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  1. 9 minutes ago, Biker19 said:

    Skip the first day as you'll have land cell signal till about dinner time. On day 2 around noon, get one 24 hr package - lasts till day 3 at noon. On day 3 repeat the above - shift it a bit later in the day. On morning of day 5 buy the remaining days package (with second coupon) for $2 (it's about $48 - $46 discount).


  2. Okay, first let me say that I really miss the past where they gave you a certain amount of minutes instead of one day of free internet. Oh, well!!

    I think that we want to each use our free day and then buy a package for the remainder of the cruise. Is this correct? Will we still get a % discount off the remaining 5 nights? We don't use much but I do like to check emails, etc. Only one device at a time. Thanks!!

  3. We will be in Italy in late June and I am fine about what to pack for off the boat, but concerned about how dressy it will be onboard in the evenings. Does my husband need a suit or jacket? I am thinking just a sports coat in fine with a tie but he can pack a suit if that would be more appropriate. Thanks!!

  4. I can find very little information on this stateroom. In particular, the balcony. I know it is one of the deeper ones and that is what I want but in some pictures I see that there is part of the ship's frame on the right side of it. What I see looks like there is only a small bit of the view blocked. Has anyone had this cabin (or similar) and what did you think?

  5. I'm seeing some aft balconies on Dream for very little more than the regular balconies. I have had aft on other lines (and loved them) but not on Carnival. Any thoughts on these particular ones? On most ships they go quickly so that makes me wonder if there is a reason they are available.

  6. We are looking at some obstructed ocean views on Ruby. The ones I see do not seem to have obstruction unless it is looking to your right or left. On Emerald deck they are 409, 415, 419, 408, 410, and 414. Has anyone stayed in these and if so could you give me some insight?


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