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  1. Questions ?


    Did you depart and arrive using the Pan American dock - or -

    did you use Pier #4 adjacent to the Old Town San Juan ?


    What experiences did you have with the power outage on the island ?


    Any troubles going to and from the airport and any problems at the airport ?


    Your hotel operating without any problems ?


    We docked at the Pan American port. We didn't have any trouble with power being out. The airport was fine and we had no trouble getting there.

    We didn't stay in a hotel so can't answer that one.

  2. As far as St. Croix I was told that NCL scouted the island the day before and decided it just wasn't ready for visitors and that St. Thomas was more ready.

    In St. Thomas we took a tour around the island. The beauty of the island is still there but the devastation is heart breaking. People's lives have been totally changed. That being said, Megan's Bay looked fine, Coki beach looked amazing and the people of St. Thomas are strong and will come back from this.

  3. I just walked in the door from this cruise. It was amazing. We didn't dock in Old San Juan but took a tour and they let us off to shop there. A lot of the stores were closed but it was Sunday. For the most part the damage didn't seem too severe but every now and then you would see a building demolished by the storm. Power was on but we were told it's inconsistent. Actually sailing from San Juan should be fine.

  4. Well, we are home. After all the stress of not knowing even where we were going we ended up having the best cruise ever.


    This was my 30th anniversary cruise. Not only were we not sure where we were going until the last minute the day before we were leaving my husband informed me that he wasn't going. So, I did what any good wife would do. I told him I would see him when I got home. I went with my 28 yo son and his fiance. We ended up having a blast.

    I'm exhausted right now and the Pats are on. I will get more into detail tomorrow.

  5. I just booked the Dawn repo for next year. I told the TA I wanted my son and his gf booked as pax 1 and 2 and me and DH pax 3 and 4. I just checked the reservation and sure enough he booked me and DH as 1 and 2.


    Would we have a problem giving the perks to DS and his gf when we get to the pier or do I have to fix this now?

  6. Well I'm home and almost already unpacked. We got off the ship around 9:30 and we walked in the front door before 10:00 and that includes time for searching for lost luggage. The colors of the luggage tags are difficult to tell apart. The yellow tags look just like the orange tags and the lime tags:confused: One piece of luggage with yellow tags was sitting with the orange tags.


    One thing I want to mention is our experience with two platinum lattitudes members in one cabin. We each got dinner for two with a bottle of wine at Le Bistro or LaCucina.


    We got two bottles of sparkling wine, two plates of chocolate covered strawberries and two boxes of chocolates. (technically, I didn't get any, DH got two of everything)


    We also had the concierge's number and a letter telling us that we had the concierge's service.


    Overall the cruise was very good. The food was good, the weather was perfect and we got an extra day in Bermuda.


    There does seem to be a decrease in staff. Very often there would only be one bartender working by himself in the pool bar, Java cafe and Pearly king's. It made getting bar service almost painful. Yesterday they did add bar servers on the pool deck.

  7. We left Bermuda at 6:00am and passed the Breakaway with the sun rising beside her. What a gorgeous picture if I only had a camera handy.


    We will be arriving back in Boston on time and any mechanical issues have been fixed.


    I must say the food has been very good this cruise. We are having a blast.

  8. Our taxi driver from Horseshoe Bay was able to tell us that it was an azipod problem and that's why we were delayed.


    The ship's captain finally announced last night that is was previously scheduled maintenance that took longer than expected. Why couldn't he tell us that in the first place?


    Today, all the pools and hot tubs are closed. No one seems to know why:confused:


    This morning as we were sailing out we passed the Breakaway with the sun rising beside it. I wish I had a camera handy.

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