese.
  8. Well done @Palmeat.✅ I'm fairly sure I'm out of photos of 'ship and port'. I can think of several more ports we've been to on Cunard ships, it's just a question of if I took (and can find) an identifiable photo.
  9. Another new port. Although it has been mentioned several times, it has not been pictured.
  10. Another day, another photo. This one appears to be Fort de France, Martinique.
  11. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. Back home again now, just in time for the return of the snow. The ground was already white when we woke this morning and it’s hardly stopped all day. Tomorrow is looking like more of the same. Scotland has has also now moved from “Stay at Home” to “Stay Local”, but as far as we’re concerned I don’t see it making any significant difference. We’re not planning on rushing out anywhere.
  12. I thought this one will be easy. Just enlarge the picture and read the sign on the building. Well, "Free Moorings" narrowed things down considerably. 🤣 This is Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  13. Palmeat beat me to it with one of the missing ports, so I'll give you the opposite view to see if that helps. (Although judging from the angles it looks like you were docked while we tendered.)
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