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  1. I completely understand what exlondoner means. When the wait staff know you and any preferences, they often anticipate your requests. I like cold toast and so the toast is already on the servery waiting for me at breakfast time. I don’t drink iced water so the room temp water is waiting. Rather simple examples I know and I could give more, but just a flavour to show it’s the little things which mean a lot.
  2. I wish I could have been on that prison ship.😟 If I know I'm expected to comply with something such as mask wearing, I will comply. Protocols have been and probably will be so for some time to come, a moveable feast and as I knew Cunard would do their damnedest to keep me safe, I definitely would comply, without moaning ans I knew there would be some measure of requirements before I booked. Each to their own but I certainly wouldn't pick holes in a regime which kept me safe and gave me a much needed return to sea.
  3. Luckily, this is all pie in the sky and Cunard will continue in the same vein for some time to come.
  4. Not quite. Resort fees can cover anything from the gym, swimming pool usage to the in room safe etc, facilities which are usually non chargeable if available, in most hotels. All add to the enjoyment of the hotel but aren’t absolutely vital whereas cutlery in a restaurant could be argued as essential. We’ve occasionally paid resort fees for facilities not utilised. Luckily, we knew about the fees beforehand. There is a movement in the US to make Resort Fees a legal part of the booking price, not a legal requirement at the moment, rather than small print notification and an obscure add on to the bill at the end. Seems sensible to me. I can’t see the UK going down any hotel ++ charge route. It wouldn’t be legal. As to Cunard's methods, the booking 'rules' might differ country to country and although I’d be quite happy with an inclusive service charge, if as you think, most passengers are happy to pay the charge, if it ain’t broke, don’t tinker with it.
  5. One of the many reasons why I book with my agent. Phone calls to Cunard are down to him and not me. We wanted to know what we will owe on future booked cruises as we have lost the plot on that score so he emailed over a spread sheet detailing our completely paid up/deposits on cancelled cruises which were moved into other cancelled cruises which were moved over... You get the drift. Due to the Covid cancellations, we have a large figure on deposit with the company as we haven't asked for any monies to be repaid. The spread sheet showed exactly what has been paid and when, all Cunard's added percentage and what has been applied to future cruises so we know exactly where we stand and what our future 'liabilities' will be. I know there are agents out there with seemingly dubious reps., but when you get a superb one like ours [he isn't the cheapest but gives superb customer service] you stick to them like glue! I only wish the excellent agents [ and I mean, excellent, not just good] could be named so others could benefit, but I know that's not allowed.
  6. I think the US hotel service charges are a state charge and vary between states, but many hotels now are adding Resort Fees to the end bill which can be a surprise to many if they haven’t perused small print. I like the P&O system where 'grats' are included but I have no issue with the present Cunard system with the ability to have a discretionary removal. Each to their own and of nothing to do with anyone else and so call things what you will, semantics don’t matter in the slightest.
  7. I agree although Cunard have used the term [familiar to US hotel guests although totally discretionary in Cunard's case] 'hotel and dining service charge' for a few years now, with the rider we can reward individuals as we see fit [or not of course].
  8. We too, have had wonderful star gazing nights in the Indian Ocean on QV but there's no way I could describe it in such a poetic way as Rosco. He has a way with words be it an amusing account or as in the stars, a free verse description.
  9. Love it especially the humorous sarky bit As one who never responds to income questions, I too would be unceremoniously kicked out, but I have visited both East and West Coast Disney's so that might make me an acceptable Cunard passenger of the future. Will we see Space Mountain on QM2 one wonders!😄 [JOKE]
  10. Thx for the clarification. I know some connotations US trailer parks can have in the US and wanted to make sure no such implication was associated with Mr Palethorpe's move. 🙂
  11. I was under the impression a Trailer park allowed year round residency i.e. permanent homes. Haven Parks are purely for holidays and are extremely successful. I wish Mr Palethorpe well in his move.
  12. Please PLEASE believe me, the elitist comments you have read, here and elsewhere are NOT typical of 95% [I must allow for a minor percentage or their views wouldn't have been aired] of Cunard passengers. Not. One. Jot. Please book. You'll have a marvellous time.
  13. Transferring hotel points to the airline and then purchasing something minor from the 'duty free' online keeps both programmes active for the time being. We have enough points for one U/C return each, High season, or two single trips. The single trip are the most worthwhile in terms of usage as they are literally, half the point count whereas a single airfare is more than half a return. Not to be sniffed at or let slide. 🙂
  14. My flying history and hotel stays have all been for leisure and at the moment, the programmes/ accumulated air miles will be a thing of the past if I don't keep accounts active. We will look at the '23 itineraries and make our minds up whether we want to chance the metal tube again or stick to Southampton based cruises. Cunard 'free' wifi is the only perk I value as a top tier Cunard 'FF'. 🙂
  15. I was a Virgin Gold FF for years, as I spent quite a lot of time with friends in the US. Crew were, and I imagine, still are, lovely and yes, they knew your name. Tickets were very reasonable but they had to be as the seats were awful in U/C. I eventually decamped to better seats. Only perk for me was an extra bag if needed. If I hadn’t changed out of my jeans before boarding, I too changed onboard but changed back before the bacon buttie, HP sauce obviously. Never considered tipping air crew and never will.
  16. I'll try again I think your Gold FF status might have had a bit of influence on your joggers being upgraded.😄 How one dresses for long haul, or any, travel is entirely down to personal preference. I might look as if I'd been mowing the lawn, elegantly of course as one doesn't want to get one's cashmere joggers [M&S not NPeal] grass stained, but in reality, comfort is the key for us.
  17. As you probably agree, I'm pretty sure, they don't. Once onboard, it's the behavior of the passengers which count. Those used to flying long distance know comfortable clothing is the sensible way to travel, whether your comfy leggings are finest cashmere or Primark best. 🙂
  18. I have heard that can happen but the criteria by which one is judged to be suitably 'upgrade attired' is open to debate. Of course, those who have already got their First or Business seat booked, couldn't care less with any dress to impress palaver. 🙂
  19. I completely understand but it all depends on the criteria used for booking Cunard. For us, the FCDs were always a bonus. We have booked without them in the past and to book with them was icing on the cake. 🙂
  20. We will miss the FCD as we always had a couple on the go but I agree with LadyL1 in that it's been a dreadful time for all businesses. We're happy Cunard survived and as the company is more than FCD for us, we will take it on the chin and look forward to the release of the '23 summer itineraries. Early birds catch the cabins they want, and all that. 🙂
  21. Pompous people [I had a different alliteration in mind but Hattie would have deleted the post!😁] who pontificate in print could deter newbies which is the reason I'm so vociferous in defending us ordinary cruise passengers who happen to love Cunard. I hope you enjoy your first Cunard experience and come away ready to let others know what a great bunch of passengers you met and how you've already booked your next Cunard cruise. 🙂
  22. Thank you. There are no indication of the codes on any of my bookings so I guess I'll have to wait. My bookings are all on Victoria so maybe her evenings haven't been decided yet. Thanks again
  23. I have quite a few bookings for '22 and on my Calendars, each day Dress Code just has a circled i and when clicked on, refers me back to the generic 'what to pack' page on the main website. Have I missed a step out?
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