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  1. Our beautiful Ruby. After I got back on board we finished packing up our suitcases, my least favourite job. Then we headed downstairs and played some more cards and enjoyed some of the live music. They have great entertainment on board. Around 10:00pm the Joy started to leave port so I headed outside to get some pictures of her leaving. Just after 11 we headed up to the room and out to our balcony to watch the pier runners, we were not disappointed tonight... they actually sent security to go find them, and then security was walking so slow back to the ship that they started hollering at them. Then we enjoyed our last sailaway of the trip, Victoria is beautifully lit up at night. A quick shower and off to bed just after midnight.
  2. They have a really nice Welcome to Canada sign to great you. After I found some internet, I walked around for a bit, just checking it out, and I found these beautiful flowers painted on the ground.
  3. Alright, back in the land of internet again. I have a place in Northern Saskatchewan and was there for a few weeks, it is gorgeous, but no internet and barely cell signal there, I love it. This was my sunset one night and I pretty much had the beach to myself. joined_video_0ce03feb03bb455a869505cd0060136b.mp4 Alright, back to our regularly scheduled programming... June 28th, Victoria BC Got up around what I thought was 8:30, I totally forgot about the time change and it was actually already 9:30. We had wanted to go for breakfast again in the main dining room, but since we had slept in we missed it. So instead we headed up to the breakfast buffet, we were able to quickly find a table and headed off in search of some food. The eggs Florentine was delicious! It was also quite cold this morning, the coldest we'd had the whole trip, I actually had to go find a sweater. After we finished breakfast, we headed around to the shops and to check out the shops. I usually like to buy a ship Christmas decoration, but they didn't have the model ship version, so I passed. I'm not a big souvenir shopper, I don't really wear logo'd clothing, and would rather have my pictures as my reminders, they are framed and covering all of my walls. So after some unsuccessful shopping we decided to get a table in Crooners and play cards and have a few drinks. Oh and I can't forget the people watching, I love the people watching! After a few hours it was time to head back to the room and begin the dreaded packing ๐Ÿ˜ž. While doing anything I can to avoid it, I went and spent some time on the balcony, watching the scenery and there were so many fishing boats. We finished up most of our packing and then decided to go and play Name That Tune Trivia. Turns out that it was ABBA, neither of us are fans, so we did terribly. We were scheduled to arrive into port at 7:15pm and all aboard was 11:30pm. Since we had a short time in port, we have both been to Victoria and that I refused to pay for an excursion through the ship in USD for an excursion in Canada when I am Canadian, we decided to stay on the ship or nearby. We had at one time talked about going to Bouchart Gardens, but it is so far from the port and given our times, it wasn't great. So instead we headed down to the main dining room and we got to enjoy a fantastic last supper in the dining room. I finally got Fettucine and then they had surf and turf, the shrimp were huge. Since we were already in port when we went to the dining room it was pretty quiet in there, which was nice it gave us a chance to visit some more with our favourite server and also a chance to say good-bye to her and also the hostess, we got to know both of them a bit and they were both fantastic ladies. I love getting to know the staff. After we finished eating I decided to go and walk around the port just a little bit. There really isn't anything to see at this port, they have a tiny souvenir shop and a window selling drinks and some snacks. I also wanted to get some Canadian wifi so that I could download some more shows on my iPad. In port with us was the Norwegian Joy and the Nieuw Amsterdam again.
  4. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I was away with no internet for a couple of weeks. The Karting is bumpy and they do not recommend it for people with back or neck issues. My mom is actually the one who picked that excursion. We come from Northern Canada and go quading and the main road is a dirt road, so we are probably not the ones to check with. Thank you so much! I use a Sony Mirrorless, A6000 and I had my stock lens 16-50 and a 55-210 Sony lens. I have all of the patters, so now that I am back home again, I do have that. We had Commodore Giorgio Pomata and the Maitre d'Hotel was Michael Boonzaaier.
  5. I have heard that as well, but from those that I have heard from or read recently it actually does the loop just past the 20.4 mile marker to turn around and head back.
  6. Nope, you want the left side (when facing the engine) for the northbound trip.
  7. On Ruby each dining room was anytime dining when we were in Victoria.
  8. After lunch we went back to the cabin, I watched a show on my iPad and mom read for a bit, but I am pretty sure we both had a nap. We got up and started getting ready around 6pm, it was formal night and we had also been invited to the Captain's Circle welcome back party at 7:00pm, so we headed to that. They had cocktails, wine, beer and other drinks along with Hors d'oeuvres. They had a few speeches and then did a couple draws for a bottle of champagne, we didn't win. After the party we headed to the dining room for dinner, I started with the escargots, they were amazing. The lobster dish was a little different, but still pretty tasty. I wanted to head down and take some sunset shots, but the ceiling was too low to get any great pictures. Back to the room and to chill out and early to bed. We were pretty exhausted after a couple early days. I hope you are still along for the story and enjoying it, I will be back with the rest as soon as I can.
  9. It was such a beautiful sailaway, if I hadn't been so hungry I may have watched longer. But I also really needed to take a shower, so after that we headed up to the buffet to grab a bite to eat. I had to get some more pictures out the window it was so pretty. Pilot boat picking up.
  10. Not sure I would want to drive this road in the winter.
  11. Then it was time to go back to our cabin to watch sailaway. Ketchikan is beautiful!
  12. I wished I could have gotten photos of all of the wildflowers but we were just going too fast. My only complaint about this excursion was that there were not more stops and that it was more of a loop trip, instead of one way there and the same way back. I found these back at the starting point. It was so much fun and we were so dirty when it was over, there was dust everywhere. We had to wait about 15 - 20 minutes for our bus to get back to take us to the ship. All aboard time was 12:30 and we got back to the ship a few minutes after that. The line to get back on board was huge so we didn't have to rush. The water in the marina was full of jellyfish, but I just couldn't get a good picture of them. Once we got back on board I went straight to desk 7 as I wanted to try and get some pictures of the float planes. People sure look at you when you are as dirty as we were.
  13. Then it was time to make our return journey, most people switched drivers at this point, I just let mom drive again. We had no stops this time, so I took some shots while we were moving. IMG_0916.MOV Kart selfies! In no time we were back at our starting point and a new group was getting ready to head out.
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